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Cynthia Rowley's Boozy Flask Bangle

Cynthia Rowley's Boozy Flask Bangle

Everyone has heard of, and most likely seen, flasks that are meant to help individuals sneak alcohol into places where it is banned. Though these soft flasks, or concealed flasks are meant to be virtually undetectable to the naked eye, they are often cumbersome for those that do not have large pockets, can be hard to drink from without being seen, and may even cause leaks and discomfort to wearers. However, designer Cynthia Rowley’s boozy bangle may be the perfect solution for all those ladies out there not interested in sneaking in a flask and it’s certainly perfect for Thirsty Thursday.

This bangle flask is light weight, comes in several stylish colors, and is perfect for those ladies out there that want to sneak in their booze fashionably. Though the bangle is not all that well suited for men, it is a large, chunky, solid design that is sure to do its job right the first time.

Jewelry that conceals contraband is not all that new in the scope of things as snuff rings, lockets for powdered drugs, and even watches and other pieces with secret compartments have been part of the jewelry scene for centuries.

Ladies in the royal court of Louis XVI and more had rings and necklaces that could easily hide snuff and other compounds from prying eyes. These bangle flasks may not be all that undercover as they do have a large stopper and are obviously meant to hold liquid but they are stylish enough that any lady could confidently rock the style. These flasks go for a cool $225, I guess that is what you have to pay to be able to stylishly bring in your alcohol. Though they are more expensive than cheap conceal flasks, they serve a dual purpose, you can sneak in your booze and look classy and stylish doing it.


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