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Considering that our discerning estate jewelry customers love a good auction, we decided to keep everyone abreast of the best luxury auctions happening at the major auction houses each week. While scouring eBay and 1st Dibs for the next great find is always a fun pastime, nothing beats the thrill of the fine auction (nor the spoils!) Check them out below.


  • Signature Cellars: Online Only Wine Auction (Online Only) April 16 – April 30
    • Vintage Couture: Handbags, Luggage & Accessories: Online Only (Only Online) 18 April – 2 May
    • Andy Warhol @ Christie’s: Studio 54 (Online Only) April 26 – May 3
    • Importants Livres Anciens, Livres d’Artistes et Manuscrits (Paris) April 29
    • 19th Century European Art (New York, Rockefeller Plaza) April 29
    • Prints & Multiples (New York, Rockefeller Plaza) April 30 – May 1
    • Antique Arms, Armour & Collector’s Firearms (London, South Kensington) April 30
    • The Brian Juhos Collection From a Domaine in Southern France (London, South Kensington) May 1
    • 20th Century Decorative Art & Design (London, King Street) May 1
    • Fine and Rare Wines Including a Superb Private Collection of Finest Bordeaux (London, King Street) May 2
    • East & West: A Private Collection from Eaton Square and Anouska Hempel (London, King Street) May 2
    • Antiquities (London, South Kensington) May 2


  • Bibliothèque des ducs de Luynes, Château de Dampierre – Première partie (Paris) April 29-30
  • A Treasured Legacy: The Michael and Judy Steinhardt Judaica Collection (New York) April 30
  • Collections (London) April 30
  • Property from the Collection of Sir Gawaine and Lady Baillie (London) May 1
  • Prints (New York) May 2-3
  • Man Made: Jean-Michel Basquiat (Selling Exhibition, New York) May 2- June 9


  • Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia (Hendon, RAF Museum) April 29
  • Whiskey, Congac and Rare Spirits (New York) April 29
  • Printed Books, Maps and Photographs (Oxford) April 30
  • Mechanical Music & Scientific Instruments (London, Knightsbridge) April 30
  • Period Design (London, Knightsbridge) April 30
  • Prints & Multiples (April 30 – May 1)
  • California & Western Paintings (Los Angeles) April 30
  • Antiques (London, New Bond Street) May 1
  • Fine British Pottery, Porcelain & Enamels (London, New Bond Street) May 1
  • The property of the late M.H.D. McAlpine: Pictures, Ceramics, Silver, Works of Art and Furniture (Oxford) May 1
  • British & European Glass including the Meyer Collection (London, New Bond Street) May 1
  • The Muhleib Collection of European Glass (London, New Bond Street) May 2
  • The Spring Antique & Picture Sale (Edinburgh) May 2
  • The Marouf Collection Part II (London, New Bond Street) May 2
  • Entertainment Memorabilia including Animation Art (Los Angeles) May 5
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