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Find the largest collection of fine designer diamond engagement rings in South Florida at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. When searching for the engagement ring to ask your one and only selection is important. Whether you are looking for a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, an intricate vintage design or a modern cutting edge diamond ring we have the ring of your dreams right here in South Florida. There is a ring for every personality. Our curated collection includes all types of styles form world renowned designers like Tacori, Henri Daussi, Verragio and Gabriel & Co. Also, we feature stunning unique pieces from private labels, estate jewelry and timeless vintage pieces. Further if you are just starting out on your journey and need some help figuring out a bit more about engagement rings talk to our diamond experts! We are here to help you filter through all the details.

From the diamond cut to clarity and fire there is terminology and industry standards that goes with every diamond. It can be difficult to make your choice, such an important choice as it is, without some background knowledge. That is why beyond opening our doors and making ourselves available to help answer your questions. We also have an education section of on our website! It has the basic foundation of what you need to know when it comes to buying an engagement ring for your partner. Including the diamond, the ring and even gemstones & birthstones. Whether you already know what the ring you are looking is, you are just getting started or you have dreamed up the perfect bespoke design we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee can give you a helping hand. Offering, and crafting unique engagement rings is our family trade. For you to reach your happily ever after.

Where to buy diamond engagement rings in South Florida? Diamonds by Raymond Lee your family run jeweller of diamond experts

When looking for the perfect ring to get engaged you want to find a team of experts to help guide your choice. Each person may or may not have a personal preference for a specific style or diamond cut. However, beyond that the specific details make or break a choice. Whether you want mixed metals or have not considered these modern options it is important to get well informed. Choosing a forever ring is not easy. But we will say that it is well worth it. Finding your dream diamond engagement ring is setting your heart on an emblem of your love life. Beyond engagement and wedding photography few other items bring back the joyous memories of starting a life together as one.

engagement rings south florida

Engagement photos in South Florida or wherever you choose before your wedding are a spectacular part of the journey of marriage though. And we appreciate that magic. Specially when cared for clients who we have had the pleasure of getting to know share them with us. These images and photos remind us of our why. Why we work so hard to find the best and most unique rings. Why we devote our time to listen to our clientele and their needs and desire. And of course why we continue to build on what we do each and every day. It helps us not only be committed to our values of family, quality and community. But also reminds us of all the new beginnings happening each and every day. That we get to be a part of these new beginnings, even if just in a small way, truly brings us joy.

engagement rings south florida

Tacori Petite Crescent HT2546RD65W Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

Remembering all of these lovely moments and wonderful couples, we decided to feature some of the stunning rings that accompanied them as they popped the question. The diamond rings in little Diamonds by Raymond Lee boxes that kicked off a marriage, an entwining of two lives and a community of people deeply and truly in love. These rings commemorate and cement these couples’ commitment. We also threw in one or two diamond wedding bands. Including modern style stackable bands that each come in a unique textured pattern. Whether for your wedding band, anniversary celebratory band or just because. These are rings that fit uniquely well with diamond engagement rings. Further they accent their shine, design and style in each and every way.

First, is a Tacori Crescent collection solitaire ring. Tacori is one of the world’s foremost diamond engagement and wedding ring creators. They produce unique delicately romantic pieces. Each one with perfectly set high quality diamonds and milimetrically placed settings. This one is a diamond solitaire with approximately 0.48 carats of round accent diamonds down the 18 carat white gold band. Like most of the rings in the Tacori range this one comes in a few variation options including 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold or even platinum. This versatile center setting may accommodate Princess and Round diamond cut shapes starting at 0.75t or larger. The big and bold diamond look is inimitable with a strong presence. Since it does accommodate larger stones the ring weighs about 3.9 grams. However, with an extremely comfortable and flush fit on your finger its presence is noted but not overbearing.

BENCHMARK CF526132 14k White Gold Diamond Half Way Mens Wedding Band

Although we are focusing on engagement rings specifically this week we could not help but include this lovely men’s wedding band from another exquisite ring producer. This couple did not stop at the engagement ring when it came to diamonds. The groom also got glammed up with accent diamonds along the centre of his Benchmark 14 carat white gold wedding band. This Half Way design band features a lovely texture and approximately 0.32 carat of Round Cut brilliant white diamonds. Also, a versatile ring this men’s wedding band is also available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, palladium or platinum. Further it has three possible width sizes including 4 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm.

Men’s wedding bands and rings do not have to be boring. Quite on the contrary even the most classical and traditional designs have flair. Take for example rose gold men’s wedding rings. The popularity of rose gold has been rising non stop these last few seasons and men are all about it! It is a modern look that can be paired with a classic design. On the other hand there are also rings featuring modern designs with classic metals! No matter what your preference is there is a men’s ring for each and every groom. Including those looking for edgy new concepts like inlaid rings. These feature super unique materials from fine woods to meteorites.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings

engagement rings south florida

The most quintessential engagement ring design style is of course the solitaire. A single large brilliant white round cut diamond. It is the most well known and beloved of all the cuts and styles. Also the round cut diamond is considered to be one of the finest diamond cuts there are. Furthermore a solitaire has grown over the years. From interesting band shapes and metals to the modern day solitaires have changed. Adapting to the more recent styles and preferences many engagement rings including solitaire rings feature a diamond halo. These expertly placed accent diamonds surround the central stone solitaire. This adds to its shine and extends its beauty blooming out in every direction. Beautiful, graceful and stunning a solitaire is refined and simple. The particular one featured above has more than just a diamond halo though. It also features stunning brilliant white round accent diamonds all along the band.

These extend the halo even further sealing in the diamond look on your finger. Iced out it is a glimmering spectacle. While the fine metal chosen for the ring is almost not apparent with all these accent diamonds it is still very important. From the aesthetics, after all a truly high quality diamond will have a desired clarity to shine the metal’s color right through. Furthermore, from a functional perspective the fine metal is very important. Between durability and malleability of each metal the product will affect your ring choice in a variety of ways. First some like white gold require frequent maintenance. Since white gold does not occur naturally and is actually an alloy rhodium baths may be required from year to year. Also others like platinum are extremely rare and therefore more expensive. This can also drastically alter the price of a ring style that you are considering.

Round brilliant white solitaire engagement ring flanked by four princess cut accent diamonds

engagement rings south florida

Further there are also solitaire diamond rings that can have different diamond cuts for accent diamonds. Also they do not always have to be significantly smaller. For example the ring above features four gorgeous Princess cut accent diamonds. These flank the large central round brilliant white cut diamond solitaire stone. As you can see the four prong setting of the central round stone perfectly flows with the necessary four corner Princess cut diamond setting as well. This mix of cuts gives the ring an additional texture and unique style. While also adding to the value and diamond carat of the ring.

3.10ct GIA Certified Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

pear cut triple diamond engagement ring

Designer diamond halo engagement ring and stackable wedding and anniversary sets

engagement rings south florida

Henri Daussi engagement rings and stackable diamond bands  

A stunning set of rings these also allow for creativity when it comes to mixing and matching. From the different designs and textures that you can choose the metals also play a part. You can have rings with halos in colorful gemstones. Or even halos in different metals like rose or yellow gold on a white gold or platinum ring. For when it comes to stackable rings though there are even more choices! You can match or mix the metals of each one of the rings. As well as the sizes, designs and patterns of each ring. Further, there are some that feature unqiue colorful gemstones like blue sapphires and green emeralds which can play nicely amongst the diamonds on your finger. The sky is the limit and all of these are certified stunning diamonds.

engagement rings south florida

Henri Daussi engagement rings and stackable diamond bands  

Any of the three rings can be worn in any order. The Henri Daussi expert design and master craftsmanship means these stackable diamond rings sit perfectly flush and comfortably against the engagement ring without compromising space on your ring finger. Even rings with the larger diamonds are still set in a way that they can be worn together with other diamond rings. That is what gives these the uniquely modern stackable look.

engagement rings south florida

Henri Daussi engagement rings and stackable diamond bands  

Diamonds and engagement rings in South Florida are at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

All of our diamonds are expertly inspected and tested when they arrive to our facilities. With a keen eye and extreme attention to every detail our master craftsmen check every part of the diamonds and rings that come through our shop. Also we rely on organizations like the GIA ( the Gemological Institute of America), which is the world’s largest laboratory, and the IGL (the International Gemological Laboratories). Further, the GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds. Meanwhile, the IGL produces Diamond Certificates which provide a reliable and accurate documentation of a diamond’s identity and grade. These are based on the internationally recognized diamond grading system. Our family has been serving South Florida for the last three decades. And we intend to continue serving our South Florida community for the next thirty years as well. It is why we pride ourselves on consistently providing superior service and trusted high quality.

emerald cut diamond wedding ring

Emerald cut diamond wedding band

If you are searching for places near you to buy diamond engagement rings and wedding bands you have found yourself the best. You are in trusted hands when you rely on our diamond expertise to help guide you to your dream diamond. From the classics to the modern we have a wide collection of stunning rings from the world’s finest jewelry craftsmen. Also possible to make your very own with bespoke additions, modifications, and creations. More so even if you want to engrave a message, date or initials into your rings. We hope your engagement ring purchase will lead to a life long relationship. Both with your life partner and your diamond partner, Diamonds by Raymond Lee. You can rely on us for regular maintenance, repairs and of course those soon to come Anniversary gifts. With an ever expanding collection of items, a trip to our store is always exciting.

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