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Diving Watches Just in Time for Stone Crab Season

Diving Watches Just in Time for Stone Crab Season

One of the most exciting parts of the year in South Florida is Stone Crab season! Florida Stone Crabs can only be harvested from the ocean in the time frame of October 15th into May 15th of the following year. They’re found in the waters spanning Connecticut down to Belize in the Atlantic Ocean, in the waters surrounding the Bahamas, and in the Gulf of Mexico in heavier populations surrounding the 10,000 islands off the coast of Florida, running from Marco Island up into the Tampa Bay area and around the Florida Keys.

The specialized harvesting of Florida Stone Crab claws is sustainable: fishermen are required to capture the crabs in underwater traps, harvest the larger of the two claws (or neither if the crab has only one) and throw the crab back to regenerate his claw for future harvesting.

Before you engage in your own Florida Stone Crab fishing this season, check out some of the most talked about Diving watches on the market right now.

This is an incredible watch to fit into all facets of ones life: the boardroom, the spectrum of outdoor activities, household activities, and diving. While it’s look is chic and functional, my favorite in this series being the black watch face, it also has a vintage appeal to it.

For this one, Rolex has done away with the date display, leaving it a completely simple, beautifully functional timepiece.

Blanc Pain Fifty Fathoms Tourbillon

While the price on this timepiece is hefty—pushing $139k—the features are endless. The watch has a built in 8-day power reserve indicator, a water resistant depth of 984 ft, and a functional display with an 18k rose gold antimagnetic case.

The flawless construction and skill put into each Blanc Pain timepiece is unmatched by most luxury watchmakers. This is a true status-piece that’s also highly functional in your diving endeavors.

Aquanautic Diving Tourbillon Monopusher

A huge contender in the Aquanautic Sub Commander Collection, this incredible wristwatch features the usual Aquanautic signature: the seconds hand are always indicated by a propeller while the crown locking system and the wheel locking pushers are inspired by hatch lock systems from a submarine.

The Monopusher Chronograph BNB on this timepiece has an accurate depth of 300 meters, the 5 day power reserve gives this wristwatch autonomy and the movement is combined with a second time zone on the internal rotating bezel. Well done, Aquanautic!

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller 116660

This M series Sea-Dweller could be viewed as a cousin to the aforementioned Submariner. With a 44mm Oyster case, this Rolex is every bit as sturdy as it is functional – and stylish.


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