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All the Details on the New Dior Gold Tattoos

All the Details on the New Dior Gold Tattoos

Do you have $120 sitting in the bottom of your handbag just looking for something unique to be spent on? Are you tired of the sheer weight of that gold jewelry hanging around you wrist? Perhaps you want to give airport security something to boggle their minds. Well then perhaps Dior may just have the answer. The French fashion house has introduced a set of 24carat tattoos. For $120 dollars you get a set of Dior gold tattoos made to look like chain bracelets, rings, cuffs and charms. Oh, and they are temporary.

The Dior Grand Bal Golden Tattoos are so named because the tattoos are made to look like jewelry worn to a 17th Century Ball. That is Dior’s Christmas theme, and there is a definite holiday look to several of the tattoos.The company is calling the exotic, gold leaf rub-ons the “ultimate in luxury”. They also say the faux tattoos are being produced as a limited edition. One thing Dior doesn’t say is just how long these temporary tattoos will last.

While certainly a conversation piece, and at least a short term solution to the very expensive price of gold today, the gold tattoos are not the first temporary tattoos produced by a luxury line. Chanel had previously created some tattoo jewelry, but Chanel’s were black, not 24 carat gold.

The tattoos may be a good idea for those who want a look of luxury, but have a fear of getting inked. As for the price, apparently it is not excessive for many trend setters. The 24 carat gold temporary tattoos from Dior are hard to find in stock. If $120 is more than you are willing to spend however, hang in there. Perhaps the next step is a sterling silver edition.

Raymond Z for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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