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Diamonds: where to buy rings, tennis bracelet, and diamond jewelry

Diamonds: where to buy rings, tennis bracelet, and diamond jewelry

Diamonds are the glittering dazzling precious gemstones of the ages. No matter how you wear them there is no competition for the world’s greatest stone. As the most well known and versatile of all the precious gems and jewelry stones in the world it is also one of the most timeless status symbols of wealth. Throughout centuries diamonds have been and continue to be the ultimate luxury lifestyle and accessory adornment. Whether you wear it on your fingers, arms or neck diamond jewelry is the stunning winner. Tennis chain bracelets or necklaces are some of the most popular. Men’s tennis bracelet is one of the up and coming men’s jewelry piece as a matter of fact. There are many, many ways to rock your diamonds that is for sure. But do you know how to buy diamonds? What do you look at when considering a diamond? We’ll get into that.

store where to buy diamonds showing glass case and tennis diamond bracelet

There are of course a couple of key characteristics to that you want to look at when buying the precious stone of all precious stones. Then there is also the matter of who you are buying from. Now a days with the internet and big box retailers it can seem as if every other person is in the business of selling something. When it comes to luxury goods and accessories like fine jewelry though you want to be careful. So who do you trust and how do you know if the next purchase you are planning is a good deal or idea? First of all you of course do your research! Both on the particular piece or diamond that you are looking to buy as well as on the person you want to buy from. For an authentic and reliable experience you can always go to your trusted local jeweler. 

How to buy diamonds: the diamond 4 c’s and trusted sellers

We have talked about the features of a diamond that you should look at before buying a stone before. As a quick refresher though you want to establish the following 4 c’s when looking to buy a stone:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity 
  • Carat weight

There are sub sections to each of these that narrow down the specifics within each category. However the main take away is that the price of and quality of a stone will depend on these 4 characteristics. So make sure you know how your options weigh up when comparing them. 

tennis bracelet and diamond ring worn together for where to buy diamonds

Then you want to look at who you are buying from. A few tips on finding trusted sellers is to ask these questions:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is it easy to contact them or is there someone I can speak to?
  • Do they have references or customer reviews online? 
  • Can I personally visit the store? 

Just answering those 4 questions will help you get an idea if this is a legitimate business that you want to trust with your purchase. Buying diamond jewelry is far from your everyday purchase so you want to make sure it will be an enjoyable experience. When it comes to our family owned and family operated store you can learn more about our history right here. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and our community. So you know that you are in good hands. If you want to know more about us and how to get in touch check out our contact information at the bottom of this blog. We would love to talk to you about our business and help you find the perfect diamond or jewelry piece. You can rely on us for maintenance and care of your diamond jewelry for years to come. 

How to buy diamond jewelry for men and women

When we talk about jewelry most people think of women’s jewelry. It is the first thing that comes to mind. However there are so many stunning pieces of jewelry that are fantastic for men. There are unisex jewelry pieces like tennis chain jewelry that can come in bracelets or necklaces and the likes. As well as rings and some more masculine pieces that are generally marketed as men’s jewelry. Even when these are men’s tennis bracelet styles very similar to women’s tennis bracelets. After all diamonds are for everyone and who does not love the dazzling glittering shine that they give? When it comes to buying jewelry keep in mind the person you are buying for. If the jewelry is for yourself then think about whether you want to try something new or if you are looking for a classic piece that is easy to match with just about everything. 

tennis chain diamond jewelry held together including men's tennis bracelet

For the first few purchases of jewelry with diamonds this is an easy way to go. Also if you are buying jewelry for someone who may not regularly wear jewelry or if they are just starting to get into luxury accessories. A tennis chain jewelry piece is a great starter. It goes well with everything and is and easy piece to rock day in and day out. No matter who you are or what you are up to. The classic string of diamonds can be stacked up for a modern and bold style. Or worn on its own paired with other classic jewelry or watches too. They transition super well from day time to evening wear and for all occasions. It is like a suit or a black dress. You can dress it up or down no matter what the occasion calls for. So let’s look at jewelry with diamonds.

Jewelry with diamonds

All of the jewelry pieces featured here are currently for sale at Raymond Lee Jewelers. If you are interested in viewing or purchasing any of the pieces below just let us know. You can reach us by phone at (561) 750 – 7808 or by email at info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com.

where to buy diamonds explainer showing diamonds and diamond jewelry on hand together


First up we have this gorgeous 18 carat white gold round brilliant diamond eternity band. These types of eternity or infinity bands as they are also known are super popular at the moment. Originally worn and known as anniversary bands they are now worn in stacks. They can also be worn on their own but the trend is one that is not going away. The slim or chunky bands depending on the carat weight of the diamonds in the setting, can be worn in monochromatic matching precious metals or mixing it up with different colors. We featured another precious metal color below and you can see how yellow and rose gold can pair together beautifully for texture. This band was retailing for $8,065.00 and is now currently on sale for $6,495.00.


Similarly to the band above this band features a larger diamond carat weight. Upping it to 3.37 carats. In 18 carat rose gold this eternity band was $8,369.00 and is now going for $6,695.00.


Finally in the series of eternity bands we have a different diamond cut. Rather than round cut diamonds this ring features emerald cut diamonds set right alongside one another. From $18,900.00 this band is now retailing for $14,000.00. With an incredible 5.48 carats of diamonds this ring is like the hall of mirrors in Versailles. 

Tennis bracelet

Finally the tennis bracelet that we have been talking about! These classics can be stacked and paired for gorgeous looks. If you want your wrist iced out these types of tennis chain jewelry is the way to go, that we can guarantee. Easy to rock with watches or just accent your wrist with a single special diamond string these continue to be the diamond sweethearts of the fine jewelry world.

men's tennis bracelet and tennis chain diamond jewelry for women held together


This particular tennis chain bracelet is in 14 carat gold and features 6.09 carats of diamonds. It is retailing for $12,760.00 and has smooth sides with a band like setting. There are many other diamond bracelets like it in our collection in a range of carat weights and diamond cuts. As well as different precious metals including yellow, rose and white gold as well as platinum. 

Men’s tennis bracelet 

The men’s tennis bracelet is just like the tennis bracelet above. Albeit we have got some with larger carat weights that would suit thicker wrists. However for a stunning and textured look the real idea behind an iced out style is to stack up a couple of different diamond men’s tennis bracelet pairs. A single string of diamonds is also a refined and elegant look if that is what the occasion calls for. Again these versatile jewelry pieces are perfect for changing things up when you want to. Particularly if you are pairing it with your favorite luxury watch like a Rolex


This gorgeous 18 carat white gold tennis bracelet was retailing for $4,985.00 and is now going for just $3,398.00. At 12.9 grams it can be paired with a couple of others as we have said for an iced out look no worries at how much your wrist will weigh. Further we also have other matching tennis chain diamond necklaces to complete the look. Whether you want to rock them all at once or one by one that is up to you.

Where to buy diamonds? Raymond Lee Jewelers

tennis bracelet mens worn with eternity ring stack and diamonds

Our goal is always to provide our refined clientele with superior service when they visit our store. For the last three decades we have been serving our South Florida community. Focused on bringing the best fine jewelry and luxury watches from the world’s best brands right here to you. 

Beyond just the sale and acquisition of fine jewelry, luxury watches and diamonds we also have reliable on site repair for watches and jewelry. That is because we have:

  • Professional jewelers on site daily at our store
  • High quality jewelry repair services ranging from the most basic fixes to the most complicated all done on site
  • For complex jewelry repairs we utilize latest laser technology
  • A master watchmaker who conducts inspections and repairs on site daily

Our staff is also highly qualified and brings with them not only years of experience but also expertise. At our store you will find we have professionals on call including:

  • Watch Repair Specialists
  • A GIA Accredited Graduate Gemologist
  • A Custom Jewelry Designer

For the last three decades we have been doing business in Boca Raton and we hope to continue doing so for at least the next three decades to come as well! So you know you can trust that your friends at Raymond Lee Jewelers are here to help you find (or fix) your next favorite piece of fine jewelry! Whether a gift for a family member or something for yourself just because we have a widely curated collection that has something for everyone. That is guaranteed. And if we do not have the exact match for what you are looking for we will do our very best to find it. Or we can make it bespoke just for you. Unique in the world made from your idea with the finest materials on offer.

diamond jewelry worn together including tennis chain and ring

Our contact information:

You are welcome to visit us or give us a call! We will gladly help you find what you are looking for. We are open most days of the week and love drop ins. You do not need to schedule an appointment to come in but if you want to we would be delighted to set up a time. Just let us know what works for you!

Location: 22191 Powerline Rd #12B, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Hours: Monday – Friday  10 am – 6 pm | Saturday  10 am – 5 pm | Sunday Closed

Phone: (561) 750 – 7808

Email: info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com


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