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Diamonds For Dogs

Diamonds For Dogs

Not everyone may remember, but over thirty years ago, Elizabeth Taylor was in the news for leasing a yacht to house her dogs offshore while she made a film in England so they would be subjected to the six month quarantine required by the UK. You have to wonder if any of them were wearing a collar like the Amour Amour, crafted by I Love Dogs Diamonds. Priced at $3.2 million dollars, not only is the 52 carat diamond collar the most expensive piece in their La Collecion de Bijouz Amour, it is the most expensive dog collar in the world.

You have to wonder if the lucky dog who gets to wear this diamond-encrusted necklace will have to be insured before being taken for her first promenade. After all, she’ll have 1600 hand-set diamonds encircling her neck. Front and center, where most pooches sport a license and ID tag, she’ll flaunt a 7 carat brilliant-shaped centerpiece. And just in case you fret as to her comfort,with all that chandelier designing, non-jewelled portions are made of crocodile leather and white gold.

Are you thinking of all the collars your dog has managed to finagle his way out of? Well, rest assured because the Amour Amour is custom-fitted. You didn’t think it was off the rack did you? And let’s stop calling it a dog collar. At 52 carats, it deserves to be called a necklace.

If you want to buy a matching masterpiece, you’re out of luck. As their name i plies, I love Dogs Diamonds designs only for canines. La Collection de Bijouz Amour also includes L’Etoile for the male dog who’s secure enough in his masculinity to wear diamonds; La Cherie, with a 2.7 carat heart-shaped diamond for your little cherie; the puppy-sized La Jeune Cherie; La Juene Tulip which used to be their most exquisite and valuable offering pre-Amour, and in case your dog thinks diamonds are a dime-a-dozen, the ostrich leather Amour de la Mer with an 8.5 carat sapphire amidst 600 handset diamonds.


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