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GIA Unveils DiamondCheck to Detect Synthetics

GIA Unveils DiamondCheck to Detect Synthetics

The Gemological Institute of America (or GIA) has now created technology that will help it detect synthetic diamonds. This is great news for you, the shopper, as it helps protect you from fake diamonds sold at authentic diamond prices.

Curious as to what a ‘synthetic’ diamond is? These are basically laboratory created diamonds or diamonds that have been created artificially. One De Beers spokesperson said that, “Synthetics and diamonds are very different products. [Natural] diamonds are unique, ancient, natural treasures—the youngest diamond is 900 million years old.”

To help you know exactly what you are purchasing, as you are shopping for that engagement ring or special gift, the GIA has come up with a software that will assure you the diamond you are purchasing is natural.

What it Does

Simply put, the GIA has developed a machine that will detect the differences between natural diamonds and man-made stones. Called ‘DiamondCheck’ this program runs on GIA’s own software. It uses 3D imaging in order to label a diamond as “natural” or “non-diamond”. There is even a third option, “further lab testing,” which means that the initial findings were unclear. This new machine can only test one stone at a time, but the test takes only about 10 seconds to determine its results.


The software can test diamonds from one to ten points, and so far, DiamondCheck has been 100% accurate. When asked how it works, GIA’s director of research and development, Dr. Wuyi Wang, says that there are certain chemistry features that only occur in natural diamonds. With DiamondCheck, the software has the ability to look for, find, and identify each of those subtle chemical differences,, which is what makes the testing so precise.

Where to Find DiamondCheck

Looking to find this amazing diamond checker? So far, in the United States, the GIA has only installed a DiamondCheck machine in the Diamond Dealers Club in New York City.

After that, they are installing the machines in major areas of Israel, Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa, Shanghai and Tokyo. While these machines are quite simple to use, the GIA will be training more and more jewelers to operate them, putting them into more diamond clubs across the world.

Protecting Your Investment

The GIA hopes that this new software will give buyers a better peace of mind when shopping, and purchasing diamonds, really assuring them of the quality of diamonds they are purchasing. They hope that this new technology will help address any concerns over the purchase of smaller stones, which are more prone to being manufactured artificially, by undisclosed or uncertified labs.


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