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Diamond Safety Pin Bracelet 

Diamond Safety Pin Bracelet 

Diamond safety pin bracelets 

If you are on the lookout for classy and elegant jewelry, the diamond safety pin bracelet is one. It is one of the pieces that you should consider. Although not common, it comes with a long list of benefits. And let’s not forget the positive aspects that can help enhance your style.

The Diamond safety pin bracelet is a pair of small, elegant, and delicate bracelets. This delicate bracelet features  rows of diamonds. The presence of a safety pin in the diamond makes this simple bracelet worth the name.

Look no further when you’re looking for a bracelet that will make a statement. The diamond safety pin bracelet is the right jewelry to suit you and meet your taste. This bracelet contains solid metals and features diamonds set in the shape of a safety pin. It’s a truly unique piece that is rare to see. 

Diamond safety pins are the type of jewelry still famous worldwide in the present day. People from the whole world find them elegant, attractive and eye-catching. It is the striking   elegant piece  that intrigues people. To learn more about this piece, let’s look at the origin of the diamond safety pin bracelets

Where Did the Diamond Safety Pin Come From?

Safety pins jewelry has been around for a while. And, of course, it did not start with the diamond arrangement. They first identified the safety pin with other pieces of jewelry like necklaces. Also, the first safety pin jewelry had beads instead of platinum metals. 

The beaded safety pin jewelry was the one that jewelers discovered in Africa. They discovered this in countries like Senegal and South – Africa. 

It is a consensus that safety pins are useful for fastening things and protecting them. So, jewelers also drew their concept of this jewelry from the traditional symbolism. 

Diamond safety pin bracelets 

Since discovering that safety pins can be a great addition to jewelry, we have had them as earrings. We have also had them as pins and bracelets to the focus of this article. 

All variants of safety pin Jewries have served their purpose at different times. And as expected, the diamond safety pin bracelet is on the rife for now. 

Pros of Diamond Safety Pin Bracelet

Diamond safety pin bracelets are popular right now, and for good reasons. Some of the benefits of a diamond safety pin bracelet include the following: 

Elegance and Beauty

We cannot but talk about the aesthetics of this bracelet when we discourse about the benefits. This piece of jewelry stands out as one of the most pleasant-looking jewelry, from the metal base to the pin and the chords. The parts and features of the diamond safety pin bracelet contribute to its beauty. 

The elegance and beauty of the diamond safety pin bracelet make the piece of jewelry a great choice. Indeed, it is an outstanding choice. And of course, the beauty is why it will always be a classic choice for many people. 


One of the best things you can get from jewelry is versatility. It is always a blessing to use your piece in different styles and combine it as you wish. You get these things with your diamond safety pin bracelet. And it is even greater that it is a bracelet that you can combine with other bracelets. As long as you pick complementary designs, you do not have to worry that they will contradict. 


Having a beautiful  bracelet is great. But, the greatest blessing that can come from owning jewelry is if it is a diamond. And yes, the diamond safety pin bracelet is diamond laced jewelry. Unlike some other gemstones that are susceptible to scratches, Diamonds stand out. They contain carbon. We all know that carbons are some of the strongest components on the earth. So, the strength helps to make your bracelet a sturdy one. You would not need to worry so much about scratches. That’s a big win for you!

Great Investment 

When you get your diamond safety pin bracelet, you will not only enjoy the beauty. The value of any diamond laced jewelry is always higher than other gemstones. So, as you get your safety in jewelry, you are also investing

When you stop using this bracelet in a couple of years, you may decide to sell it. It will always be valuable because it is diamond-laced. So, you need not worry about price depreciation. If you would rather give it out, it is also fine. The value is not decreasing, so it would be a perfect gift if you ever decide to give it out. 

Parts of a Diamond Safety Pin Bracelet

The benefits of the diamond safety pin bracelet are thanks to the features and parts. The parts of the diamond bracelet are exceptional, and they continue to serve the wearers. Some of the essential parts of a diamond safety pin bracelet are:

Chain Styles

The safety pin jewel is beautiful, that’s for sure. However, it cannot stand alone as a bracelet. With the help of a chain, the safety pin bracelet gets to have a home. About the chain, there are different chain styles. The styles range from dainty to rugged. 

The dainty style; is a chain type that includes a box or rope chain

Rugged style; the rugged style is nothing like dainty. It has a double rope and includes curb chains. The pieces of the chain for the rigged style are also intertwined. With two different ends, you would find the clasp at one end. And, of course, you would find a simple ring inside the clasp that helps secure them on the other end. 

Safety Pin

The safety pin is like the core of your diamond safety pin bracelet. And, of course, the safety pin in this bracelet is like the ones we all know. In essence, it does not look different in style compared to the traditional safety pin. However, the metal for this safety pin will be different. 

What differentiates the diamond safety  from a straight or simple pin isn’t much. For a safety pin, the pin has a point. The designers of the pin took the pin back to the head from the starting point. And yes, the head guard holds the pin when it closes. 


Clasps are essential to any form of jewelry. As long as you need to fasten the jewelry, you would need a clasp. To wear any jewelry, specifically a bracelet, you need to get a fastener. And fastening and protection are two things a clasp does for your bracelet. Of course, there are different types of clasp for your bracelet. The types of clasp are: 

1. Hook and Eye

The hook and eye clasp are the simplest of the three. It requires using a hook and eye that came from wire. It is not factory-made and is one of the strongest clasps of the three. 

2. Lobster Clasp

This type of clasp is the strongest of all the types of clasp that we have. The lobster clasp is popular for its sturdiness due to the huge amount of metal. Because of its strength, it is often a choice for many when looking for a bracelet. 

3. Spring Ring Clasp 

The spring ring clasp is nothing like the lobster clasp. It is more popular for its lightweight. And, of course, it is not as strong as the lobster. The spring mechanism can be complex to fix sometimes. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Diamond Safety Pin Bracelet

There are always options to pick from and many choices to make. What makes you a wise shopper when buying this piece is the ability to consider all else. When it comes to the diamond safety pin bracelet, there are many things you should check out. You must check these things before making your decision. These factors include:

The style

Yes, all diamond safety pin bracelets feature the safety pin ornament. But, the styles differ. Sometimes, jewelers place the safety pin on a dainty chain. Other times, they use the rugged chain. Differences can also occur in the clasps. You must check out these things and be sure the style fits you before deciding. Failure to check, and you may find yourself settling for any style. 

Size of your wrist

Checking if the size of your wrist is in tandem with what you want to buy is important. Sometimes, you are lucky to see a beautiful diamond safety pin bracelet. However, you are not lucky enough to have the one that fits your wrist.

To be sure they fit, you need to measure the wrist. The perfect place to measure for this is below the wrist bone. You must ensure that you get it right using a tape measure or strip paper. 

Carats of Diamond

You may be more satisfied with some carat than another based on your preference. So, instead of neglecting your desire to have a certain carat, you can check. You are lucky that bracelets always have the total carat weight stated. So, you get a glimpse before you get to make a decision. 

However, it is great to know that the carats in bracelets always vary. Depending on the style and type of bracelet, the carats are not always the same. 

For instance, a fashion bracelet might weigh about 0,02CT. In contrast, a tennis bracelet is likely to weigh 10.00CT or more. Since the safety pin bracelet is under the fashion bracelet, you already know what to expect.

Diamond Quality

The quality of the diamond in your safety pin bracelet has a lot to do with how well it shines. So, you may also want to consider going for a high-quality diamond. It is even easier to get the diamond quality of your choice if you make your bracelet from scratch. If not, you still need to scrutinize and ensure you are not getting the lowest quality. 

Regarding diamond quality, you get to pick between these three popular qualities; 

1. Premium quality

Premium quality diamond is a special one. When it comes to budget, this one will save you some troubles. And again, it is the perfect choice if you are going for small diamonds.

2. H/Si Quality

The quality here ranks a bit higher than the one for premium. It is popular with tennis bracelets, and it is not hard to see why. Some of the most beautiful features we look out for is found here. It sparkles, it is white, and of course, it excels in beauty.

3. G/Vs Quality

As you may have anticipated, this is the height of quality in diamonds. It has the highest quality. It outshines with its white diamond for the bracelet and above the 2-carat diamond. While it is of the highest quality, it may not function well in small diamonds. So, you may only want to consider this type of quality with a larger diamond. 


Diamond safety pin bracelets have been popular in society for many years. The jewelers made the bracelet with a link chain. 

You can hold any other opinion on a diamond safety pin bracelet design. However, you can’t deny that the stones are bright and attractive. And when you have a well crafted one, it looks even more appealing. 

Are you willing to invest in a high-quality version bracelet? Well, this type of bracelet speaks elegance, style and quality. If that’s what you’re looking for in a piece of jewelry, it deserves your attention.

You should visit to be sure of what you want and to pick the best from some of the most outstanding collections. 


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