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De Beers Crafts Commemorative Crown for the Queen of England

De Beers Crafts Commemorative Crown for the Queen of England

Diamond Jubilee Crown

As England celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, some of the globes most prominent designers do as well. Amongst them is De Beers, who has designed a commemorative Talisman crown for HRH.

The crown, wrought in yellow gold and sapphire blue velvet, boasts 974 diamonds – 797 of which are polished. The rough diamonds, per a De Beers employee, symbolize “a unique power & brings luck. Napoleon carried one in his pocket every time he went into battle.”

The 73ct uncut stunner tops the crown, above a sphere studded with amber, yellow and brown diamonds. According to the Telegraph:

“The Hallmark setting (the pointillist textured metal that grips the diamonds) is based on the De Beers Talisman design, characterised by a mix of rough and polished diamonds. … the lower band features two more uncut whoppers of 28 and 26 carats respectively, meaning that every single setting has had to be hand-crafted.”

The crown debuted at the flagship Harrod’s store on Old Bond St. in London, but will embark on a world tour to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York.

To read more about the Talisman crown, click here.




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