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Daphne Guinness for Roger Dubuis

It seems like a match made in heaven: Roger Dubuis, cutting edge watchmaker, has enlisted Daphne Guinness, fashion world muse and self-proclaimed bohemian, to help showcase his Velvet line of watches. Feminine yet bordering on cold detachment, Dubuis’s Velvet collection is a perfect for the iconic, ethereal Guinness, who is also the heiress to the Guinness Beer empire.

Guinness has long been a member of the inner circle of fashion’s greatest giants, including Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, David LaChappelle, and Tom Ford. Additionally, she has styled herself as an influence amongst younger fashionistas and trend setters in the world of entertainment, like Lady Gaga. Guinness is also an actor, artist, model, collector, film producer, and philanthropist. While her look is mostly frequently classified as “avant garde”, Guinness elegance dovetails with Dubuis’s classic, timeless time pieces.

Roger Dubuis was inspired by the concept of the Diva when the watchmaker, under the eye of founder Carlos Dias, developed the Velvet line, which came out earlier this year. Bold, steely, and unabashedly brilliant, the Velvet watches are set ablaze by a circle of diamonds, and the trompe l’ceil dial fools the eye and gives the impression of floating within the center.

Giving the influence of the Diva in the Velvet line, it’s no wonder Roger Dubuis teamed with Daphne Guinness to show it off to the world. Guinness is just the consummate diva that Dubuis’s Velvet needs: Regal, self-assured, influential, and in charge of all she surveys.

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