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Nikki Sixx Fiance Courtney Bingham Now the Owner of a 6 Carat Rock!

Nikki Sixx Fiance Courtney Bingham Now the Owner of a 6 Carat Rock!

Nikki Sixx, best known from his gnarly bass-riffs from American rock band Motley Crue, recently proposed to his girlfriend, Courtney Bingham, with a whopping 6 carat engagement ring.

“TMZ reports the stone is six carats and the epic proposal went down while the two were vacationing in St. Barts this weekend. Apparently Mr. Sixx took his gal on a candle-lit stroll on the beach, then they had dinner surrounded by rose petals, and then the rocker got down on one knee. And, no, the reality TV cameras weren’t there to capture the magical moment, that we know of, at least.”

So how does a middle-aged rock musician come up with the funds to buy a 6 carat engagement ring to present to girlfriend Courtney Bingham? Since Motley Crue, Sixx has been working on dozens of projects. Musically, he’s worked with a number of artists on production and collaboration including Alice Cooper, Meatloaf, Drowning Pool and Saliva.

Nikki Sixx also launched a clothing line called “Royal Underground” in 2006 with Kelly Gray, co-president and model of St. John. Sixx also co-hosts two nationally syndicated radio programs launched in 2010 by Premiere Radio Networks called “Sixx Sense” and “The Sideshow Countdown.”

No word has been released yet about when Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham will be tying the knot; all we know now was that Bingham accepted the ring and agree to marry Sixx.


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