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Chanel Jewels Star with Keira Knightly in Anna Karenina

Chanel Jewels Star with Keira Knightly in Anna Karenina

Period jewelry is a growing trend due to the beautifully designed jewelry of recent period movies. The stunning Chanel jewels worn by Keira Knightly in the new film Anna Karenina showcase the opulence of the time with the beautiful details that are possible with modern equipment.

Jewels from Chanel

The jewelry from the Chanel Joaillerie line featured in Anna Karenina includes a stunning diamond necklace and an elegant pearl necklace. Both necklaces are beautifully designed to create a look that is similar to the period in which the film takes place.

The necklaces created by Chanel for the movie catch the eye immediately due to the extravagance, elegance and beauty of the necklace. While both necklaces are larger than many popular styles, it showcases the period styles and creates a feeling of opulence that is unmatched in other films.

Inspiration from Vintage Designs

As vintage styles for jewelry are coming back into the fashion world with popular culture, period movies and fashion designs, it is not surprising that opulence and elegance are meeting in the middle. The jewelry featured in Anna Karenina is a design that is inspired by vintage styles and created with modern equipment for a delicacy that was not present in older pieces.

By creating new designs that are inspired by vintage styles, jewelry is moving away from the simplicity of minimalist fashions and is embracing the beauty of diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

The jewelry designed and created by Chanel that is featured in Anna Karenina is stunning. The simplicity of the pearls is offset by the shockingly detailed design of the diamond necklace. As new styles embrace the beauty of vintage jewelry fashions, it is likely that jewelry will become more elegant and luxurious in the future.

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