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Boca Raton Diamonds Shine

Boca Raton Diamonds Shine

Forbes Magazine has listed the beautiful booming Boca Raton as a community with some of the most extravagant and expensive gated communities in the whole United States. You know if the owners can afford to live in this lavish beyond Beverly Hills style then their jewelry must be in a word, fab!

We here at Raymond Lee Jewelers know that extravagant shiny jewelry such as that seen on the red carpet, in movies and on television is always at the forefront of fashion. It may be a full- time job keeping up with the trends but we want to help you do just that. We believe our jewelry is cutting-edge. From classic to trendy we’ve got the goods and you might be surprised to know that some of our jewels are acquired from those behind those gates we mentioned before and savvy jewel merchants like you. If you are looking for somewhere to sell diamonds in Boca Raton or if you have an almost wedding ring you want sell in South Florida then come on over and see us. Whether you have a great necklace, a pair of earrings or a one-of-a-kind estate ring that you want to trade or sell, we have friendly, experienced appraisers who are here for you. Just come in and see us and we will be happy to give you top dollar payment for your pieces.

Should I Sell This Piece?

As always in the world of fashion and style, the trends are constantly changing and updating. If you are looking to strike while the iron is hot remember that demand drives the price. Not only should you watch out for metal prices in the market before you sell your precious jewelry but you may want to check out what is coming because our buyers will certainly know what’s what.

News Flash! If a popular celebrity is seen in a certain style or piece that is not yet hot, check your jewelry box for similar nearly forgotten styled jewels. It may well be you’ve been holding on to the next big thing. It’s true, a-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Rihanna can be walking down the street or attending a red carpet event wearing a certain style of jewelry one day and the next thing you know that style is the hottest ticket around. Share the wealth. If you have items that you no longer want, why not sell them. Chances are someone is looking for just that piece. Thanks to movies like The Great Gatsby even great granny’s style is back with a vengeance. Just check out the resurgence of Art Nouveau and metal works jewelry– it is back and in serious demand.

Don’t have any antiques or highly sought after heirloom wonders? Then what about those plain hoops Aunt Greta bought for you last Christmas that you never wear? Classic is making a comeback on the red carpet and throughout Hollywood too. Don’t leave Boca Raton behind! That means South Florida residents will be hip to the call out for classic grace too. Have you noticed that popular female stars like January Jones, and Selena Gomez have been gracing the carpet decked out in refined sophistication wearing simple gold hoops and understated cuff bracelets? Still others like the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley step out with their animal print stealing the show by sporting ferocious accent pieces like animal brooches and chunky cuffs in 18k. Yes, shine Boca Raton; you know all too well that fabu is the name of the game when it comes to celeb style jewelry fashion.

Don’t know if your jewels are worth much?

No worries when it comes to figuring out how much your jewels are worth we are here for you. We specialize in providing honest jewelry appraisals. We are, after all, the professionals and we will help you understand the value of your stones so that you can realize just what a fair and honest value in dollars and cents you should receive when you sell your precious heirloom or other items. Whether you bring in gems, diamonds, gold, silver, vintage, or even timepieces we are skilled at giving you the right information. Our jewelers conduct appraisals right on the spot and we are recognized for our accuracy and professionalism. Your jewels are in good hands as our GIA graduate gemologists use only the most precise instruments in our industry to appraise our customer’s jewels.

What do we have there…?

In short, you may have inherited a piece of jewelry about which you know next to nothing. That’s okay because we are here for you. Let’s take a look at an exciting and rare gem we’d love to see.


The Alexandrite gem is a color-changing Chrysoberyl. Not only is this a very rare gem, but it is also very valuable. Its uniqueness may not be apparent at first sight but, the finely faceted stones of one carat or more have been ranked amongst the most expensive stones in the world. It is true that the Alexandrite is rarer than even fine diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.


Alexandrite ranks an impressive 8.5 on Mohs’ hardness scale. Because it is hard and durable it is perfect for everyday wear.


Alexandrite is green or bluish-green when viewed in normal daylight. A fun surprise about the alexandrite is that the stone’s appearance changes color to a raspberry red or purplish-red when it is viewed in incandescent light. In some instances, the Alexandrite can even appear in various shades of yellow, gray-green, brown during daylight. The counterpart look in the incandescent light would then be an orange, brown or red look.


No doubt that most all alexandrite gems are breathtakingly beautiful stones. Their value is directly tied to their color change and specifically the degree of that color saturation. Of course clarity is another big consideration when assessing the alexandrite’s worth. It is a type II gem and as such you can expect it to have some inclusions. The alexandrite only forms when aluminum, beryllium and chrome combine and this is very rare in nature. So the rarity of the gem’s occurrence is another thing that makes it such an expensive stone.

Interesting Facts about Alexandrite

Alexandrite is known for and by its color-change properties as a result, stones like garnet and spinel (other color-change stones) are described as having “the alexandrite effect.”
Besides the pearl, alexandrite is also a June birthstone.
The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC displays the world’s largest identified Russian faceted alexandrite weighing a staggering 66 carats.
The Sauer Alexandrite (an uncut crystal) is believed to be the largest gem-quality alexandrite ever discovered. It weighs and amazing 122,400 carats and was found in Bahia, Brazil in 1967

See, learning to sell and trade your jewelry is not a hard matter. With a little education and a great supporting cast like Raymond Lee Jewelers to back you up, you don’t have to be pensive about making the Boca Raton area just a little bit bling brighter. Boca Raton residents are already surrounded by some of the most beautiful backdrops, both natural and manmade, in the country. Beauty is a thing we treasure. So, let your sense of style and glamor shine through from the inside out and by all means don’t forget the adornments. Boca Raton surely does shine– with diamonds that is!


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