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Blood Jewelry

Blood Jewelry

Ever feel like the only thing missing from your relationship with that special someone is a piece of jewelry with their blood in it? Didn’t think so. While most people cringe at the very sight or mention of blood, a Florida jeweler has created a line that is specifically geared toward the use of your significant other’s blood. Senacy is a new line that uses a drop of blood to create a sentimental legacy that will keep your significant other in your heart and mind forever.

While most people think of Angelina Jolie and her vial of Billy Bob Thornton blood when they hear blood jewelry, the new line is actually quite tasteful, if you can get past the blood. The line features beautifully crafted pieces that have nothing more than a single drop of blood in them. The blood is housed inside wax to prevent leakage and draining out of the piece. The line has pieces that resemble the double helix that is DNA, a witty take on the fact that wearers literally have the DNA of their loved one with them at all times, dolphins with blood for eyes, infinity symbols and more.

Though most people will be instantly turned off by this concept, designer and creator Adam Davenport claims that he already has buyers lined up and that interest in the line is growing steadily. For most, having a promise ring or a locket with a picture of your sweetie is enough, but for others, it just isn’t official until it is sealed in blood. The pieces range in price from somewhat affordable to extravagant and most will tend to shy away simply because you can buy similar products sans blood for a comparable price. Though it is hard to say if this trend will pick up and actually stick, it is a novel idea, let’s just hope people do not take it too far trying to get a drop of blood for that special memento.


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