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Just in Time for #Glitzmas: Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold

Just in Time for #Glitzmas: Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold

One of the most exclusive watch brands around has found a way to make an even more exclusive watch.

Hublot, the elite Swiss watchmaker, has teamed up with Tina Zegg and Carlo Cerlati, owners of the high end jewelry boutique Zegg & Cerlati. The team came up with the Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold. That’s a mouthful, true, but this is an eyeful of a watch.

The Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold is a monochromatic timepiece, a signature style of Monaco-based Zegg & Cerlati. The design is based on a Big Bang style they released over the summer in honor of “strong women.” The summer selections came in rose gold or steel, timepieces all of a single color.

The Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold is going one better. This monochromatic watch features an 18k gold case. A golden calfskin strap and tone-on-tone polished mirror dial make this piece resemble a gold cuff.


Hublot is known for being an elite brand. Innovative in design, they made their name early on by combining precious metal cases with rubber watch bands. Their signature watch has a case shaped like a portal in both polished and brushed gold and a natural rubber band in black. This uncommon pairing appeals to watch collectors and trend setters alike.

The Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold costs as much as a nice car, $41, 712. It is an extraordinarily well-made timepiece with meticulous gearing. And its case is, literally, golden. Watch collectors are highly interested in this unique piece.

However, even if you happen to have the spare $41, 712, you’ll need to be quick and mobile. The ultra-limited manufacture of only 50 watches ensures you won’t have many chances to buy this timepiece. Oh, you’ll need an up-to-date passport, too, since you can only buy this watch at Zegg & Cerlati boutiques. That limits you to Monte Carlo, Monaco, Ischl, Austria or Samuan, Switzerland.

Some industry insiders have questioned the efficacy of making a watch so elite. After all, the point of such publicity is to generate interest in the brand. Al Ries, founder of a marketing strategy company in Georgia, remarked, “The short run of 50 watches and exclusive distribution negates much of the favorable publicity the all-gold watch might generate.”

However, Hublot is a watch manufacturer known for über-elite limited editions. They crafted the Malte Tourbillion Collection Excellence Platine for their Collection Excellence Platine series completely out of platinum. That little number retailed for $323, 500. As if that’s not exclusive enough, in 2007 Hublot released the Big Bang $One Million, crafted entirely of diamonds. Ok, there is some metal, but the process of invisible gem setting leaves only the diamonds visible.

Hublot and Zegg & Cerlati released their Big Bang Hublot Zegg & Cerlati Yellow Gold at the Bal de Noël de Monte-Carlo, or Monte Carlo Christmas Ball. The ball, themed “Yellow Gold and White Christmas,” opened the winter social season in Monaco. Prince Albert II of Monaco was in attendance. No word if he is looking to purchase one of the hottest of the Hublots.


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