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On October 30th, 2019, Raymond Lee Jewelers took part in a Mizner Dream Magazine photoshoot at Boca Resort & Club in Boca Raton. 

mizner dream magazine photoshoot

Today, we want to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. Furthermore, we want to talk about all the incredibly impressive people and companies who joined forces for this breathtaking photoshoot at Boca Resort. 

Boca Resort & Club

So, the Mizner Dream Magazine photoshoot took place at the luxurious, world-renowned Boca Resort & Club. 

The Boca Resort is a Waldorf Astoria Resort located at 501 E Camino Real in Boca Raton. 

Praised for its illustrious weddings, prestigious events, incredible dining options, gorgeous architecture, relaxing spas, and, of course, its oceanfront hotel, the Boca Resort and Club offers some of the best high-end experiences in South Florida. 

It’s a place made for couples seeking an upscale romantic getaway as much as it is for families looking to break the everyday monotony.

The Boca Resort is “luxury with an edge”. Therefore, there are plenty of activities for everyone. After all, it comprises 1,047 hotel rooms across 337 acres. 

So, whether you are looking for action or relaxation, the Boca Resort is the place to be. When the Boca Resort does something, people pay attention. Therefore, we were very excited to take part in this photoshoot.

To this extent, let’s discuss what this splendid photoshoot entailed…

boca resort & club
An areal view from the 21st floor from the iconic Boca Raton Resort tower that can be seen around Boca Raton.

Mizner Dream Magazine

So, most of you who are familiar with the Boca Resort have probably heard about the Mizner Dream Magazine. However, for those who haven’t, let us tell you a bit about it.

The Mizner Dream Magazine is the official publication of the Boca Resort & Spa.

It showcases Boca Raton’s best shopping, dinning and entertainment experiences. Additionally, it provides insight into South Florida’s preeminent real estate, fashion, jewelry and personal services.

What’s more, the magazine caters to the world’s most affluent audiences through an upscale environment and publication. Therefore, being featured in this magazine is a privilege. And one that typically comes at a considerable price. 

To that end, Diamonds By Raymond Lee always capitalizes on an opportunity to get involved…as we did this past October 30th, 2019. 

The Mizner Name

Before we closely examine the photoshoot and everyone involved, let us provide some more insight into the “Mizner” name, as it is spread across Boca Raton in various ways…

For example, you have the Mizner Park and the Mizner Dream Boat…

Addison Mizner

The founder of Boca Raton was Addison Mizner. He was an architect with a vision was to build a resort city that was the “Venice of the Atlantic”.

Hence, the name Mizner Park and Mizner Dream.

Mizner Park

The Mizner Park is a lifestyle center in downtown Boca Raton. At Mizner Park you will find restaurants, entertainment, and various museums and services. Mizner Park has a classical Mediterranean feel because that is where Cooper Carry (a design firm) took inspiration from when designing it. Moreover, that was the original vision of Addison Mizner.

Mizner Dream Boat

As for the Mizner Dream Boat, it is a Private Yacht Charter known as Boca’s “limousine on water”. The Mizner Dream, which has the same name as the magazine, provides numerous delights and sights as guests comfortably cruise South Florida’s famed Intracoastal Waterway… 

So, now that you have some context on Boca Resort and Mizner Dream Magazine, let’s dive in to the main event of this post, the photoshoot.

This Mizner Dream Magazine photoshoot features model Fruzsina Molnar, highly esteemed clothing company Valentino, exquisite jewelry brand Yvel, and yours truly, Boca’s preeminent diamond jewelry boutique for over three decades, Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Mizner Dream Magazine Photoshoot at Boca Resort

Firstly, the stunning model in this photoshoot is Fruzsing Molnar

Fruzsing is from Hungary, and currently lives in Miami, Florida.

She is 5’9”, is a vegan, and she enjoys the beach and fitness, as you can clearly see by checking her out on Instagram. She is super fit.

Fruzsing works with Selected Modeling agency in Miami, Model Zone in Mexico, and Face Model Management Hungary in Budapest, so she is internationally known in the modeling scene. 

In this photoshoot, she modeled for Valentino, Yvel, and Raymond Lee Jewelers/Diamonds By Raymond Lee. 

Valentino dress worn by model Fruzsina Molnar
So, here we have Fruzsing wearing a matching earrings and pendant necklace. Both the earrings and pendant are two tone white and yellow gold, and they call attention to a tourmaline gemstone centerpiece that dangles from a citrine stone top. The earrings’ tourmaline gemstones equal to 51.05 carats and the citrine gemstones total to 6.05 carts. As for the pendant, it is displays a 26.75 cushion cut tourmaline and a 2.82 carat citrine. Overall, the blue and yellow color really pop with this supremely elegant and stylish dress from Valentino. 

Outfits by Valentino

The clothing featured in this photoshoot is exclusively Valentino.

Valentino is an Italian clothing company founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani. They are a major player in the fashion scene.

The high-profile brand celebrated across the globe, and beloved by celebrities and fashion gurus alike.

They offer a wide range of luxury goods for both men and women, such as dresses, shirts, shoes, handbags, belts, eyewear, and much more. 

From their Haute Couture collection to their Pret-a-Porter collection to their Valentino Garavani collection, the illustrious brand has distinguished itself has one of the most innovative, luxurious, fashion-forward companies in the world.

Therefore, their products come at a steep price. 

For instance, the pink “lovers” top Fruzsing is wearing is $8,000.

Mizner Dream Magazine Photoshoot at Boca Resort

So, needless to say, donning Valentino clothing and accessories enters you into an exclusive club made for the elite. It’s an automatic declaration of “spending power” and the ultimate sign of elegance and high-fashion. Ergo, perfect for the vibe of the Boca Resort and Mizner Dream Magazine. 

Yvel Jewelry

Our jewelry counterpart for this photoshoot was Yvel Jewelry.

Yvel is an Israeli, Award winning luxury jewelry brand founded in 1986 by a team of husband and wife, Isaac and Orna Levy. 

Yvel uses century old traditions to create exquisite and innovative luxury jewelry. They utilize organic, earth-made materials such as pearls, precious gems, and gold. 

All in all, if you love unique jewelry that is like wearable art, you will love Yvel. 

Raymond Lee Jewelers & Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee (our newer state-of-the-art retail location) is Boca Raton’s preeminent high-end jewelry and engagement ring boutique. 

We are specialist in the field of estate, designer and private label jewelry. And we have been serving South Florida’s insatiable need for diamonds and luxury watches for over 30 years. 

At Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee, you will find the finest diamond and precious gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

Moreover, we are experts in the field of Swiss luxury watches. We have extensive collections of timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and many more.

We pride ourselves on forging a unique, professional, and intimate experience for every customer, and our commitment to this has never wavered. 

Furthermore, one of the special aspects of Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee is that our selection of jewelry and watches meets the desires of all generations. We know what the modern buyer wants and we maintain everlasting traditions, such as sensibility and hands-on artistry.

Mizner Dream Magazine Photoshoot Call Sheet

mizner dream Boca Raton

It was a pleasure observing the crew as they worked their magic during this photoshoot.

The entire call sheet was first-rate, so everything went super smooth.

Photographer – Billy Coleman

So, Mizner Dream Magazine brought out a top-tier photographer named Billy Coleman for the shoot.

Billy is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is currently based in the United States. He specializes in fashion and advertising photography. 

Billy travels all over the US, Europe and South America, working with premier fashion and advertising agencies.

What’s more, he collaborates with big name publications like Elle, GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stones, to name but a few… 

One look at his photos and it’s clear that he is one of the best in the industry. 

You can see some of his work by following Billy Coleman on IG.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee behind the scenes
We captured a behind the scenes photo of photographer Billy Coleman and his team shooting Fruzsing Molnar.
Art Director – Lori Pierino 

The well-known and outstanding Senior Art Director of JES Publishing, Lori Pierino, was in full force during the Mizner Dream Magazine photoshoot, as per usual.

One of JES’s flagship publications is the award-winning Boca Magazine.Boca Magazine was dubbed the Best Overall publication in Florida in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014 by the Florida Magazine Association.

Additionally, JES Publishing’s annual magazines includes Mizner Dream Magazine, which is exclusively made for the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

All in all, humbly speaking, a big part of the success of these magazines comes down to the incredible work done by Lori Pierino. 

It was awesome watching Lori in her element. 

boca magazine photoshoot
Here is a picture of Art Director Lori Pierino and photographer Billy Coleman reviewing some of the great shots from the shoot.
Stylist – Danny Santiago

Mizner Dream Magazine only hires the best of the best. So, the highly sought after and immensely distinguished stylist and image maker Danny Santiago was there to help take this photoshoot the next level. 

Danny was born and raised in the heart of South Florida – Miami. He graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design, and in 1982 he won the Fashion Design Award.

Danny has a stellar background. He has worked with Vogue Italy, Vogue Russia, Vogue Spain, and vogue Mexico. In addition to, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, W and many more.

His presence in Miami has been paramount to the fashion scene here. He is a big reason for why Miami is one of America’s top fashion destinations. 

He has dressed and styled celebrities from the likes of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Mary J. Blige, and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

And his career only continues to impress. In the past few years, Danny has imparted his fashion sense to cinematography. Joining forces with Academy Award nominated Patricia Field on the costumes for “Sex and the City” and  Sex and the City 2”. Furthermore, he has handled costume design for TV series such as Burn Notice, Graceland, and BALLERS.

Hair & Makeup Artist – Eddie Munster

We were also in august company with Miami’s elite makeup artist Eddie Munster. 

Eddie has worked for a wide range of top cosmetic brands; such as Esteê Lauder, Sephora and most recently M.A.C Pro.

Because of this, he has gained boundless knowledge in the beauty and fashion industry. 

What’s more, Eddie is exceptionally creative. This has impacted many editorial photoshoots in the past, as it did for this one. 

behind the scene of Mizner Dream magazine
Here we have pro makeup artist Eddie Munster touching up Fruzsina Molnar before the next photo. And as you can see, she’s wearing a few pieces of jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Now, let us outline all of our jewelry featured in the photo above.

18K Yellow Gold Multi Color Sapphire Diamond Necklace
big sapphire necklace

Fruzsing is wearing an absolutely jaw-dropping necklace from our collection at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. It features a huge 48.85 carat oval sapphire centerpiece, in addition to, 113 round brilliant cut diamonds, 115 pear and oval shape sapphire gemstones. Moreover, all of the sapphires are natural (without any treatment) making this necklace the true definition of “grandeur”. All in all, this is one of those pieces that you will never forget. 

18K Rose Gold 10.39Ctw Diamond Pave And 0.25Ctw Emerald Braided Bangle
puma diamond bracelet

Next, on her wrist rests a puma motif pink diamond 18K rose gold braided bangle. This exquisite piece comprises 7.81 carats of round pink diamonds. Furthermore, it has 2.5 carats of round brilliant white diamonds. It is stunningly unique, and the perfect piece to pair with this unbelievably gorgeous dress by Valentino. 

18K White And Yellow Gold 6.04Ctw Fancy Yellow And 0.95Ctw White Diamond Earrings
fancy yellow diamond earrings

Lastly, gracing Fruzsing ears are a pair of 18K white and yellow gold fancy yellow diamond halo earrings. These earrings feature approximately 6 carats of cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds encircled by 1 carat of round brilliant white diamonds. Overall, these elegant earrings provide both immense beauty and a splash of extra color. So, they are perfect final touch for this outfit. 

In conclusion, we want to give a special thanks to the entire crew and Mizner Dream Magazine. It was truly an honor taking part in this magnificent photoshoot at Boca Resort. We look forward to seeing the photos in the upcoming edition of Mizner Dream Magazine.

If you want to see more breathtaking, fine diamond jewelry, visit Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds By Raymond Lee

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