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Bahamian Jewelry Spotlight

Bahamian Jewelry Spotlight

Bahamian Jewelry: a spotlight on shells, nautical themes and corals, Bahamian Jewelry is great to pair with summer and fall fashion. Found mostly in outdoor “Straw Markets” all over the Bahamian Islands, Bahamian jewelry is a great addition to your vacation collection.

Straw markets are a huge industry in tourist-populated areas in the Bahamas. Freeport, Nassau, and even areas in Eleuthera have Straw Markets where locals sell hand-made jewelry, woven baskets, shell-crafts and more. Locals line up in huts or in large, open-air shelters to present their crafts to visiting sightseers looking to take home a piece of the Islands.

Locals use beads, rope, coral and shells to craft local jewelry. Take this piece on for size….a Joy Carter jewelry original beaded necklace and earring set. Fashioned to look like the beautiful tropical reefs of the Caribbean, this is a fantastic set to match, solid colored dresses and linen outfits.

Pieces like these featured above are strung with local shells and bulky beads to really draw attention to the neckline and compliment a killer Bahamian tan!

And, of course, there are a ton of retailers selling all types of Bahamian crafts above and beyond jewelry, including crafts with the National Flag, various Bahamian arts, and featuring local artists.


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