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What makes Australian diamonds different from other diamonds? Find out what the difference is here. Read on.

In the market today, there are diamonds and there are Australian diamonds.  If you’re

wondering what the difference is between these two kinds of gemstones, it lies basically on the quality.  Since you’ll be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on buying a loose diamond for an engagement ring, a wedding ring or any other piece of jewelry, you might as well get the stone that gives a lot of value for your money.  As you can imagine, you get what you pay for and more with high quality diamonds.

Australian Diamonds:  More on the Cut of Diamonds

If you’ve been shopping for diamonds and Australian diamonds, there’s no doubt that you’ve done your homework on what the best stones will be.  Chances are, you’ve read about the four Cs, the characteristics that every diamond should have in line with the cut, the clarity, the color and the carats of the stone.  It might have escaped you, however, that there’s a difference with the shape of the diamond and the cut of the diamond.  With Australian diamonds, the grade of the cut is emphasized and you’ll learn that this is all about how the stone reflects the light.

Australian Diamonds:  Certification of Precious Gemstones

Even before you pay for a loose diamond like Australian diamonds, you’ll have a certificate that comes with the stone.  It’s going to tell you about the type of examination that it has undergone; if it’s specialized, impartial and also authentic.  Again, you’re paying good money to buy a gemstone that you can mount on your engagement ring.  This certificate for Australian diamonds serves as your guarantee that you spent your money on a very good product.  Everything you need to know about your diamond will be on the certificate.  The analysis of the gemstone, the cut grade for brilliant cut diamonds and also the characteristics that a skilled and highly competent jeweler notes about the gemstone will be there.

Australian Diamonds:  Conflict-Free Diamonds

Lastly but surely not the least, you want your diamonds to be conflict-free.  Basically, you want these precious stones to mark the celebration of an important event in your life or in a loved one’s life.  Whether it’s taking the bold step to a life together, celebrating your anniversary or birthday, diamonds are all about special and happy events.  It wouldn’t feel right if you know that these stones came from places of conflict or have been used to pay for arms that lead to the death of thousands of people.  You can also be sure that the diamond on your ring has never been owned by anyone else before.  It came straight from the mines, to the hands of the cutters, to your jeweler’s and to you.

There’s more to diamonds than the four Cs.  You also have to look for diamonds that show you the distinction between shape and cut.  You want diamonds with detailed certification.  You want diamonds that are conflict free.  You get all these from Australian diamonds.

Author Box: Kala R is a writer for Simply Diamonds. At Simply Diamonds, you will find conflict free, high-quality Australian diamonds, certified by independent grading laboratories.

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