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Auction Action – Luxury Auctions for the Week of February 25

Auction Action – Luxury Auctions for the Week of February 25

We’re rolling out a new feature here on the blog: Auction Action. Considering that our discerning customers love a good auction, we decided to keep everyone abreast of the best luxury auctions happening at the major auction houses each week. While scouring eBay and 1st Dibs for the next great find is always a fun pastime, nothing beats the thrill of the fine auction (nor the spoils!) Check them out below.




  • Signature Cellars (online only) Ends February 26
  • Andy Warhol (online only) 26 February – 5 March
  • Christie’s Interiors (London, South Kensington) 26 February
  • American Art (NY, Rockefeller Plaza) 27 February
  • The Ross Hamilton Collection Journeys to the Pimlico Road (London, South Kensington) 27 February




  • Finest and Rarest Wines (London) 27 February
  • Fine Travel and Plate Books: A Private Collection (London) 28 February




  • Watches and Wristwatches (London, Knightsbridge) 26 February
  • Chinese & Other Asian Works of Art (London, Knightsbridge) 27 February
  • Whisky (Edinburgh) 27 February
  • Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia (Oxford) 2 March


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