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Aquaman meets Batman – Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black & Blue Men’s Watch

Aquaman meets Batman – Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black & Blue Men’s Watch

Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black & Blue Batman Mens Watch

Jason Momoa’s latest role as Aquaman has been regarded as an overall major success. From Batman versus Superman when we were first introduced to this actor’s portrayal of Aquaman, to the origin story now. The super hero world of DC Comics has come to life in these live action box office hits. Further than the cinematic interpretations the underwater and cave dwelling heros have been showing up off screen as well. An excellent example are the Rolex watches that have gained super hero nicknames. Such as the Rolex GMT Master II 116710. The black and blue men’s watch has earned a Batman label. Meanwhile, the heroes of timekeeping are now also featured below the sea. The Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller, still one of the diving world’s most high performance time keeping tools, is for Jason Momoa’s aquatic hero. Both on and off the set, these are the watches for modern heros.

The Rolex watch quickly got its super hero nickname from the big screen. While it may not have been as big a hit as Aquaman the watch hit a cord with fans of the brand and the comic series Universe. A fine piece of equipment the Rolex watches are as always some of the finest in the world. They have the most unique patented movements and extremely durable materials including their own Oyster steel cases. When it comes to diving instruments for the deep sea Rolex is also at the cusp of innovation. From the very first watches to reach the depths few divers ever make it to the creation of truly life defining diving instruments Rolex delivers on all counts. Beyond the functionality and the records broken the iconic crowned brand also crafts beautiful masterpieces. Playing with the well known and instantly recognizable Rolex look they made the Batman.

Rolex Super Hero nicknamed Men’s Watches

aquaman Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black & Blue Batman Mens Watch

Batman Rolex Men’s Watch GMT Master II 116710 Black and Blue

The unique colors of the watch and its luxurious status earned it the nickname Batman. Perhaps not everyone’s favorite super hero. However, even Jason Momoa was worried about showing his son the trailer for Aquaman. Afraid he might not like Aquaman more than Batman! Seems like the choice is even harder when it comes to Rolex. The unique colors for certain Rolex watches along with their unique functionalities have earned them these super hero nicknames. First of course is the well known Batman. This is a black and blue rotating bezel Rolex GMT Master II 116710. It has a slick look and at the same time plays well to the character’s color scheme. Another, watch from Rolex that has earned an appropriately super nickname is a green Submariner. Crossing over from the DC Universe to the world of Marvel, this green on green watch got its nickname as the Hulk.

The Hulk watch is a Rolex 116610LV Submariner with a green  dial and ceramic green rotating bezel. Over the years these stainless steel Rolex sport watches have become extremely popular. Their value, specially the unique ones with different colors and well known nicknames have also seen their prices increase dramatically. For the guy who has a well fitted collection featuring most of the iconic classic pieces, or for the gentleman who prefers to keep time on unique or limited edition pieces these watches round them out well. Particularly for those who are a fan of the super hero enterprises and colors. Now although no Rolex has quite yet earned itself an Aquaman nickname we see this as inevitable in the future. First with the huge box office hit success. Additionally what better super hero for a Rolex diving watch than Aquaman, the master of the seas? Perhaps a Yachtmaster II?

The Rolex brand authenticity documents and guarantee

Now one of the most important things to look for when purchasing a Rolex. Whether it is a classic style or one of the unique hero nicknamed watches are the documents. We all know how important it is to ensure the authenticity of fine luxury watches we are buying. Particularly here at Raymond Lee Jewelers we take extra precautions confirming the provenance of each and every watch. Further, we also put the watch to several quality testing measures. Not only to ensure it is an authentic Rolex. Also, to make sure it is still functioning at peak performance. Now Rolex makes it easy for us to track each watch with unique serial numbers, and branded authenticity documents to guarantee your watch is the real deal. Make sure you always check the documentation. Whether you are looking at a super hero nicknamed Rolex watch or a traditional two tone time piece.


Finally the Batman men’s Rolex watch. When Batman met Aquaman it was nothing short of explosive. After all the two super heros in their shared world cross over had to have some muscle flexing. While Batman can be considered a more widely well known super hero. With a long line of actors portraying him. Whether that is a good thing or not we will leave it up to you to decide. However there has been an extensive Batman emphasis from Hollywood. Now things are changing up once again. Jason Momoa blew everyone out of the water with his incredible Aquaman performance. Between the effects and of course the costume no one was sure would translate so well onto the big screen it made a huge splash! I think its safe to say we are ready to nickname a diving Rolex after a certain Submarine hero.

In the meantime though while Aquaman’s title is put for one watch or another we do have not one but two super Rolexes in the super hero game.

aquaman Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black & Blue Batman Mens Watch

Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black and Blue Batman men’s watch

First, the well known Batman Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black and blue men’s watch. Now while Bruce Wayne is a billionaire part time super hero his hero named watch is not a billionaire’s club only. Like any and all Rolexes it is also not a bargain piece. However, for those discerning men who know a thing or two about the finer things in life, they will agree a Rolex is the men’s accessory. When it comes to fine time pieces they rule the game. This is how we ended up with a black and blue rotating bezel Rolex GMT Master II acquiring the nickname Batman. If you see the image above the watch features a half blue and half black bezel. Like the night sky easing into the darkness, it is appropriately named after the Dark Knight. In a monochromatic look, the watch face is also a dark black.

This black dial further emphasizes the bezel’s blue touch as well as helps with visibility. Also, the bezel has large Arabic numerals and glowing luminescent hour markers. With these feature you can easily keep track of the night no matter where you are. Speaking of which the GMT Master is an incredibly powerful watch for intercontinental travel. The watch packs a powerful punch, like any of Batman’s gadgets this one has a few tricks. Beyond its distinctive face and ease of use it also has high precision movements. This 3186 patented movement is a self-winding mechanical movement  equipped with a Parachrom hairspring, offering greater resistance to shocks and to temperature variations. In addition, to the conventional hour, minute and seconds hands, it features a 24-hour hand to display a second time zone. With the bidirectional rotating bezel you know the time at home no matter where or when you go.

aquaman Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Black & Blue Batman Mens Watch

Rolex Batman GMT Master II 116710 with box and papers

Overall the Batman is an impeccable Rolex watch. It has additional functionality and an incredible design. Although you might not be wearing it around bat caves or rescuing Gotham from the forces of evil, this watch could easily be the one to help one do that. It has the looks and the power. As well as the legacy carrying through unique and powerfully precise time pieces from one generation to the next. Always with the Rolex crown, a symbol of excellence and performance.


Another super Rolex watch is the Hulk. This Rolex Submariner has earned the nickname for its sporty strength and green hue. This watch seems to have developed a quite loyal following effectively turning it into one of the more sought after unique Rolexes. The 116610 is an upgrade from its predecessor. However, it also earned its own nickname for the colors, the Kermit. Now the Hulk may be bigger but the real change maker here was the aluminium insert that gave the Kermit a more vintagey vibe. The chunky Hulk however also stands up to its name. With a large 40 mm stainless steel case the watch is robust and extremely durable. The Submariner is also not just given that name for looks. It has an incredible waterproof depth of up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet deep. The green mean machine is yet another super hero nicknamed Rolex.

Additionally the ceramic green bezel for this watch is a one of a kind piece. As well as the original green ceramic bezel is the green dial. These are beautifully paired with the stainless steel Oyster steel bracelet. Finished off with the Oyster lock clasp the automatic movement watch is an iconic Rolex Submariner with a twist. Now there really is no way to compare the two super hero watches. While they are both sporty and colorful the watches are unique for a reason. Whether it is up to your preference when it comes to the comic book heroes, or to the aesthetics of the watches it is purely personal. Both are sportive fine luxury items and have coveted unique looks. They fit comfortably on your wrist considering their large 40 mm case sizes. However the Rolex Oyster steel bracelet design ensures a long wear comfort fit on your wrist.

rolex submariner

Rolex 116610LV the ‘Hulk’ Submariner green men’s watch

The Hulk is a bright and gorgeous watch in a unique green tone unlike most other Rolexes. Much like the Batman Rolex it has large Arabic numerals on the rotating green ceramic bezel for added visibility. As well as luminescent hour markers along the dial, so you can keep track of time no matter where you may be.

Where to buy unique and limited edition Rolex watches in South Florida? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

So you want to find your very own unique or limited edition Rolex watch? Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place to go. We have an extensive curated collection of men’s fine time pieces. Always on the move we source some of the finest and most singular watches available. Whether that means a super hero to join our shop or exclusive items that are only available in a 500 item set to the world. Our passion is fine watches and has been for the past three decades. Over the last thirty years our family has been serving the South Florida community with the utmost respect for privacy, superior service and of course the finest watches. We carry a huge variety of Rolexes as well as other fine time piece brands as well. Such as Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe among others. We aim to have them all.

Our family of diamond experts does their best to help you no matter what you are looking for. Whether that be finding a unique watch for your collection, maintaining your piece, making a bespoke addition or change or with repairs in the unfortunate case you may need one. There is nothing better than having an extended family you can trust. In South Florida that is what we have tirelessly built from the ground up. From one generation to the next we have passed on these family values and expertise. In order to continue serving our extensive South Florida community for at least the next three decades to come as well! We love meeting you in person and spending time together. It is why we host events monthly to benefit our community and spend some quality time together. Whether it be at the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show or seasonal gatherings.

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