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Philanthropy and Finery: Angelina Jolie Jewelry Line to Benefit Children

Philanthropy and Finery: Angelina Jolie Jewelry Line to Benefit Children

The consummate philanthropist, beautiful inside and out, Angelina Jolie has done it again. The edgy Oscar-winning actress, known for her charitable works and penchant for adopting children from war torn and depressed countries, has decided to design a collection of jewelry and donate all the profits to children in crisis zones.

While it’s her partner and fiancé, Brad Pitt, whom you my recognize as the creative one, with his interests in jewelry design (her engagement ring, as well as previous wife Jennifer Aniston’s ring), architecture and viticulture, Angelina clearly has taken a page from his design book for this latest enterprise. Collaborating with Robert Procop, the Beverly Hills based designer who created her stunning betrothal piece, she has developed a line of stunning high-end jewels — some weighing over one hundred carats.

A History of Good Work

Of course, Ms. Jolie isn’t the only celebrity who devotes herself to educating children in need. Both Oprah Winfrey and Madonna first joined the education cause in Africa, though not always successfully. Fortunately, Angie has a better track record so far, with a first school that opened in 2010 near Kabul, and a second opened in eastern Afghanistan this past November.

It bodes well for these hopeful girls, who traditionally receive no education, that Angelina is expanding her collection, and she’s including pieces inspired by some of her films and premieres. Though the likely hefty price point of the gems may send you packing, discerning and wealthy buyers are scooping them up, not only for their altruistic underpinnings but for their elegant style as well.

Goodwill ambassador, talented actress and style icon, Angelina Jolie somehow gains even more karma points with her latest endeavor, “The Style of Jolie” line of jewelry, available at Tivol, which promises to beautify the elite and empower the severely downtrodden, all in one fabulous swoop.


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