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Eye Candy: 2 Carat Engagement Rings And Up, Please

Eye Candy: 2 Carat Engagement Rings And Up, Please

Sometimes we just get a craving for larger than average diamonds. That’s not to say that some of our favorite rings of all time have been under 2 carats – quite the contrary, and many of our Facebook fans agree! However, when we get in a big batch of big diamonds, it’s hard not to swoon! And in Boca Raton, the land of extra large diamonds, some of our customers demand bigger than big bling and we are always happy to oblige. The “rock” look isn’t for everyone, but for some women, a diamond that makes it just a tad more difficult to raise the hand will always induce a smile! So today we’re showing off a few of our new arrivals, all of which top the two carat engagement ring mark and all of which are gorgeous. We’ve helpfully organized them from lightest to heaviest, but don’t deprive yourself by scrolling straight to the bottom!

2 Carat Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

We get the party started with this beautiful G color, VVS2 radiant cut solitaire. its four prong setting blends seamlessly into the diamond’s cut-cornered look for an unbroken appreciation of this beautiful diamond. Likewise, the bold white gold band looks almost molten and melts away from the bold lines of the diamond.

Up next, we’ve got a 3.47 pear shaped engagement ring with 4 tapered baguettes weighing .30ctw. While this diamond’s clarity isn’t the best at SI3, it still has a lovely F color grade. And for a diamond this size, with this color but a better clarity grade, you’d easily pay tens of thousands of dollars more than $29,000.

Round Brilliant with baguettes

Case in point? This show stopping 3.57 carat round. While it’s only 10 points heavier, with roughly the same weight in accent baguette diamonds (.38ctw to be precise) and it’s also set in platinum, this beauty is $43,995. And that’s with a slightly better grade of SI2, and a color grade that doesn’t match up to an F color! But enough about the previous ring, let’s focus on the gorgeous ring at hand – or should we say on the hand?

Marquise Shaped engagement Ring

Now, if these were all nice, but didn’t have your heart aflutter, allow us to introduce the reigning Marquise of the bridal case. You can call her Elsa because she’s so icy (ok we’ve hit our weekly quota for Frozen jokes, we’ll stop.) Clocking in at 7.20 carats, it’s one of our larger marquise shaped engagement rings, and certainly one of our favorites. We love to set marquise in split shanks to better balance out the shape and size of large ones like this. And an added halo of tiny round brilliant diamonds weighing .50ctw ensures that this ring sparkles from every angle. Of course, the most important of said angles is face up, and with an I color and SI2 clarity, it’s certainly a sight to see.


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