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Are you following us on Pinterest yet? If not, you’re missing out! Especially on the Tacori engagement rings that nearly broke the internet. These gorgeous designer settings blew up on our Pinterest page, which just proves that the ladies love Tacori. And we don’t blame them!

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Tacori engagement rings have a special aura about them. Maybe because California Dreamers design them. Maybe because skilled artisans hand craft them. Maybe because Tacori engagement rings just use the most Gorgeous (g color 😉 Very Sexy (vs clarity 😉 diamonds!

Probably some combination of all three draws our brides and grooms to these gorgeous designs. Whatever magic Tacori jewelers weave into their settings, we can’t get enough and we’re happy to fall under their spell!

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And did you know every Tacori engagement ring, wedding ring, and fine jewelry piece is made right here in the US?

“Founded in 1972 by Haig Tacorian, the company is born and bred Californian. The Tacorian family, who still operate and own the company, draw all of their inspiration from the California spirit, sun and surroundings. The effortless style, dreams-do-come-true attitude, and timeless glamor are California staples, and they’re all present in each of Tacori’s handcrafted settings.”

Read more about Tacori engagement rings here.

But enough chit-chat, let’s get to the goods – our most popular Tacori engagement ring pins!

Tacori Engagement Rings

This Pretty in Pink stunner in this pin hails from our post all about rose gold Tacori engagement rings. That might just be our favorite combination ever, and those rosy rich hues spread like wildfire to many a “Someday” board.

Tacori engagement rings

This shot of our RoyalT solitaire  shot right at sunset at the beautiful new store shows off how beautiful Tacori engagement rings are once they become a part of your bridal set. So many times an engagement ring looks fabulous solo, but not so great with its wedding band (which is just as important!) Tacori wedding rings fit snugly with no air between the two bands for a seamless look.

Tacori engagement rings

This pin shows the same ring from a different (amazing) angle that demonstrates just the opposite – how great Tacori engagement rings look all on their own! We featured this image in our post The Care and Keeping of Your Tacori Engagement Ring

Tacori engagement rings

No Tacori round-up is complete without a gorgeous Dantela halo, and this pin showed off one of our favorite picks for March. The setting features about .61ctw of round brilliant diamonds and can accommodate Emerald, Oval, Princess, and Round diamond shapes half a carat and larger.

Tacori engagement rings

This pin comes from our special post on diamond lingo – we think you should talk the talk before you shop the shop! We shot this ring with its matching wedding band, a perfect fit and a match made in heaven.

Tacori engagement rings

This Sculpted Crescent solitaire pin is a stunning classic that so many pinners adore along with us. We featured this beauty in our welcome post for Tacori engagement rings, right before the grand opening of Diamonds by Raymond Lee (seems like forever ago!)

Tacori engagement rings

This Tacori Petite Crescent solitaire features approximately .23 carats total of round brilliant diamond pavé. The center can accommodate a diamond half a carat and up in round or princess cut. This pin shows it with a slightly more delicate string of diamonds wedding band, and it was featured in our post Why man Made Diamonds Are a Bad Idea. Some people love the idea of lab-created diamonds, but we deal exclusively in naturally mined diamonds to preserve complete transparency with our customers. Man made diamonds are impossible to detect, and therefore track, so we always want to make sure our customers know what we’re selling, where it came from, and exactly how valuable it is. Tacori engagement rings, of course, use only naturally mined diamonds that have to pass their stringent quality control!

These are just a few of the goodies we’re sharing, re-pinning and generally obsessing over on our Pinterest, and we’d love to have you join. Come pin with us! And if you don’t see a Tacori engagement ring you adore on our page, pin your faves straight from the Diamonds by Raymond Lee site!

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