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Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a Tacori ring and you’re officially a #TacoriGirl. With great fabulousness comes great responsibility, and now that you’re the owner of a handmade, heirloom quality piece of jewelry, you need to know the basics for the care and keeping of your Tacori ring. And it’s well known that even the perfectly handcrafted settings require a little TLC to keep them looking as perfect as can be.

Tacori cushion halo engagement ring

Tacori Cushion shaped Dantela halo engagement ring

According to Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian, president of operations and design for Tacori, “I take off my rings the moment I walk into my house so I can seamlessly move through my nightly routine, whether that be cleaning, cooking or showering, without concern of taking my rings on and off,” she says.

Tacori solitaire

Tacori Sculpted Crescent solitaire

And while you’re likely so in love with your new engagement ring that you never want to take it off, there are a few times you definitely should. Even when you are wearing it, there are a few precautionary steps you should take to make sure your ring lasts a lifetime. The first is taking advantage of Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s lifetime of free ring checks. As a Tacori authorized retailer we’ll keep a close eye on your ring (or piece of Tacori fine jewelry!) and send it to their California design studios at the first sign of trouble. Even when you bring your ring to an official Tacori partner, it’s important that they send it directly to Tacori for any repairs to keep your lifetime warranty intact.

Tacori yellow gold engagement ring

Tacori Gold Engagement Ring

To take care of your ring between “check ups”, Tacori recommends that you follow the same basic care tips recommended by Diamonds by Raymond Lee:

  • When you aren’t wearing your ring, store it separately (preferably in its box) so it won’t be scratched or damaged by other jewelry.
  • Protect your jewelry from strong, sudden pressure that could break a ring.
  • Remove your rings when working with harsh chemicals – this includes cosmetics! Everything from your hairspray to your lotion to your favorite perfume can cause buildup and grime, giving your jewelry a dull look.
  • Remove your rings when working with your hands, gardening, playing sports, showering, or doing dishes.
  • Clean your rings regularly with Diamonds by Raymond Lee cleaning and polishing kit.
  • Bring your rings to Diamonds by Raymond Lee for regular “check ups” and professional ultrasonic and steam cleaning. We (along with Tacori) do not recommend at-home ultrasonic cleaners, which can loosen stones over time.
  • If your Tacori piece features gemstones, it should never be exposed to steam or the ultrasonic, which can damage certain stones softer than diamonds.

Tacori RoyalT

Tacori RoyalT Engagement Ring

Whether you’re rocking a RoyalT or a Dantela, these tips will keep your Tacori ring looking brand new and beautiful for a lifetime. Haven’t chosen your perfect ring yet? shop our entire collection of Tacori jewelry here.

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