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How to Get The Engagement Ring You Want

Wedding season is in full swing, and with it, #hintingseason. That’s right, there’s a finite number of bouquets you can catch before you start browsing through the engagement ring section on our site. And while pinning plenty of diamond rings you love is a surefire way to get started, is it the best way to get the engagement ring you want? After all, your beloved might not know that you’re pinning that cushion cut halo for its rose gold setting. Or that round brilliant solitaire for the shape of the stone. So, short of sitting him down and painstakingly detailing exactly what you want in an engagement ring, armed with diagrams and encouragement that he write this all down, it can be tricky to make sure you get a ring you LOVE. Sure, you’ll adore whatever he proposes with, even if it’s a Cracker Jack prize, but it would be nice to stare at your left hand every day and swoon. You know, feel almost the same way you do when you look at him. So we’ve pulled together our top 3 tips for making sure he knows what to shop for – whether it’s a vague idea of what you’d like, or you’ve got him coming in with the exact model number of the Verragio setting you want.

#1 Do Your Own Research

Click here for this Verragio setting.

If you’re not into surprises, or this is a…long-awaited proposal, then you likely have some idea of what your ideal engagement ring would look like. The best way to bring that vision into focus is to do your own research – do you want an eternity band on the ring? What styles can and cannot be re-sized? Would you prefer a smaller diamond with excellent color and clarity? Or a no-holds-barred, go as big as your budget will allow, rock? What metals do you prefer? And yes, ladies, now would be a good time to figure out your ring size.

#2 Save Your Favorites…Then Narrow it Down

Verragio Insignia Halo

If you’ve been pinning for a while, you’ll likely have a nice assortment of your favorite styles of diamond rings. Or sapphire rings. Or gem-less rings with amazing engravings or clean lines or whatever your heart desires. Now it’s time to narrow some of these down. When you look at your “dream engagement ring” Pin board, you should see a certain theme emerging, whether it’s diamond shape or style. Try to eliminate the beautiful, but random, pink diamonds you pinned on a whim, or the errant emerald cut in your sea of Princess cut dreams. This helps your guy get a clearer image of what you’d like – and trust us, he knows what Pinterest is and is using it to his advantage.

#3 Cool It

Verragio twisted band solitaire.

Now comes the hardest part – patience. When you’re waiting for an impending proposal (fingers crossed) time might seem to stand still. But now is the time to step off. You’ve already hinted. You’ve already left the computer browser open to your favorite engagement ring designer. You two have already talked about the future, and Some Day, and you know he’s The One. So now is not the time to badger him about proposing. Think of it this way: you’ll be spending the better part of your engagement planning the wedding. Of course he’ll help you, but really, if you’ve got your engagement ring thought out this far in advance…we’re betting you have some ideas for the big day. The proposal – and ring buying process – is his chance mastermind the perfect plan. He’s going to painstakingly research how to buy a diamond, take a deep breath and make probably his largest purchase to date, all the while praying he chose the perfect ring for the perfect girl. And that’s before he even starts trying to plan the proposal!

So for you, that means no pinning, no mentioning that “you might like Asscher cuts after all” (unless you’re trying to give him a heart attack), and no digging through his sock drawer! Give him a little breathing room, and the chance to surprise you. If he’s shopping with us we can guarantee you it will be a pleasant surprise.

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