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If you have not heard any such thing as custom Henri Daussi rings, you are probably alone in that situation. These custom engagement rings rank top among the rapidly thriving designer bridal brands.  Do the check yourself. You will discover that everywhere you look now the rage is high. Everyone wants a feel of these custom Henri Daussi rings. Simply put, the love story of Henri Daussi rings is similar to how the sweetest modern love stories are.  Furthermore, the fame of this ring designing brand attracts several jewelry vendors to their products. This explains why we proudly carry this brand name as a proud retail partner of Henri Daussi. If you check out our collections, you will discover how much of our favorite these custom Henri Daussi rings are.  More so, their lovely custom engagement rings are different from that of other designers. Another part of their offerings that set them apart are their iconic styles. They are everything but common. These are the kind of rings to make your significant other feel truly special. Plus, it gets more exciting when you go for the custom Henri Daussi rings.  

Origin Of Custom Henri Daussi Rings

Basically, we can liken the journey of custom Henri Daussi rings to a trip born from genuine passion for diamonds. The whole journey begins in Antwerp, a city in Belgium. The birth of this revolutionary brand is a product of the dexterity of a man by the name, Jozef Loots.  In 1932, Jozef became a father, welcoming his first child Henri Daussi into the world. In the genealogy of the Loots family, the art of diamond cutting was a family craft. Therefore, as Henri grew up, Jozef introduced him to the rudiments and skills of the craft. Josef simply passed on these teachings as his own father did too. Subsequently, the Loots men continued to explore the path to the most complete gemstone. Over time, Henri’s mastery of the craft matured. He became an extremely dignified, celebrated and renowned designer. His works went beyond the shores of Belgium with the nicest jewelry brands. These brands trusted him with their biggest and most precious diamonds. You can rightly say that the entirety of Henri’s existence was towards the realization of the grandness of diamonds.  Besides, Henri chose to share his wonders with the world. This choice gave birth to the fine jewelry brand we all call Henri Daussi today. Welcome to the world of the amazing Henri Daussi!

Into The World Of Custom Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

At the beginning of Henri Daussi’s life’s endeavor, cutting diamonds was not a fun practice. It was a challenge for lapidaries all over the world.  This is as you can only cut diamonds using other diamonds. Diamonds are extremely powerful and this extreme strength requires such a technique.  Yet, fearless people cherish the toughest challenges. This explains Henri Daussi’s resolution to refine the diamond-cutting technology. He created a shift from what used to be in the previous century. You wonder how he managed to do that with a designer brand. He simply designed a fresh diamond polishing wheel named “scaif.”  History has it that Henri cut the very first flawlessly shaped heart diamond. This feat earned him the reputation and prestige he has. This prestige will go on to launch his career to greater heights. With time, custom Henri Daussi engagement rings became an example of this specially made, cutting-edge style. Overall, Henri Daussi as a brand produces rings that remain fans’ favorites for always having an edge over others.  To maintain this tradition of the Loots family, Henri’s grandsons, Jeff and Kristiaan, are the present heads of the business. They continue to deliver quality and elegance consistently. For the most beautiful, handmade custom engagement rings, Henri Daussi is your top option! Below are the varieties of the brand’s top custom engagement rings.

Platinum Henri Daussi Wedding Bands

The strength and personality the platinum carries earns it the wide acceptance it gets. It gets better when paired with other chic diamonds in wedding bands.  Moreover, there are two options. You can either have the platinum standing back. That arrangement gives room for the diamonds to glow fully. Another option is to allow the platinum to lean forward. When this happens, the two parts complement each other flawlessly. So, if you desire a look that is recent yet lasting, try your custom Henri Daussi rings in platinum.

Gold Henri Daussi Wedding Rings

Regardless of which shade of gold you can’t put your custom engagement rings in, Henri Daussi designs the best out there.  Do well to get the custom engagement rings that work best with your wedding rings and vice versa. With the exact complement in your chic rings paid, it becomes easy to sparkle on your special day. Trust these custom Henri Daussi rings to give you the best of gold varieties. 

Custom Engagement Rings

In the area of custom engagement rings, Henri Daussi presents the most gorgeous choices out there. These custom Henri Daussi rings embody the thorough craft of the Henri Daussi brand.  The brand lineup features various amazing custom engagement rings. You have a barrage of statement-making and grand engagement rings. In all, these custom engagement rings are stunning, and lovely. They display the dexterity of this devoted designer.

Delivering Unique Pieces With These Custom Engagement Rings

Clearly, Henri Daussi doesn’t stop at making the best of custom engagement rings. The brand goes further to employ the mastery on board to occasionally step outside the box.  There are countless examples of this display of uniqueness and outstanding class by Henri Daussi. Therefore, do you want an exceptionally gorgeous and striking look? Then, check out the array of custom engagement rings this brand offers. With rings displaying three rows of diamonds that equals a whole carat, this is exquisite. Custom Henri Daussi rings are for those who prefer to splash out out the cash in exchange for superior glow. Meanwhile, we cannot suggest custom Henri Daussi rings best for you. However, what we can say is that this brand gives you luxury, quality, and style. Plus, with a fascinating history that is simply remarkable, this brand ticks every box.  You can get your custom engagement rings directly from Henri Daussi or in jewelry stores like Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Custom Henri Daussi Rings: Mastery In Varieties

When you consider the amount of varieties Henri Daussi presents for every single buyer, it is amazing. However, what is more amazing is which of these favorites ranks top amongst the rest. Keep reading to find out! The history of Henri Daussi dating back to over six decades ago in Antwerp, Belgium proves this brand’s experience.  For instance, the exploits of Henri Daussi Loots, the grandfather of the family, shows the extent of commitment. This genius diamond craftsman was the first to design a unique cutting wheel. Thanks to this, diamond cuts became easier.  Meanwhile, during this period, facets only feature on a diamond. They actually never fitted into a diamond piece. But with this innovative cutting technology, Loots cut the foremost exact heart shape diamond stone. Consequently, this heart shape carved a niche for Henri Daussi in the world of diamond and jewelry design. From that point onward, things soared.  First, heart shapes became a big deal. Then, Henri Daussi grew as a brand of jewelry designer. The company grew from 2 employees to a DTC Sightholder employing 200 diamond cutters. Till now, their Antwerp office serves as the field for cutting some of the world’s biggest, most precious heart-shaped gemstones. Amongst all varieties paraded by the Henri Daussi brand, one cut ranks highest. This prominence is thanks to the look, elegance and grand nature of the cut. This is the Henri Daussi Cushion Cut. 
  • Custom Henri Daussi Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

From the collection of varieties Henri Daussi delivers, the cushion cut diamond rings cut across boundaries. This is the ring for everyone. Check out both the popular cuts to the custom Henri Daussi Cushion rings, there is one for you. There is a ring for any size or shape. Plus, everyone loves a huge diamond look. This is an area the Henri Daussi Cushion truly excels. With their Cushion Cut rings, you have a broader, distinct variation of the regular cushion cut variety. In addition, the cushion cut appears 10% to 30% bigger with the same amount of glow and radiance.  Henry Daussi ensured these cushions are from the best of materials. The rough diamonds that birth these cushion rings came from a careful hand selection. This explains why they all have distinctive looks. 

Other Varieties And Unique Materials 

Overall, Henri Daussi uses gemstones that come mounted in different ways. Their gorgeous handmade rings come set in diverse gemstones. 
  • 14kt Gold 
  • 18kt Gold 
  • Platinum 
Every one of these mountings feature F color and SI clarity stones. The only exception will be those with style numbers ending with “O”. These one’s use I color and SI clarity gemstones. Therefore, you have both regular cut cushions, and custom Henri Daussi rings. All of these rings come in various sizes. Some are square or elongated while others are in various other styles.  With Henri Daussi, you get rough diamonds transformed into wonderful pieces of jewelry. For Henri Daussi, the pride is in being distinguished as one of Europe’s leading diamond cutters. These designers of fine jewelry are amongst the top brands leading the pack. Words from Jeff and Kristiaan Loots affirm the motivation and why the Henri Daussi brand is what it is today. “Cutting the world’s most brilliant diamonds and creating only the finest jewelry has forever been a Loots family tradition.  We are humbled and honored to provide the same excellence in craftsmanship and design set forth by our founder Henri Daussi Loots.  We ensure every Henri Daussi Hallmark piece will be a part of your family for generations to come.”

Why Are Custom Henri Daussi Rings Special?

  • Craftsmanship

When you consider the things that make these custom Henri Daussi rings special, the first thing will be craftsmanship. Custom Henri Daussi rings echo luxury all over its structure and design.  All of these rings are both fierce and gorgeous. They parade tremendous attention to detail and the use of the best materials available. 
  • Design

Another part will be the design of these custom engagement rings too. These custom engagement rings from Henri Daussi stand out. The Henri Daussi brand exhibits their knack for uniqueness. This brand takes the most traditional engagement ring designs. Then, they add that special Henri Daussi touch to it. 
  • Exquisite Materials

The question is how this brand manages to create these twists. Henri Daussi started up as a diamond cutting brand. Actually, the brand’s reputation majorly hinges on the exploits of the celebrated diamond cutter, Henri Daussi Loots.  More so, the brand prides itself as a user of the most exquisite materials out there in jewelry making.  The Henri Daussi brand makes the most of their trade secret formula. They exploit the bling in any gemstone they come across. Moreover, the brand parades large tables, bigger facets and bravely animated proportions.  Particularly, this custom Henri Daussi cushion cut stands differently amongst other Henri Daussi rings. They have an appearance that leans more towards rose cut diamonds instead of modern cushion cuts. Yet, these custom engagement rings still manage to maintain a distinct look of their own.
  • A Product Of A Rich History

The history of the Henri Daussi brand goes way back to the years of Loots. The tradition born back then continues to pass from one generation to another.  Furthermore, we can safely say that this heritage is one major part of the values of the Henri Daussi brand.


Custom Henri Daussi rings present a design surrounding the center diamond that is always distinct. You can never find two of these rings looking alike. Therefore, when you need custom engagement rings, Henri Daussi is simply the designer to go to.  The Henri Daussi brand presents an option for you when you want to stand out. It is the perfect addition to a lovely day. 

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