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Watch & Jewelry Repair While You Wait service in Boca Raton

If you are in Boca Raton and you are looking for quick watch repair or jewelry repair, Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee are the places to go. We offer ‘jewelry repair while you wait’ and ‘watch repair while you wait’ service to make sure that you can get your jewelry and watches fixed without the standard 7-10 day wait.

Jewelry Repair While You Wait in Boca Raton

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you want fixed…and fixed fast?

Well, we have you covered.

At both of our gorgeous locations, Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, we handle all jewelry repairs in house and on-site, and we make repairs quick!

Types of jewelry we fix:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Pins
  • Brooches
  • Ankle Bracelets

Again, all of our jewelry repair work is done on-site, as both of our locations contain a jewelry repair center. This ensures that your jewelry will never have to leave our store, so it is kept secure and safe at all times. Moreover, we can fix it while you wait.

We offer a wide range of jewelry repair services, so we can meet the needs of any jewelry owner.

Note: Only certain jewelry repairs fall under our “while you wait jewelry repair” service. Here is a list of repairs we can do while you wait…

Types of jewelry repairs we can do while you wait

For simple jewelry repairs, they can be completed anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so.

Here is a list of ‘jewelry repair while you wait’ that we can do:

  • Prong repair
  • Replacing missing stones
  • Rebuilding channel settings
  • Ring stretching
  • Re-shank
  • Jewelry refinishing
  • Ring sizing
  • Full shank
  • Half shank
  • Under bridge repairs
  • Band soldering
  • Chain soldering
  • Stone tightening
  • Installing adjustable ring shanks
  • Bezel burnishing (tightening)
  • Clasp replacements

You might be thinking, “wow, that’s a lot of different jewelry repair services, and all can be done quickly?!”

Well, yes and yes. We do offer more than the average jewelry shop, and we do it faster too. However, that doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. Everything that we do is 100% high-end work.

How do we offer such fast jewelry repair service?

We have over 30 years of experience in this business. So, we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all. We can repair essentially any jewelry problem. From a modern piece to a period or antique piece, we will fix whatever the issue is. And, if it’s one of the issues listed above, then we will get it done while you wait, and we won’t have you waiting long.

Most jewelry stores, who can actually handle jewelry repairs in house, don’t always have someone working and ready to repair jewelry at all times. Not only does this create a wait, but it also makes a long list of jewelry items that need to be repaired when that jewelry repairer actually does come into work.

On the other hand, many jewelry stores don’t even repair jewelry, they send it out to a third party. This doesn’t just make for a long wait, it also makes for a riskier process.

Thus, we are very confident and proud to say we handle everything in-house, as it ensures quick jewelry repairs and safe handling of our customer’s jewelry.

Process & State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment

Both of our stores employ full-time jewelers who have several decades of combined experience in jewelry repair and design under their belt.

When you combine skill and precision with advanced devices and machinery, you are able to perform practically every type of jewelry repair. And that’s exactly what we do.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • Bench-mounted zoom microscopes.
  • Laser welding technology, such as Laserstar iWeld 990.
  • 3D computers.
  • and more…

We invest in the best technology available as we want to make sure our repairs meet the highest standards.

By using our Laserstar iWeld 990, we can do repair jobs that are physically impossible to do without one.

Why high-tech laser technology is essential

Thanks to the latest in laser technology, we are able to eliminate the need to heat huge areas to facilitate repairs. The laser beam is controlled via a computer to pinpoint heat at a target area of metal that needs to be joined with absolute precision. This allows for minimal melting and an extremely clean looking repair. It will be virtually impossible to notice it was fixed, allowing your jewelry to appear as if it never broke.

What’s more? The iWeld 990 has such high precision, that we can do welds on areas that are as close as .5mm away from gemstones without risking any damage to the precious stone. Therefore, we can work on heat-sensitive gemstones and intricate pieces without risking any damage.

Warning: If you don’t end up coming to us for jewelry repair, just make sure you do not use a jewelry repair center that doesn’t have a laser welder. You should only trust repairs by companies who understand the importance of investing in the best technology for the services they are offering their customers.

Our guarantee

We guarantee the highest quality standard for all of our jewelry repair services. Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee are known for being the highest standard when it comes to jewelry workmanship, which is why we are constantly receiving referrals from happy customers.


Don’t worry about getting an unexpected price after your repair job is finished. For all repair jobs that we accept, we first provide a quote and estimated time of completion.

Furthermore, we offer the best jewelry repair pricing in the area as everything is done in-house by our team. Thus, there are no middleman prices added to the job.

We are extremely fair with our jewelry dealings, so don’t hesitate to come in or call us to get a quote for your broken jewelry…or for any other jewelry need as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our jewelry repair service page.

Watch Repair While You Wait in Boca Raton

Did your watch stop working? Is it damaged and sitting at home in a drawer or your jewelry box waiting to get fixed?

If you are looking for a reliable and fast watch repair service center, look no further than Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. 

Watch repair while you wait

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that what you thought is a complicated watch repair is in fact quite simple and it can be done while you wait.

In any case, it’s worth finding out and any luxury watch is worth getting fixed.

Give us a call, email us or simply pop into our showroom to find out what needs to be fixed and how long it will take.

Types of Watch Repairs we do

We have watch repair experts on-site at both our locations, one in East Boca Raton and one in West Boca Raton, at all times. We offer a plethora of services ranging from basic to highly complex repairs.

Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee specialize in complicated watch repairs that most jewelers wouldn’t dare to attempt. Our confidence in repairing watches is strong enough to guarantee 100% satisfaction on any job that we except.

Complex Watch Repair Services That We Offer:

  • Minute Repeater
  • Tourbillon Servicing and Repairs
  • Chronograph Servicing and Repairs

Watch Repair Services:

  • A complete inspection of worn movement parts and replacement (note: we only use only genuine parts)
  • Refinishing of cases and bands (gold and stainless steel)
  • Pins and string bars repair or replacement
  • Crystal repair or replacement
  • Gasket repair or replacement
  • Cleaning of movement using the best cleaning solution and lubrication oils
  • Watch dial and hands repair or replacement
  • Polishing
  • Water resistance testing
  • Refinishing of watch dials

Rolex Polishing Service – Before and After Rolex Refinishing 

Most of these services we can finish quickly, within an hour, so you can wait in our showroom while we work on your watch.

Here are some, but not all, of the luxury watch brands that we service: Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Omega, Cartier, IWC, Movado, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Breitling, and many other fine watches.

Note: If you need replacement parts, we can’t promise it can be done the same day as we only use genuine watch parts, which if we don’t have on site, we will have to order directly from manufacturers.

High-Quality Work

We entirely understand that luxury watches have significant financial and sentimental value, so not only do we take superb care of your watch, we will only work on it if we are sure that we can fix it without any complications.

Should you end up having to leave your watch with us for extensive repair, both of our locations have secure facilities where your items will be in our safe and under 24/7 security surveillance. Furthermore, during business hours, both of our locations have armed guards.

No matter if it is an easy fix or a complicated fix, our watchmakers will get your timepiece working again in no time. This is all made possible thanks to expert watch repairers and expert equipment.

Experts & Top-notch Equipment

We only invest in world-class equipment and we put these machines in the hands of trained and experience watchmaking masters. This allows us to guarantee the highest level of watch repair in Boca Raton and even the entire South Florida area.

Whether your watch is basic quartz or a self-winding Swiss masterpiece, we have the equipment and expertise to fulfill any watch repair needs.

We can proudly state that we have the leading Swiss watch repair center in the entire country.

Here is a range of the equipment that you will find at Raymond Lee Jewelers or Diamonds by Raymond Lee:

  • Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900 cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements
  • Witschi Chronoscope M1 timing machine
  • Witschi Proofmaster M machine for water resistance testing and the Bergeon No 6928-vr winding and testing machine.


Before we do our ‘watch repair while you wait’ service, we will give you a free cost estimate on the repair and we will tell you how long it is going to take.

We will only begin a repair if you approve our quote and repair details.

As soon as approval is given, we will fix your watch as quickly as we can without sacrificing the quality of our service.

So, whether your watch has a problem because of moisture, rust, movement or loose internal parts, stop in and get your watch fixed…while you wait!

Online Watch Repair Service:

We also offer watch repair service online so you don’t have to leave home or work to get your watch fixed.

Learn more about our full watch repair services.

What you can do while you wait for your jewelry or watch to be repaired

Wondering what you will do while you are waiting for your watch or jewelry to be repaired?

Here are some ideas:

  • Look around our store, we have tons of gorgeous and interesting jewelry pieces and timepieces to look at that will keep you busy.
  • Try on some jewelry. Just ask one of our representatives if you see something you’d like to try on.
  • Chat with one of our representatives and ask questions regarding the jewelry or watch industry that you’ve been wondering about.
  • Sit down, relax, and read magazines. We have a comfortable waiting area.

Why we offer ‘Jewelry and Watch Repair While You Wait’ Service when nobody else does?

Nobody likes to wait weeks on end for their precious jewelry or watch to be repaired, especially when you know it’s only a 10 minute or one hour job.

It’s normal, we all want instant gratification in this fast pace world. When it comes to our precious items breaking, it’s no different. We want them back to normal that same day.

Many people get a bit of anxiety when their jewelry or watch breaks, and the only way to solve that is to breathe and get it fixed. ASAP.

Raymond Lee Jewelers ‘While You Wait Fast Jewelry and Watch Repair’ ER

A high-end piece of jewelry and luxury watch is like an extension of us, and if we broke, we wouldn’t want to sit around broken for weeks before someone starts to fix us. It’d be like going to the ER and waiting in the patient’s room for 2 weeks before we can get some relief.

Fixing jewelry and watches should really be the same. For most “injuries”, we should be able to get in and out of a jewelry store with our broken jewelry or watch back fully intact. As if we went to the ER for stitches.

Now, sometimes, for serious complications, like a heart transplant, people need to wait. They need to find a heart that matches, and they need to prep.

If your jewelry or watch needs “open heart surgery”, you may have to be patient. As jewelers who take pride in quality, we need the right materials or genuine parts to complete the job. We may even need time to address what’s the best way to fix it.

Thankfully, for most jewelry and watch repairs, the fix is simple and the wait doesn’t have to be long.

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we make watch and jewelry repair speedy. Not only that, though, we do a top-notch job as well.

So feel free to drop into our store anytime to get your watch or jewelry fixed right there on the spot.

Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, Florida:

Raymond Lee Jewelers: 22191 Powerline Road #12b  – Boca Raton, FL 33433

Diamonds by Raymond Lee: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Our hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday – 11 am to 7 pm Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm Sunday – 12 pm to 5 pm

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: Once you go to Raymond Lee Jewelers and you get your watch or jewelry repaired in what seems like no time, you will never be satisfied with slow jewelry and watch repair services. It’ll be like going back to using a flip phone in the modern day or walking to work after years of driving (and the commute is LONG). So if you choose us, be ready to take your jewelry repair expectations to the next level.