18k White Gold Rolex Ladies Presidential MOP Diamond Watch


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18k White Gold Rolex Ladies Presidential MOP Diamond Watch

Company Rolex
Model Datejust Presidential
Case Material 18K White Gold
Case Diameter 27 mm
Bezel Aftermarket Diamond Bezel
Bracelet 18K White Gold Presidential Band
Dial Mother of Pearl with Aftermarket Diamond Markers
Movement Automatic
Size Will Fit a 5.5” Wrist
Weight 66.0g(42.5dwt)
Gender Ladies
Box and Papers This item comes complete with Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box and Warranty Card
The Rolex Datejust Presidential is a beautiful watch. The model comes for both men and women alike as indicated by the size difference. The history of the Datejust dates back as far as the mid 1940s when the brand introduced the first wristwatch to display a date on the dial. The Datejust’s classic design continues to appeal to businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs, and many others.  Years after the watch’s origin, Rolex introduced the magnifying Cyclops eye on the date, which continues to be a standard. The lens magnifies the dial by as much as 2.5, making it much easier to read the date and time.   Rolex created the well-known oyster case as early as 1926, but the company decided to use it for its Datejust model. The design is not only slick, but very protective of the watch’s mechanisms from damage. In fact, it was the world’s first waterproof case. The oyster case provides a hermetic environment that protects the intricate mechanisms from dust, water, or pressure. By today’s standard, the Rolex Datejust has a water resistance of up to 100 meters (330 feet) – a very impressive feat. The case is further made more impressive by the twinlock winding crown. This system creates an ideal internal environment that is water resistance and sealed tightly. There are two sealed zones – one inside the tube of the crown and the other inside the winding crown.   The Datejust model features either the jubilee bracelet, the oyster bracelet, or the presidential bracelet. The jubilee band is a comfortable 5-piece link metal bracelet. For this particular product, the bracelet material is 18kt white gold, making the watch an absolute crowd pleaser. The oyster bracelet also provides comfort, but its design is subtly different with its broad, flat 3-piece links. Finally, the presidential band is very unique and contains much history.   A little history about the Presidential   Back during President Eisenhower’s presidency, Rolex gave the President a wristwatch, although it cannot be confirmed whether it was the Datejust or Day-Date. The wristwatch had a presidential style bracelet, as seen in the pictures of the featured Datejust. Other well-known presidents like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford have been known to wear Day-Date wristwatches. It is possible for both the watch and bracelet to be presidential. For this particular featured item, only the band is presidential.   Early models of the Rolex presidential appeared bulky. Over the years, the brand modernized the watch by making it look slender and thinner. In 1972, Rolex added the hack feature, which allowed the second hand to be stopped dead while the time was being set. This allowed the time to be set via a preset accurate source. The shape of the head did not change much, if at all. In the 70’s the watch was available in white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, and platinum, but the pink (rose) gold was eventually phased out due to its unpopularity.   Also in the 1970’s, the Quick set feature was added to Rolex presidentials. This was a huge improvement because instead of turning the crown around over and over again to change the date, the individual could just pull the crown out half way and turn it a couple of times to set the date. In addition to the quick set feature, plastic crystals began to be replaced by sapphire material, which is a tighter, better fit. It is also resistant to scratches. Water resistance during the time was only up to 165 feet, but in today’s day and age water resistance is as high as 100 meters. Nevertheless, the Presidential model was far superior and ahead of its time as compared to other wristwatch models. In the late 1980s, Rolex added the double quick set feature, which made setting the day and date much easier than before. After the year 2000, the day date model has become available in rose (pink) gold. There have been slight modifications to the appearance of the case such as polished lugs, a domed smooth bezel, and a domed sapphire crystal.   Why buy a Rolex watch?   The fact of the matter is, a Rolex wrist watch is expensive. Purchasing one is never easy. However, Rolex watches are known for their quality. If you decide to purchase one, you will be able to wear it for years on end. Rolex wristwatches are durable and their quality is unmatched by many other brands. In addition their durability, Rolex wristwatches have become synonymous with class and style. They are prestigious and a sure crowd pleaser. Beyond the brand’s prestigious status, the wonderful thing about Rolex watches is that they can be passed on to a daughter or son. Many sons would love to receive a Rolex watch previously owned by their for their 18th birthday. Turning 18 is a significant event in a young man’s life because it signals the transition into adulthood, a world full of responsibilities, but with many pleasures and rewards. By giving them a previously owned Rolex wristwatch, you suggest to your son that he is ready for this transition and that you trust him to go forth and develop his life. Similarly, a young woman would love to receive a smaller Datejust model for her 18th birthday for similar reasons. Rolex watches frequently withstand the test of time, as indicated by models that still exist from 1950s, almost in excellent condition.  

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