14K White Gold Barrel Chain Link Mens Necklace -Boca Raton

14K White Gold Barrel Chain Link Mens Necklace

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14K White Gold Barrel Chain Link Mens Necklace

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14K White Gold Barrel Chain Link Mens Necklace

Description 14K White Gold Barrel Chain Link Mens Necklace
Metal 14K White Gold
Chain Links Barrel Chain Links are approximately 1/4″ Wide
Total Item Weight 47.9dwt (74.1g)
Necklace Length 26″
Comes With Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box


When people think of men’s jewelry, they think of big watches from luxury brands like Rolex, Breitling, or Patek Philippe. However, men’s jewelry can be in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even earrings. One example of men’s jewelry includes this 14k white gold barrel chain link mens necklace. The necklace is composed of 14k white gold. The barrel chain links are ¼’’ wide and the necklace measures 26 inches in length. Many times, rappers or celebrities are seen wearing flashy “bling” on their necks like white gold necklaces decorated with carats of diamonds in the shape of a dollar sign. Not every type of men’s jewelry has to be so flashy. Other celebrities like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt wear jewelry in a more conservative form. At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have a showcase devoted strictly to men’s jewelry. We carry an assortment of large yellow gold rings, some have diamonds, and others do not. Most of the designs are simple, but if you are a fan of wearing jewelry as a man, then please stop by and take a look for yourself. Separately, if you have a collection of jewelry that you don’t wear anymore, you can bring them into our store to sell. We offer premium prices on heavy yellow gold jewelry. We constantly buy gold from the public. Individuals are very satisfied with the prices we offer. Similarly, you can also bring in your mens jewelry to trade up to a larger diamond ring or for another type of jewelry like a watch. We are very flexible in our business dealings with our customers. We provide astonishing customer service. Come in and find out for yourself.

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