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Raymond Lee Jewelers of Boca Raton, FL offers a wide variety of luxury timepieces from brands such as Oris. Founded in 1983, the business continues to offer only the best service and values for its watches. Oris is a watch manufacturer founded in 1904 in Switzerland. The brand is well known for producing only mechanical watches. In 1968 the company obtained a full chronometer certification from the Neuchatel Observatory for its caliber 652. In 2003, the company signed an agreement to be the sole supplier of watches to the BMW Williams Formula One Team. Thus, the limited edition Williams F1 Team Chronograph watch was the most popular watch in that year.

Oris watches are divided into 4 subsections: Motor Sport, Aviation, Culture and Diving. One of Oris’ more popular models is the jazz model which includes watches such as the Dizzy Gillespie, Leonhard Euler, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Dylan. Oris watches have been seen in popular culture in movies such as Never Say Never Again as worn by Sean Connery, and Constantine worn by Keanu Reeves.

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