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Chanel S.A. or simply Chanel is a Paris-based fashion house founded by the late French fashion designer Coco Chanel. The Chanel brand specializes in luxury high fashion goods from haute couture and ready-to-wear apparel to handbags, perfumes and jewelry. Chanel is one of the most well-known names in the fashion and jewelry industry anywhere in the world. At present, the House of Chanel is under the joint ownership of Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, the great-grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer who was Chanel’s partner in the 1920s.

Chanel, the Jewelry Designer
Coco Chanel’s influential sense of design was not restricted to clothes. When she started her line of jewelry in the 1920s, it showcased her unique style which was embraced by the fashionable crowd. Soon, her bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces would become a significant mark of her design house. Chanel’s 1920’s “illusion jewelry” or beaded costume jewelry, in particular, was responsible for distinguishing her from other designers at that time.
Chanel’s jewelry and accessories were designed to accentuate her own clothing line, which made use of simple fabrics and forms. Sometimes, she would wear just a simple pearl strand necklace but there are times when she would don gaudy costume pieces that contrast well with her streamlined suits. She drew inspiration for many of her jewelry designs in the 1920s from the popular African and Cubist art that proliferated in Paris then. Her pieces around this time comprised of strands of faux pearls mixed with pate de verre glass stones or sometimes with crucifixes.
Chanel revolutionized the jewelry industry because of her highly decorative costume jewelry and she is in fact recognized as the creator of modern costume jewelry. She never hid the fact that she was making fake jewelry and even emphasized her faux materials by making her jewelry pieces big and colorful and wearing them abundantly in rows and rows, which is something not done at the time. She would also wear jewelry anywhere and at anytime she pleased when the practice then was to wear jewelry only as evening wear and/or on a special occasion.
Fake as they were, her costume jewelry became very much sought-after by the wealthy because Chanel gave it a touch of exclusivity which appealed to the elite. From the start, she made sure they were made perfectly crafted and employed the skills of the best jewelry artisans. Her price point was high and her pieces were often made in limited number, thus, making them incredibly collectible.
Timeless Beauty and Style

Needless to say, Chanel designer jewelry has stood the test of time. Through the changing tides in fashion, Chanel jewelry stays always in style. It’s a constant source of inspiration and guidance to present and upcoming jewelry designers. While simple aesthetics ruled her clothing, her jewelry design was flamboyant and cutting-edge but it managed to be stylish and refreshing as well. To this day, the essence of her vintage costume jewelry remains an important element of the style and look of the House of Chanel with pieces like the Ultra Ring Large Diamond and White Gold Ring with Black Ceramic or the Baroque Sautoir in Pink Gold, Diamonds, Colored Stones and Cultured Pearls.

Chanel Jewelry Motifs and Designs
Classic Chanel jewelry carries recurring motifs that include crosses and other religious elements as well as the white camellia, the use of black and white and the five-pointed star. Coco Chanel made use of diverse themes for her jewelry design from rosaries to military-related inspirations. She was inspired by the Byzantine era just as much as the constellations and comets in the sky. It is also standard for vintage Chanel jewelry to be marked with the brand name either in block letters or with the famous interlocking Cs logo. The logo, created by Coco Chanel herself, was also made part of many of her jewelry designs.
Chanel White Gold Jewelry

White gold jewelry may appear like silver jewelry but it is naturally more stylish and elegant. Today, most women prefer the modern look of white gold jewelry over the traditional yellow gold. When it comes to choosing designer white gold jewelry, few can do it equally good or better than Chanel which offers both timeless and trendy designs like its 18k White Gold Comete Star Necklace with a diamond encrusted star.

Whatever your occasion, there’s definitely a Chanel white gold jewelry that will be perfect for it no matter what your personal style and taste is. Chanel white gold fine jewelry is bedecked with sparkling diamonds, colored gems and pearls. These extraordinary pieces are the perfect accents to any formal wear or even semi-formal occasions. Wearing Chanel jewelry is nothing but an expression of discerning and high-end fashion sense. Presented in all of its collections, the variety of Chanel white gold jewelry offers women the chance to choose a piece that suits them best that will add a sophisticated touch to their look.

Buy Designer Jewelry from Chanel

Still highly collectible as ever, Chanel jewelry remains fashionable and is known to have one of the highest resale values than other designer jewelry. The most sought-after Chanel jewelry pieces are her 1950s-60s creations but even those produced by the Chanel brand in the 1980s after Coco Chanel passed away are also very much in demand as these pieces exude an aura not like any other jewelry brand.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is proud to carry this iconic brand with such fantastic jewelry. The current Chanel jewelry collections include Bridal, Ultra, Baroque, 1932, Camelia and Comete. Made with the finest materials, precious metals and gorgeous gemstones, Chanel jewelry is always luxurious and crafted exquisitely, staying true to the founder’s principles and traditions.

While many estate Chanel jewelry pieces are made with materials that are much less expensive than precious stones, their popularity make them quite expensive. The high demand for new and estate Chanel jewelry has also resulted in the manufacture of replicas, which have fooled unsuspecting customers. Buy only from reputable jewelers like Raymond Lee Jewelers for authentic Chanel designer jewelry.

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