Used Rolex Cellini – Raymond Lee Jewlers of Boca Raton offers many pre-owned and new timepieces such as the Rolex Cellini. The Cellini model deviates from the traditional timepiece that Rolex produces, yet it possesses highly artistic and elegant attributes. The Cellini line is uncommonly produced with only circular cases. The model takes on different variations, but is still kept simple and aesthetic. These watches do not contain the traditional automatic movement; the men’s collection are all handwound while the women’s Cellini collection contain both quart and manual movements.They have no date display, nor are they waterproof.

Yet, while these watches may not possess the modern attributes that define many of Rolex’s models such as water resistance, day-date features, or automatic movements, they contain a fluid and exquisitely crafted perfection that is rarely found among timepieces.

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