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Kristin Pavlick Art Project: Vibrant Wall Mural Outside Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Big news, City of Boca Raton! Diamonds by Raymond Lee is endeavoring upon a wall mural art project in collaboration with Boca Artist Kristin Pavlick that will literally change the way you see Boca Raton. 

We are bringing exuberance to the Boca community via a huge and absolutely beautiful art mural that will be covering the outside wall of our showroom building on North Federal Highway.  

The wall mural is going to be supremely exquisite, eye-catching, and Boca-worthy. Our vision combines the characteristics that represent our brand, Diamonds by Raymond Lee, and our city, Boca Raton. The entire wall mural is going to be hand-painted by a highly talented, professional artist who lives right here in our wonderful city…

As the process for a project of this scale takes time, we are starting now so we can finish by November. We’ve already developed the plan and got the go from Boca Raton. Now we are finalizing the concept for the mural in collaboration with our artist.

Note: The wall mural work commences early November. So, the people of Boca will be able to see our vision come to reality with each stroke of the brush.

Read on to learn about what inspired us to create this, the artist we are working with and how we chose her, the process for implementing our plan, and upcoming events that will take place relating the up-and-coming exciting public art project.

Our vision and reason for doing a Wall Mural on our building in Boca Raton

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is located on North Federal Highway in Boca Raton. Although this is a wonderful area, it is undeniably plain, lacking vibrancy and vitality that would otherwise be very fitting for our city, and more specifically Federal Highway.

Inspired by a passion for art…

Our idea is to do a massive, colorful, stimulating wall mural that represents our company and the city of Boca Raton on the entire south side of our building. We want our location to stand out among the many unembellished buildings that line the streets. This will be the first mural of this magnitude in Boca Raton, and hopefully, this will inspire others to do the same.

We are the first to do something like this, but we suspect we won’t be the last…

We are optimistic that this will set a trend, sparking the artistic side of other companies. The ultimate goal is to bring more zest and life to our city.

Our aim is to finish this project before the end of November – start to finish within the next two months. 

To manage this, we first had to have this project signed off by the CAB (community appearance board), which we’ve already accomplished. More on this process below for those who have an interest in doing the same. 

We also had to find a talented artist who understands our vision to be able to bring it to life. Thankfully, we have found the perfect artist to help us complete this art project. 

Her name is Kristin Pavlick, and this is her story…

Kristin Pavlick – Artist in Delray Beach

Born and raised outside Philadelphia, Kristin Pavlick is a deeply rooted artist that uses visual culture to examine the influence that art has on our cognitive process. 

She views our visual culture as a sort of conscious veil that disconnects us from the veracity of life. Therefore swaying us to act upon a profoundly reinforced value system imposed by society.

Kristin “challenges you to look through the playful imagery to question just how much of our immediate needs act against our collective needs.” 

Kristin Pavlick graduated from Penn State University in 2005 with a B.S. in Art Education. Prior to moving to South Florida in 2008, she worked as an art educator in a few Pennsylvania schools. She was also the managing art sales consultant for a big cruise line. 

After a spontaneous trip to Salvador Dali museum in 2010, Kristin decided to alter her path by dedicating herself to painting full time. 

Kristin’s Past Projects:

Since then, @kristinpavlick has completed work for Don King Productions and Italian Vogue Editor Rushka Bergman. Furthermore, her art can be found in the permanent collection of the Coral Springs Museum of Art; public art for the City of Delray Beach and the City of Boca Raton; the corporate collections for Double Tree Hilton (Bloomfield, MI), Tree Top, Inc. (Selah, WA), 26 Degrees (Pompano Beach, FL) Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery (Boca Raton, FL), P.I.T. Fitness (Boca Raton, FL) as well as being featured by the Cornell Museum of Art (Delray Beach, FL); JF Gallery (West Palm Beach, FL), Electrica Gallery (Miami, FL); Cultural Council (Lake Worth, FL); Gallery 104 (New York, NY); and in South Florida’s vibrant culture where her incredible work stand tall in several local venues and private collections, including Art Critic Bruce Helander.

This is the wall where Kristin Pavlick will create the mural.

Some of her most prominent work includes:

Public Art Project for the City of Boca Raton
Kristin was one of 6 artists selected to participate in the very first Public Art Project for the City of Boca Raton. She is seen here putting the finishing touches on her mural, which was inspired by the location of the site, The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. 
Mobile Mural
Kristin was chosen by the City of Delray Beach to accomplish their goal of creating a ‘Mobile Mural’. It was made to decorate the streets of Delray Beach in the form of custom truck covers. These big trucks are now used to block the streets and shut them down so thousands of residents can relish in Delray’s most distinguished outdoor events. 
Abra’Hop Lincoln 
26 Degrees Brewing approached Kristin to create a vibrant and creative piece for a 30 ft wall at their new location. Kristin went to the drawing board, pulling from new and old elements, ultimately leading to a large scale 8 foot tall Abe Lincoln canvas. This mural features Abe’s beard entirely made of Hops. 

These are only but a few of the magnificent murals and paintings that Kristin has created. 

How we chose Kristin Pavlick

After looking through the city of Boca’s past art projects, we noticed that there was only one major art project. It was the Gumbo Limbo project that was completed last year. Since then there hasn’t been any art projects.

We looked into the artists who participated in the Gumbo Limbo project in Boca Raton. We did this because we wanted to collaborate with someone who has previously worked in our city before. After meeting with a few artists, we chose Kristin as we felt the best connection with her. We could tell she fully understood our vision. Not to mention, her past work is impressive and her creative style is exactly what we are looking for. 

Kristin’s Inspiration for Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s Forthcoming Mural:

“From our first conversation, I knew Lee (Josephson) wasn’t a typical business owner. He expressed a refreshing openness that allows new ideas to come to life. Excited by both his flexibility and the magnitude of this project, I understood that all I had to do was pull a vision from him. I see custom projects as a form of detective work. In order to get an accurate vision for this mural, I had to see who Lee was and how he runs his business —knowing the best idea would be both surprising yet, almost obvious.

The composition evolved naturally from the usual subject matter (watch, jewelry, palm tree, etc.) into unusual contexts; turning palm trees into gold, using the manicule (finger pointing symbol) to direct all of those in need of a fabulous watch to head ‘this way’, etc.  It was the layering of themes that allowed me to tell a complete story of not only what is in this building but who is in this building.”

Getting approved by the CAB (Community Appearance Board)

There is a timely process involved in doing a colossal art project like this. Our art mural will alter the appearance of North Federal Highway looks. So, of course, it needs to be approved. Boca Raton takes these things very serious, one of the many reasons we love this city.

The CAB (Community Appearance Board) of Boca Raton is the organization that you need to have sign off on public art projects. The CAB helps control Boca’s high standards. Therefore, we had to go through all the proper guidelines to make this happen. 

We set a meeting with the CAB to go in front of them to ask for “feedback” on our project. 
During the meeting, one of the CAB members said: “That’s gonna wake up that part of Federal.” We couldn’t agree more.
The CAB liked our plan so they sent us a building permit application. 
Fortunately, they accepted our project and now it is underway. 

Mark Jacobsen (Chairman)
Tiery Boykin
Jessica Domblaser
Michael Goodwin
John Kronawitter
Joe Peterson
Kristo Stamatovski
Alan West

Upcoming Art Events

Moving forward, we will be throwing on-brand art events during times when Kristin Pavlick is working on our wall mural. The events will raise awareness for the importance of creative modern art. It will also support the newly formed Art in Public Places Advisory Board in Boca Raton. 

The Art in Public Places Advisory Board reviews and recommends to the City Council policies, programs and actions regarding art in the public realm. The Board is made up of 7 members who are residents of the Boca Raton and have knowledge, experience, and interest in art.

As with all Diamonds by Raymond Lee events, there will be food, music, and many friendly faces. Not to mention, exotic cars and fine diamond jewelry and watches…because those are two other things we are passionate about. And if cars and jewelry aren’t a form of art as well, then what is?

Stay tuned for exact dates, as we will be making announcements to RSVP as we approach the days of the events. 

Furthermore, we will be providing updates and sneak peeks at our plans and Kristin Pavlicks work in the coming weeks. So, keep an eye out for more posts regarding our art project. We already have a mock-up for the wall mural that’s going on the south side of our building…but we will keep that a surprise for a little longer 😉

All the paperwork is done, we are on our way to creating our Mural!

How Our Mural Will Benefit The City of Boca Raton

Our hope is that the events we throw surrounding our art project will monetarily benefit the newly formed Boca Raton art board. At each event, we will raise money for them, exposing more people to the positive influence the art board has on our community.

Delray Beach – The ‘catalyst’ for South Florida’s Art Scene

Delray Beach has been a major influence on the art scene in South Florida. They have renowned artwork that adorns fine galleries and creative shops around the downtown area. The positive effects of Delray’s eclectic community and vibrant atmosphere is spreading, creating a cultural mecca. 

A simple Google search and you will see the spectacular wall murals that cover many buildings around Delray Beach.

We are doing our part to bring this impactful and advantageous movement to Boca Raton. We truly believe it is a pragmatic approach to enhancing our city. 

As a fun way to get involved (of course besides attending our events), leave a comment below with any ideas/elements that you’d like to see our mural incorporate…or what you expect us to feature in the mural. 
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