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Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee: Premier Gold Buyers in Boca Raton

        As you look for gold buyers, we understand that you need someone you can trust especially in the present tough economy. Selling to Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the number one trusted way to sell gold in Boca Raton. In turn, we make our clients our top priority. We’re not a pawnshop but an upscale jeweler known as a premier gold buyer in the South Florida area. In our jewelry buying business, we are focused on giving our customers the best possible prices – guaranteed!

        Raymond Lee Jewelers  and Diamonds by Raymond Lee buy gold from retail or individual customers seeking to make fast cash from their gold as well as businesses in the jewelry industry looking to boost their cash flow by liquidating some of their inventory. Whether you’re an individual seller or a business peer, we will purchase your gold assets at a highly competitive price with the best level of service.Selling gold for cash is one of the easiest ways to realize the value of assets that are no longer used or wanted. With the high prices of gold in the current market, don’t let your old or unwanted gold jewelry just collect dust in your closet. Now is the ideal time to take the best advantage of your gold assets. Turn them to cash and have instant funds to pay for bills and debts, a long overdue holiday or simply to treat yourself or your family.

    Sell Gold Jewelry and Gold Items

        We buy all types of fine gold jewelry and designer gold jewelry: rings, bangles, earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, charms, and pins. We also buy a wide range of gold items such as watches, coins, nuggets and even dental gold. We buy gold starting from 10kt all the way to pure 24kt. We buy traditional yellow gold jewelry and the ever popular white gold jewelry as well as other fancy colored rose, pink and green gold jewelry. We pay a huge premium for 18kt gold and platinum jewelry.

        We buy gold that has been set with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. If you do not wish to sell the gemstones, we can purchase the jewelry only and return the loose stones. If you want to sell the entire item, we will make sure to factor in the value of the precious stones in your gold jewelry assessment. If you have any gold jewelry or gold items in your possession that you’re willing to sell, bring them into either of our convenient, secure locations for a free and no-obligation appraisal and instant cash offer.

    Sell Gold in ANY condition: Old, Outdated, Damaged, Broken, and Scrap

        We accept any type of gold in ANY condition. You might be surprised by how much your scrap gold or broken gold jewelry is worth. As long as your gold item is made of real gold, then we can make you an offer for it. Not sure if your gold item is real gold? Don’t worry. We have gold appraisal experts who can test your item to determine its authenticity. Sell us your unpaired gold earrings, twisted gold bracelets, scratched gold rings or any other unwanted gold items. Sell broken gold and we will buy them in cash.

    How to Sell Gold to Us

        Afterwards, we will give you a fair offer primarily based on the current market price for gold. You will be offered immediate cash payment in exchange for your gold item. When you accept our offer, we will assist you in completing little necessary paperwork and you will step out of our store in no time with hard cash in your pocket. It’s quick and simple to sell gold to us. Come into our store today with your gold item and have one of our professional gold buyers appraise it. First, your item will be weighed in order to determine its value. The gold buyer will then examine other pertinent factors that may affect the value of the item such as aesthetics, age or brand name for gold jewelry.

    Best Possible Payouts for Your Unwanted Gold!

        Sell us your broken or unwanted gold jewelry or surplus gold inventory and receive one of the highest cash offers you can ever get in the industry. Because we have a direct relationship with the retail market without the cost of a middleman, we can afford to buy your gold items at a better price than most other gold buyers in Boca Raton.

        We offer an honest and completely upfront gold-buying service when you sell gold to us. You’ll also get professional, friendly and upscale customer service, which is nothing like the usual pawnshop experience. If you want the fairest payouts for your gold, don’t entrust your assets to just any gold buyer when you decide to sell gold.

        Choose first-rate gold buyers. Choose us and feel confident that your gold assets and payouts are in the hands of a business you can trust! So if you’re looking to sell your gold for quick cash, look no further than our stores, where we offer fast gold buying service and high cash payouts for your gold. Stop by our store or book an appointment with our gold buyer now and get more for your gold!

    Sell Gold to Trusted Gold Buyers

        With over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, our family-owned and managed business places great importance on integrity and sincere customer service. We know that it can be overwhelming and confusing to sell gold, especially for first time sellers faced with so many gold buyers out there. We are proud to offer our reliable gold-buying service. At Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee, you will be dealing with established Florida gold buyers.

        We know gold, we know the gold market and we know your needs as a gold seller. We make every effort to meet your needs by offering honest appraisals and the highest possible offers in instant cash. Also, you will always have the choice to sell your gold or keep it. Sell gold to Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee – no stress, no risks, no pressure. Come in and receive a great offer on your gold today!


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