Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

Trade In, Trade Up, Cash Out

Trade in and trade up, and cash out – it’s that time of year! The best jewelry buyers Boca Raton has ever known are hosting one of our most popular promotions at both of our gorgeous locations. Beginning Thursday, August 10th, and running through Saturday, August 12th, we’re bringing out our freshest inventory for our clientele to enjoy. And on Sunday, August 13th, we’re offering a bonus day exclusively at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton!

We’re hands down the BEST places to sell jewelry in Boca Raton Florida!

If you’re growing tired of some of your lesser-worn pieces, you’re ready to upgrade your diamonds, or you’re just ready for a change, this is the perfect event for you. We’ll be showcasing our newest pre-loved luxury watches, estate jewelry, designer jewelry, designer bridal settings and wedding rings, and so much more.

Just visit either location and bring in the pieces you’d like to trade. Once you fall in love with the new piece you’d like, we’ll buy back your pre-loved jewelry or watch for an even higher price than we would any other time of the year. And not only that, you’ll get an even better deal on the piece you’re trading in for.

AND if you’re one of the lucky clientele who falls in love with a piece that’s less than your current watch or jewelry, you’ll get cash back! We’ll also have our acquisitions experts on hand for private, outright purchases if you’re just looking to simplify and streamline your collection.

We’re so excited for this event that’s a more focused and intense version of the fantastic services we offer every day. At BOTH of our fabulous locations! We’ve built a reputation for excellence when it comes to having the best selection of estate jewelry and watches. And the way we acquire those luxury goods is through having a discerning eye for our clientele’s incredible personal collections. We love buying the most exciting pieces we can, and we always offer top dollar for the items that catch our eye.

Now with our gorgeous showroom in East Boca Raton – Diamonds by Raymond Lee – we’ve doubled our buying power and can provide even more options and flexibility for our discerning clientele. We’re excited for this event, and can’t wait for you to join us at either of our locations!

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