Wedding Wednesday

Introducing: Groom Advice from The Plunge

Introducing: Groom Advice from The Plunge

On Wedding Wednesday, we tend to cater more towards our brides. It’s simply because most grooms aren’t scouring the internet for perfect wedding hair or ideas for asking bridesmaids (um, groomsmen). But grooms do sometimes want to be involved in planning their wedding. And brides want need their groom to help plan the wedding. While she’s mired in getting quotes form florists, photographers, stationers and more, he can help lessen the load (often by finding a great band and planning a perfect honeymoon). And while brides have pretty much the entire internet at their disposal for wedding planning, where can a guy turn for groom to groom advice? The Plunge.

While ladies are thrust into the chaos of wedding planning once that engagement ring is on their finger, guys have already run a gauntlet. They’ve been snooping through your Pinterest boards, carefully saving up for a ring, educating themselves on diamond buying, finding the right jeweler, then holding clandestine meetings to choose the perfect ring for you. Basically, they’ve been an undercover agent in the most important mission they’ve ever accepted. And now that you’ve accepted, they might need some guidance in getting started planning this huge event.

That’s where The Plunge comes in. Guy friendly checklists, no nonsense budget tips, great advice and more are all found in their “Toolbox”. There’s even resources for groomsmen. Basically, we thought we’d share this PSA with all of the finest new owners of engagement rings Boca Raton has – meaning, our brides.

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