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3 Must-Have Patek Philippe Sports Watches For Men & Ladies

Today we are looking at three of our favorite “must-have” Patek Philippe Luxury Sports Watches. We will be featuring two men’s Patek Philippe Sports Watches and one ladies’ Patek Philippe Sports Watch in this article.

When you have been in the luxury watch business for as long as we have, you learn that not all sports watches fall into the same category. 

Moreover, you develop an understanding for which watches will increase in value and you get a keen eye for picking out soon-to-be iconic watches. So, we’ve decided to share a little bit of this knowledge here, by presenting our 3 Must-Have Patek Philippe Sports Watches for Men and Ladies. We are confident that you will be happy for years to come if you buy one of the watches featured here. 

3 Must-Have Patek Philippe Sports Watches for Men and Ladies

Here are the top 3 luxury sports watches by Patek Philippe for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Pate Philippe Nautilus 3800/1A Stainless Steel 

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800 is a timeless watch and one of the most popular models from the iconic luxury sports watch collection that is Nautilus. 

It was first introduced in 1981 and it had a long production run which ended in 2005. 

The Patek 3800 appears almost identical to the larger “jumbo” case Patek 3700 (the first Nautilus ever). But upon closer inspection, there are some important differences that are definitely not negligible.

The 3800 is special in that it was the first iteration and start of the evolution of the Nautilus collection. 

The Patek 3800’s case measures in at 37.5mm in diameter. This makes it smaller than most modern sports watches. But still, it’s not a small watch by any means, at least not in appearance. This is because lug to lug, its measurement is 39mm, and from the hard-line outcropping of the band on both sides, it measures 42mm across the wrist. 

From the case to the bracelet and clasp, the Patek Philippe 3800/1A is crafted from stainless steel, and the finishing is extremely high quality. The watch displays a combination of brushed and high polished techniques that immediately declare superiority. 

The case retains the original design’s monobloc case, with an extra module at its top which is secured by two ears at its flanks. The bracelet integrates flawlessly with the case and buckle using a tapered construction. And to top it off, it has the charming iconic ergonomic octagonal smooth bezel. All made from the best stainless steel alloy in the game. It a simple yet elegant design that reminds us how sometimes less is more, even when it comes to luxury. 

From the seamlessness and fluidness of the bracelet, clasp, and bezel, you are left with a dial that pops and becomes the center of attention. The dial has a sophisticated gloss lacquer and horizontal guilloché grooves that make it appear as if you are looking at a beautiful deep blue ocean from far above. The perfect impression that you’d expect from a watch that took inspiration from Trans-Atlantic sea expeditions. The hands and hour markers have the perfect symbiosis. They are thin, rectangular and filled with powerful lume. 

Unlike the Nautilus 3700, the Nautilus 3800 has a thin central second hand, which ultimately stuck with all future Nautilus references. Overall, the dial is extremely clean, uncluttered, and beautifully layered, giving off an instant air of elegance. 

In regards to the movement, there’s a Calibre 335 SC inside the monobloc case. It’s an in-house movement from Patek and it is incredibly thin. This is why the watch itself is stupendously slim too. The Calibre 335 SC is thought to be one of the best thin movement calibers on the market, even still to this day. It is phenomenally precise and reliable.

This is easily one of our favorite Patek Philippe Nautilus sports watches and one that we consider a must-have. It’s a gentlemen’s sports watch that is undeniably understated and luxurious at the same time. 

Patek Philippe 3800 In-depth, Hands-on Review 

Patek Philippe 5065A Aquanaut Black Dial Stainless Steel Rubber Strap Watch

Next, we have the Aquanaut. The youngest Patek collection geared towards a modern audience. 

Although the Aquanaut’s shape was inspired by the brand’s classic Nautilus collection, the design of all the other elements make the Aquanaut collection wonderfully unique. 

One of the best from the Aquanaut collection is the Jumbo Aquanaut 5065A, which is the watch we are featuring and the watch we have determined to be a “must-have” for Patek sports watch lovers. 

The Patek 5065A was the first Patek Philippe watch ever to sport a rubber strap, and it remains to be to this day. 

The production for the Aquanaut 5065 ran from 1997 to the end of 2006.

The sporty stainless steel case measures in at 38mm and it is satin brushed with areas of high polishing. It appears similar to a Nautilus but with a more contemporary feel. The bezel is slightly rounded, with a satin brushed top and high polished sides. It is clear that each component of the case was done with dexterous craftsmanship. 

The watch is capable of water resistance down to 120 meters. That combined with the innovative rubber strap which is impervious to saltwater, bacteria and UV detention, the name “Aquanaut” is extremely fitting. 

The dial is extremely eye-catching and sets it apart from any other Patek Philippe watch, or sports watch in general for that matter. It has a glossy black appearance with a raised guilloché motif that matches the texture and design of the rubber strap. It has thick hour markers and hands with large lume fillings making it extremely legible in dark settings, especially underwater. What’s more, it has a unique minute track that extends as far as the hour markers. Another very unique aspect of the Aquanaut are the applied Arabic numerals which even includes the 3 o’clock. There is a subtle date aperture that’s there when you need it and blends in with the rest of the hour markers when you don’t. All in all, the dial is much busier and intricate than the Nautilus but still marvelously elegant and very easy to read.

In regards to how the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5065 feels on the wrist, it is extremely comfortable and lightweight. And as far as looks go, the watch surely has a special iconic presence when it’s on the wrist.

Its design is supremely versatile, so it can be worn in the board room and to the beach without missing a beat in terms of style and appropriateness. This is definitely an everyday wear for the modern watch enthusiast who appreciates higher horology and a company that is built off traditions. 

As watch experts, we can confidently say that this watch is a “must-have” for anyone who wants a sports watch from one of the Big 3. The 5065A is the watch that put the Aquanaut collection in the forefront of serious collectors. It is still a very underrated timepiece to casual watch fans, but its one that we expect will someday catch up with Nautilus when it comes to being “iconic”. Even now, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut ref. 5065 is one of the most highly coveted watches by luxury watch collectors around the globe.


Price: $32,999

Patek Philippe 5067A-001 Aquanaut Luce Diamond Bezel Ladies Watch

In 2005, Patek Philippe launched a ladies version of the Aquanaut. The ladies Patek Philippe Aquanaut sports watches are 35.6mm in diameter, which is quite large for your typical ladies watch. This is perfectly aligned with the trend for women wearing larger timepieces.

The Aquanaut for women comes in six different color variations, all of which have 46 diamonds set within the bezel. Our personal favorite is the stainless steel case, white bracelet and white dial version (aka Luce, which is Latin for light). The look is very extravagant yet clean and elegant at the same time. The synergy between each element is exemplary, making for a watch that is striking and aesthetically pleasing. 

Some might be surprised that this watch runs on a quartz battery. However, this is typical for ladies watches, even when discussing the best watch brands in the world. The quartz watch is perfectly reliable and with Patek’s incredible servicing, a replacement every few years is as easy as pie. 

Let’s talk about this watch in a little more detail.

The design of the entire watch is almost the same as the men’s Aquanaut ref. 5065 featured above. It has the natural rubber, extremely resistant, “Tropical” strap that matches the white embossed raised guilloché motif dial. The stainless steel case has the same structure, albeit, in smaller stature. The dial design is nearly identical, except the Arabic numeral “3”, which isn’t on the ladies watch probably because of the dial being slightly smaller. Of course, with this variation, the colors are different. You have black markers on white background. This makes for remarkable legibility. Not to mention, the lume is out-of-this-world bright. Lastly, and the most noticeably different aspect of this watch is, of course, the diamond-set bezel. It’s the perfect touch for the women’s take on the Aquanaut. 

As for water resistance, you have the same 120 meters. The watch is sporty, modern, and distinctive. It reveals spending power in a fun youthful way. You could wear this one for water sports, casually out to lunch, or even dressed up on a night out. When it comes to must-have watches, we really like to go for versatility, and the ladies Aquanaut ref. 5067 has that in the bag.

If you are looking for a watch with iconic wrist presence, this is the one. 


Price: $22,500 (special deal)

Fun Facts About Patek Philippe 

  1. Although the brand was officially established in 1851, its origins date back to 1839. Antoine Norbert de Patek had a different partner to start and the company was called Patek, Czapek & Cie. After a few years, the partners parted ways and in 1851, Adrien Philippe joined forces and Patek Philippe was born.
  2. Patek Philippe is the only independent family-run Genevan watch manufacturer.
  3. They make extremely complicated watches, which is why they are true haute horology. They had the most complicated watch in the world for decades, only until recently when Vacheron Constantin took first place for the most complicated watch ever to exist. We suspect that Patek will come back to claim the title sooner than later.
  4. Patek has the most patents for innovations in watch technology.
  5. Patek only produces around 50,000 watches a year. Scarcity breeds desire, right?

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