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What jewelry to wear – a diamond guide for women

Jewelry is the kind of luxury accessory that you can never have too much of. There are so many ways to arrange the pieces in your collection. From one look to the next it is the unique combinations that you create each time that tell a story. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers love being a part of that story. To help you express who you are and create looks that you can change up in a snap of your fingers. From designer jewelry like Gucci jewelry pieces to rings with diamonds here are some of our favorite set up for what jewelry to wear. An easy guide from your local jewelry exchange Boca Raton’s best jewelers. Always ready to offer you superior service and the utmost quality. From our fine jewelry pieces to the luxury accessories that we carry at our store. There is something for everyone, just for you. 

When we think about what jewelry to wear it is important to look at the different possibilities with an idea of what you would like for your final assortment. After all there are so many unique ways to wear fine jewelry we could be here all day. Which sometimes is just what the doctor ordered! Playing with different ideas and combinations can help you make some of the very best looks. So try it out and with the tips in this guide you can get ideas. Also if you find something in this article that catches your eye let us know! All of the pieces that we are featuring are currently for sale and available both through our website as well as in our stores. Also if there is something you are looking for that you have not seen on our site let us know and we will source it. 

What jewelry to wear for timeless styles

For the timeless look and style there are many ways for what jewelry to wear. If you want to start off small with something that is more of an added decorative piece then we suggest going with rings with diamonds. Rings are a easy way to add interesting textures nad looks to your outfit without pushing the boundaries too far. You can explore cocktail and statement rings without having to check against several outfits. These are the timeless and classic looks that you can wear with almost anything and for almost any occasion. We have a variety of different white rings with diamonds. These accompany any range of colors and if you choose to add on necklaces and bracelets or even statement earrings with colorful gemstones you will not need to change up your rings that is a guarantee when it is all about white diamonds. 

These do not ofcourse have to be a boring look. You can pair them high with different diamond cuts and styles. Whether with one large ring dominating the style and driving the direction of your look or simple bands that you stack together there are many ways to make your combination interesting. We always suggest having a look at different diamond cuts because the pattern of light striking the stones can create a fabulous effect. Further the space created between the different diamond cuts of rings adds to the look. As we will go into more detail below you do not need a ring stack to necessarily pair up flush next to each other. That is just one of the options when it comes to the different looks that you can create. Another way to add interesting features to your jewelry is of course to use colorful stones as well. 

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends: wearing rings with diamonds

When the question is what jewelry to wear the answer will always be diamonds. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. With their timeless shine and unique look there is nothing quite like diamond jewelry. A fabulous way to wear diamonds is of course wearing rings with diamonds. The sparkle and shine of the glittering stones can be paired up high with a lot of different rings and stones. Otherwise you can also join them with more and more diamonds! That is why at Raymond Lee Jewelers we love to recommend a diamond ring stack. It is a fantastic way to pair up lots of rings together. It creates a texture and balanced look that you can change up whenever you want. Putting different pairings of rings together you get a new look each and every time. 

Diamond ring stacks

A diamond ring stack can be a combination of your favorite rings. Or they can be a monochromatic row of sparkling stones that all match up. You can choose a pairing of diamond bands, or choose a few different rings for texture. It depends how many rings that you feel comfortable wearing and your preference. There are so many different types of ring stack styles that you can create it is up to you. The best thing is to pair up and create different options for yourself. There are a lot of different combinations that you can create. Just try to include different precious metals and stones or ring designs for unique textures. Not to mention stones and diamonds too. 

What jewelry to wear with yellow diamonds

The colorful options when it comes to what jewelry to wear can still include diamonds. Whether you want to pair the white diamonds with other colorful gemstones or if you are keen to pair up some diamonds with colors. Yellow diamonds are some of the finest colorful gems. In a range of different hues the yellow diamonds go from the light and clear yellow diamonds to the dark and sunny gold hues. A lovely bright and happy tone yellow diamonds are a fantastic way to bring bright color with the quality of diamonds.


This gorgeous platinum and 18 carat yellow gold eternity band has a reduced price. It has been changed from $57,995.00 to $32,995.00. The large yellow diamonds rack up to 11.74 carats. Wrapped completely around the ring this diamond stunning piece is sparkling from each and every angle. The pairing of yellow diamonds is accentuated with white diamonds at the top and the bottom. There are 76 diamonds in total. They are G/H in color and VS in clarity.

What jewelry to wear with warm colors

A great way to wear jewelry with your warmer color clothing is diamonds. White diamond accompany bright and warm colors very well. Further if you have some colorful precious metals the combination can be very appealing and interesting. If you are interested in turning it up a notch further though you can add some other colors. Whether they are gemstones in deep hues that match or complement your warm color clothing or clear colored jewels it is an excellent combination. It is always great to get adventurous and try some new things. Particularly when it comes to your jewelry combinations. 

A look for every occasion, luxury designers: Gucci jewelry 

If you would rather go with a tried and true style, designer jewelry is the way to go. Tested by time and always a striking luxury lifestyle accessory creators like Gucci jewelry is an instant winner. Again no matter what look you are going for or what your outfit is with designer jewelry like Gucci jewelry you do not have to be concerned about changing up or adjusting your jewelry. 

These rings that are featured below for example can seamlessly go from one outfit to the next. Whether that is because you change it up throughout the day or you are travelling. These are the perfect pieces. They offer you gorgeous looks that you can style up or down depending on what you are planning for. Both of these rings are 18 carat gold. One is a white gold piece and the other a yellow gold. They both feature the Gucci logo patterned onto the metal for a sleek and refined look. 

Not only do they easily transition with almost any outfit they are also easy to wear for longer time periods. So if you are travelling or moving around quite a bit these are perfect. There are no stones for your clothes to get snagged on. Further the feel of smooth metal on your fingers makes it comfortable to wear for as long as you need or want to. Sitting flush against your fingers it is smooth and almost unnoticeable. These are just two of the Gucci jewelry rings from our collection that are in this design. There are also bracelets, other rings and more! 

If you are interested in buying any of these rings or are looking for something similar let us know. You can speak to one of our jewelry experts at (561) 750 – 7808 most days of the week from 10 am.  


This first ring is a wider band with three layers of the iconic Gucci jewelry logo of the double G’s. Patterned like the well known luxury hand bags. This ring is the perfect white gold pairing for any and all other diamond or white gold jewelry. 


Then there is a similar style of ring in a yellow gold style. However beyond that main difference between the two Gucci jewelry rings there is also the fact that this one is slightly thinner. The above ring is wider while this piece has only two levels of the iconic Gucci double G logo.

A perfect pairing for these rings is more designer jewelry as well. For example as we have paired it together with a Cartier Love bracelet. These come in a variety of different metals as well as with diamond options. They can be completely pave set iced out or otherwise with single diamonds at the screws.

Jewelry exchange Boca – Raymond Lee Jewelers

For the last three decades we have been serving the South Florida community. Bringing you the finest jewelry from some of the world’s greatest brands has been an absolute pleaser. And we look forward to continue doing it for the next three decades as well too. We love the fine jewelry and luxury time piece industry. Many of us have been working with it for far longer than three decades too! It is a passion for the luxury lifestyle and the finer things in life. You know you can trust us with any and all of your questions when it comes to diamonds and jewelry. Whether you are looking for a jewelry appraisal or trying to find the perfect present for someone you love we can help. With our experience and passion for jewelry we are sure to be able to help you find the perfect piece for any occasion. 

Our collection includes a wide ranging variety of different designer jewelry like diamond rings and Gucci jewelry. Beyond all of these pieces we also carry a wide range of different luxury watches. From iconic brands that have been renowned around the world for decades like Cartier and Patek Philippe to the modern classics that are changing the industry like Audemars Piguet. We also have a variety of different models from a range of collections from brands like Rolex. These allow for an incredible amount of personalization in the dial, bezel and bracelet. Things that we specialize in. Whether you are looking to upgrade your time piece or fine jewelry or create a piece of your own design we can also do that. Our master craftsmen are experienced and skilled in crafting timeless jewelry and working with precious jewels to make your luxury accessories shine. Find out more about it here. 

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