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Using Your Old Wardrobe in New Ways

Vintage Clothes and Jewelry

Using your old wardrobe in new ways is an essential to keeping yourself stylish on a budget. In the world of fashion, trends change swiftly so it’s  smart to not do away with your quality clothes only because they are out of style. Instead, store them away in a spot where they will preserve their high quality so that you can make the most of them again when they are back in style, because they surely will be back.

High fashion is highly expensive and a lot of the hot looks of this year were born in past decades. I know we’ve all had that moment when we’re standing in front of our open closets with “nothing to wear” – but maybe that’s because we shouldn’t be looking in our closets. Looking around some of your older clothes will not only help you clean out your room but you might also be surprised at what you come across. Peek into your nearest loved one’s closet for vintage finds (borrowed with permission!) This is a fabulous way of extending your wardrobe and saving a few bucks. Here are some trends from the past that have made an appearance in 2012. Urban Renewal Cutoff short

High-waisted bottoms originated in the 40’s when companies like Levi’s made them for women working outside of home in an effort to help them remain modest while comfortable in the workplace. Now everything from pants to skirts has a high-waist and they come in a variety of fabrics. Denim high-waisted shorts have become incredibly popular.

Theory mohana silk dress

Little black dresses have never really gone out of style. A maxi-dress with one-inch straps and little detail can be used for almost any event as long as they are accessorized accordingly. You can dress it up with some classy diamonds or dress it down with a trendy watch and some colorful sandals for a more playful look.

This rose gold Diamonds by the Yard necklace is classic perfection. Rag & Bone Jean denim jacket

Denim jackets were originally created for the workplace because of their rugged and durable material which helped keep parts of the body safe from the sun and other hazards. They were made decades ago and have made a comeback since spring of 2012. Pair your jean jacket with black boots for an edgier look or with some floral fabric for a softer, more feminine look.

Perhaps the biggest “keepers” of your whole wardrobe are your vintage jewelry & watches. Vintage and even antique jewelry is made to last, and a true classic never goes out of style:

What’s your favorite vintage wardrobe or jewelry piece?

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