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Three-Stone Two-Tone Diamond Ring

A piece such as a three-stone, two-tone diamond ring is a combination of highly unique and classic, and timeless. The use of different colors of the diamond creates a ring that is unlike what you will see with rings that only feature a single tone of a diamond. Many people don’t realize that there is actually a whole rainbow of different diamond colors. These are what we call fancy colored diamonds. They have roughly the same structure as a traditional diamond, but due to impurities or natural processes, they take on a different hue.

Something like this makes for a great engagement ring. It is classic, and we will explain why we feel that is so important below. But while it is classic, the use of the two different diamond colors really creates something special. The ring features only the finest materials and is well-made. This gives you the peace of mind that it will stand the test of time. And since it is classic, you know that it will be able to evolve with your changing style as well. 

The Best Place for All Your Jewelry Needs

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have really high standards. We feel that any piece that graces our display cases needs to be of the finest possible quality. It is also important to us that we offer options that you can’t find anywhere else. Something like the three-stone, two-tone diamond ring we feature here is a great example of the types of pieces we seek out. Our buyers have a ton of experience and connections. This means they have the inside scoop and the know-how to find the rarest and most unique pieces in the world. 

But we also offer far more than just basic jewelry services. If you have a ring that you need resized, or say you have an old watch you would like to see working again – here we have you covered as well. We offer extensive repair services. Additionally, we know that you can’t always find exactly what you are looking for, even with our selection. This is why we also offer custom jewelry services. We use the latest in computer technology, along with our skilled jewelers to turn your dream into a reality. 

Considerations for Choosing Your Engagement Ring

The thing is, choosing an engagement ring can seem pretty daunting. You must choose something that, if all goes well, you will wear every day for the rest of your life. This is a daunting task. How do we choose something that we know we will still love in a decade or more? Well, first you need to consider your basic style. What kinds of materials do you like? Do you have preferences when it comes to diamond cuts? Next, you will want to have a budget. This will help you avoid wasting time on pieces that are out of your price range.

Then, you will want to take into account your overall lifestyle. Are you a really active person? Do you go out in nature a lot? Are your hands part of your daily work or play life? If you do lead an active lifestyle or you use your hands a lot, you may want to choose a ring that is unobtrusive. The three-stone, two-tone diamond ring we feature here is a great option for those who lead an active lifestyle, as well as those for whom this isn’t a concern. This bit of information will ultimately help guide your decision. 

Classics are Best

It is very tempting to choose something bold, eye-catching, or even trendy for our engagement ring. But this is not something we recommend. There is a place for these kinds of accessories, but this, we feel, isn’t it? This is a ring that you are meant to wear every day for the rest of your life. Think about trends. They can come and go really quickly. What this can mean is that if you choose a trendy engagement ring, you may find that it is out of fashion in a short period of time. This means you will either have to wear a ring that you no longer like, or you will have to make the costly decision to replace it. This is why the classics are best for this circumstance.

The three-stone two-tone diamond ring we feature here is a great example of the classic style. These are styles that never fall out of fashion. It might be helpful to liken these styles to the little black dress of jewelry. Trends may come and go, but the classics are always in style. For a ring that you will be wearing for such a long time, this is a really great feature to have. There are tons of different classic styles, so it is easy to find the perfect one for your taste.

The Round Cut Diamond

The round-cut diamond is one of the most popular and classic cuts you can find. There are a lot of good reasons for this. The shape pairs well with other cuts of the gemstone. It is a timeless look that will work with classic, vintage, modern, or even trendy styles. But what makes it most popular is that sparkle.

This symmetrical stone has a lot of facets cut into its surface. These facets allow light to refract off the surface of the stone. This is what gives us that sparkle we love so much. And if you are looking for a diamond cut that has the maximum amount of sparkle, this is your cut. Traditionally, this cut will have 58 facets. That’s a ton of surfaces for light to reflect off of it. The round shape allows the stone to have that classic look and feel that we all know and love. And it pairs well with accent stones. The three-stone two-tone diamond ring we feature here is a great example of this.

Yellow Diamonds

As we noted in our introduction, there is actually a rainbow of different diamond colors. You can find diamonds that range in color from black to pink to rich blue. Here, we look at yellow diamonds. The three-stone two-tone diamond ring we feature here has two beautiful yellow diamonds that act as accent stones to the main round brilliant-cut diamond.

The main rule of thumb is that the richer and deeper the hue, the rarer the stone. Something that is pale in color may still be lovely, but it isn’t as rare as those with a more saturated hue. Our yellow diamonds that feature in this ring are a deep, rich yellow color, showing their rarity. Whatever the color of the diamond you choose, the richer and deeper the color, the rarer the stone is. But this also means the more expensive the stone will ultimately be as well. 

There are natural and lab-grown yellow diamonds. What really makes the diamond take on this hue is that higher levels of nitrogen are found in these stones. The more nitrogen, the richer the hue. Natural stones are going to be rarer and thus cost more. But lab-grown stones can also be lovely as well. Here, our ring features natural yellow diamonds. 

Classic, but Unique

We feel that we make a pretty solid case as to why the classics are the best choice for your engagement ring. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a trendy ring that is no longer in fashion. That can be a pretty expensive and frustrating situation. But just because you choose something classic doesn’t mean you don’t want it to be unique and to convey your personal style. The three-stone two-tone diamond ring we feature here is a great example of a classic with a twist. Three-stone rings are one of the most classic styles you’ll find. You get to show off that beautiful central stone with two smaller stones that flank it. 

But here, you get something unique. Traditionally, you will often see colorless diamonds that feature as the accent stones for a ring such as this. Here, what we have is a colorless main diamond with two elegant and beautiful yellow diamonds that flank it. The hue of the accent stones offsets both the main diamond and the white gold of the band. 

A Great Engagement Ring

There are many reasons that the three-stone two-tone diamond ring we feature here makes for a great engagement ring. First and foremost, it is incredibly beautiful. It features fine diamonds and pure white gold. The center stone is in the round brilliant cut, so it gives off a ton of sparkle and shine. The accent stones are a rich, deep yellow hue that catches the eye and still offset the main stone incredibly well. It is a classic style with a twist. We have the traditional three-stone diamond ring, which is timeless. But it’s not your average three-stone diamond ring. Since it features yellow diamonds, it has a much different look and feel than a classic three-stone ring with all colorless diamonds.

So you get the benefits of the classic style, but with features that make it a bit more unique than what you might normally see. While it is a little different, it is still a classic and timeless style. This is a ring that can even evolve with your changing looks over the years. It is comfortable, durable, and made from the finest materials. This helps to ensure that it will stand the test of time and can easily handle the basic rigors of daily life. 

Versatile and Eye-Catching

We feel that we make a solid case as to why the classic styles are the best choice for your engagement ring. Since they are classic, you don’t have to worry about it falling out of style with the next change in fashion. We know how quickly that can happen! But what also makes this ring such a great accessory is that it is both eye-catching and versatile. It is eye-catching due to the unique and high-end materials that feature in the ring. You don’t see large yellow diamonds every day! So the novelness of the accent stones is going to be enough to draw the eye. And the beautiful main diamond is a sight to behold!

But the ring is also versatile. This is a great quality for something you will wear every day to have. What this means is that the ring will look good with a wide range of looks. You can easily pair other pieces of jewelry with this ring as well. It will enhance the look and feel of anything you pair it with. The ring looks great with casual attire, formal attire, and trendy attire. And as we mentioned earlier, it is a ring that can evolve with your own changing style. 

In Closing

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to choose a style that works with your personal style and that you like. Having a budget set before you go shopping will help you avoid wasting time on pieces you cannot afford. And considering your lifestyle will help guide you to a choice that will work for your everyday life. The ring has to be able to withstand your daily activities and go where you go. So for all these reasons, we recommend choosing something classic or timeless. These are styles that never fall out of fashion and that will be able to evolve as your look changes over time.

The three-stone, two-tone diamond ring we feature here is the perfect option. It is a classic style, but with a twist. The use of yellow diamonds gives the ring a really unique look. These yellow stones offset the main diamond as well as the white gold of the band. It is a versatile ring that will look great with whatever you choose to pair it with. And, it is made from the finest materials so it can stand the test of time and your daily life. 

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