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For the Panerai Submersible model, the Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio stands out. This timepiece is one classic piece of this model, and noticing the watch’s classic elegance is quite easy.

Regardless, this wristwatch still has a certain contemporary feel. In recent times, some modern improvements added to the watch gave it that modern feel. An example of this modern improvement is the strong P.9010 caliber.

This is not to say that the Luminor Submersible 1950 model made in the past years using the reference PAM00305 isn’t a nice piece. It certainly is! However, the recent change with its current mechanism and the dial is simply a whole lot better.

We have experienced this wristwatch and know enough about the technical features and more, and from our experience, it is a fascinating watch. The technical details of the PAM01305’s mechanism and the refreshed bridge setup are similar to its former version. You can only pick out certain improvements.

In this review, we will expose you to various elements of this classic and elegant timepiece. We will start from the case to the dial, the strap, the movement, and other parts. Follow through to know all of these aspects and more.

The Panerai Submersible Automatic’s Case

·         Size Variants

The Luminor Submersible comes in various case variants.

  • The 42 mm size
  • The 44 mm size
  • The 47 mm size

For the 47 mm size, it may feel huge on paper, but it is a different feel when you have it on. On your wrist, it feels just like a regular size wristwatch.

This is due to the design of this watch and the lightweight of the case. All thanks to the titanium material used. Regardless, we respect the brand for choosing to put in extra effort by giving everybody an alternative. Depending on your preference, there is a fitting size for you!

·         Material Used for The Case

Furthermore, the entire watch’s case is made of titanium. As a material, titanium is resistant to corrosion and external shocks. It is one product you can only find on high-end watches.

This material is very strong and of decent aesthetic quality. Aside from that, it is a lightweight material. Basically, it is the reason a wristwatch with a 47 mm diameter case feels as light as a 42 mm version.

Any wristwatch with a 47 mm diameter case is supposed to be hefty. It is not expected that it would be comfortable for casual outings as well. But for the Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio PAM01305, it feels a whole lot different. It feels just like a normal watch.

·         The Comfort

Another thing about the case we like is the comfort. This is thanks to the lug style of Panerai’s 1950-style case. This design comes with downward sloping lugs. The lugs leave from a downward position very close to where the wrist is on the case.

From a viewpoint, this feature passes the impression of a floating case. It also makes it seem as though the wristwatch is not as big as it appears on paper. Well, it actually feels big.

It would be best if you chose an outfit that will match the height of the case.  You do not want your wristwatch getting in the way of your outfit.

·         The Functional Bezel

We love the complete functionality of this wristwatch’s uni-rotational bezel. During our test, we discovered something particular. You will achieve the best convenience when you align the minute hand to the bezel. That single act helps you get that unique chronograph function.

However, there are certain flaws.

  • No doubt, turning the bezel to align with the minute’s hand gives a great tactile feel. Yet, considering the price, that can be done better.
  • We again observed how the bezel fails to align with the dial pointers completely. This particular flaw is not so noticeable. You might not notice it at all when you wear the wristwatch.

The maker compensates for the flow with the rounded indices and the spot on pointers on the bezel.

Generally, when using this wristwatch, the bezel is terrific. Nothing beats 60 clicks with an incredibly firm and weighted mechanical action.

For us, the issue with the alignment is due to the 60 click mechanism the bezel provides. That alone can make exact alignment pretty tough. Nonetheless, with the price, this issue should not exist anymore. This issue is not to be found on a wristwatch with such an excellent caliber.

For Panerai divers, this timepiece parades a remarkable water tightness to as low as 300 meters.

The Panerai Submersible Automatic’s Dial

·         Legibility

For a dial this legible, there is really little to not like about it. The black dial parades a complete set of white markings and hands. The only hand with a different color is the 9 o’clock Panerai small seconds hand in the color blue.

You might feel that this blue color takes a bit away from the whole style of the watch. But, with a closer look, you will discover how cool this blue color is on the dial of this timepiece.

·         Simplicity

Another part to like is the watch’s design simplicity. You rarely go wrong with simplicity. Frankly, every detail is clear and plain. Even with the fact that this is one giant watch (47 mm case diameter).

Plus, the dial’s legibility under proper lighting conditions is great. It is equally legible in the dark. This legibility is all thanks to the Super-LumiNova material used on the graduated scale, hands,  and markers.

·         Convenient and Clear Bezel

As one tool kind of watch, the bezel comes with an unusual glow. Rather than the regular fluorescent green you have around the dial, the bezel has a sharp blue color. We love this layout as it clearly detaches the bezel reading from the rest of this wristwatch.

For a professional diver, this is sheer convenience!

With that bezel style, there is some type of style, and it adds a more obvious reference point. With that, it rids you of any chance of difficulty in measuring times of immersion for your professional audience.

The Panerai Submersible Automatic’s Strap

For the most part, the strap is one part of this watch you can’t be displeased about. For us, this strap is great due to its convenience. If all watches can provide straps this great easily, it will be a lot of good.

·         Flexible Strap

The strap you find on this Panerai watch is not just elastic but extremely adaptable. Besides, the Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio comes with a strong and very usable black rubber strap.

·         Titanium Pin Buckle

This wristwatch further spots a titanium pin buckle. This buckle is quite easy to use. Plus, it blends flawlessly with the complete design of the watch.

·         Comfortable and Easy To Use

Considering comfort, if you are not a fan of metallic surfaces, the case itself already has hypoallergenic materials. Again, the bellow system you find on the strap ensures that body oils like sweat are dispersed well enough. You cannot regret how flexible this strap is!

If you wish to change the strap at any point in time, you can do so easily. This is why having this strap is a no-brainer during sporting events.

We must applaud the watch makers’ decision to have a hollow channel placed at the strap’s tail end. Thanks to this addition, there is now an easy flow of air. We can say assuredly that this addition makes the watch feel nice regardless of the temperature from our test use.

Lastly, you can always switch the watch’s strap without any stress. The watch’s lug enables a quick release system.

You only have to “pull the trigger” from below. Then, you remove the strap by pushing it through horizontally. Now, you can use any strap that works well with the timepiece.

Panerai is prolific for its easy strap changing system. So, this feature is an expected one. The watchmakers surely gave enough thought to this aspect. As a result, you can now easily personalize your watch in any 3rd party market.

The Panerai Submersible Automatic’s Movement

·         The Powering Mechanical Caliber

The Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio is powered by an equally automatic mechanical P9010 caliber.

This caliber is different from the older P.9000 caliber. The P.9010 is quite a thinner version. This caliber also comes with more jewels than others. While older versions have 28 jewels in numbers, this caliber has 31 in total.

Likewise, the complete dual-link balance springs are not a part of the older caliber. Yet, this fresh powerhouse comes with these balance springs. Thanks to the addition, the protection the movement enjoys from external shocks is now firmer.

Note: The bi-directional oscillating weight always wounds the spring barrels.

·         Functions of The Movement

This movement provides two very beneficial functions:

  1. There is a mechanism that can stop the balance wheel when the watch gets synchronized.
  2. There is also a way the movement makes it easy for the device to change the time fast.

·         The Time Zone Function

With this function, you can steer the hour hand alone to the front or the back. You do not need to actually stop the movement when doing this. And that is awesome.

This function makes it easy to move the date forwards or backward without causing damage to the movement. You do not even have to affect the process of this watch.

To use this function, drag the crown to an extreme position. Then hack the seconds. That is a great way and place to adjust the watch.

We utilized this hacking seconds technique when the adjustment is done through the atomic time reference. The function is also amazing when you are in a different time zone and must quickly correct it. This functionality quite needful these days with how small the world seems to get by the day.

·         The Skeletonized Winding Rotor

Additionally, when you flip the watch over, you see a huge sapphire glass porthole. The Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio or PAM01305 captions a nice skeletonized winding rotor.

You can easily see and appreciate this rotor from the viewpoint of the watch’s case back. The movement employs a bidirectional winding movement. This movement is different from what the older 7750 based Panerai calibers offer (unidirectional rotor wobble).

The movement is even more robust because of the accurate engineering changes. Now, there is a power reserve that can provide power to the watch for three days.

The P.9010 caliber that is this wristwatch’s power source is mixed and mastered in-house. It enjoys a dramatic and profound exhibition through the large space at the exterior end of the watch.


While using this wristwatch for test and research purposes, we failed to appreciate how wonderful the watch is. This is mainly because we strived to be as objective as we could. So, we may have done a bit too much scrutiny on this elegant timepiece.

We paid close attention to all of the good parts of the wristwatch. One part of this watch we really admired is the vintage and elegant case it has. This case comes with a trademark crown guard, which is certainly a constant part of Panerai’s design.

We also liked the watch’s switch. Without requiring too many clicks, the switch is quite responsive.

For some dive watches, you can get a better depth capacity. Yet, we believe that the 300 meters water-resistant s capability is already quite satisfactory.

The anti-glare material that comes with the matte finishing on the case is one nice feature we admire as well. Furthermore, in a dark setting, the hands and markings give full legibility.

My only complaint is about the size. This wristwatch is already a large piece for a large wrist. Therefore, the watch is not best for all outings. It would help if you considered your outfit every time you need to wear this watch.

Lastly, the movement is great, but why the noisy rotor Panerai? The noise from the rotor is very obvious because of the ceramic bearings.

If you take these two away, the watch is amazing, a lovely watch to don always.


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