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Raymond Lee Jewelers Pre-Owned Designer Jewelry

When you shop at Raymond Lee Jewelers, you will find only the best in fine jewelry and designer watches. You will show up elegantly attired and on time when you choose the glamorous fine jewelry and fashion watches available at Raymond Lee Jewelers. This outstanding jewelry store carries a full line of elegant fashion watches […]

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Science Explains Why Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

There is a reason why the phrase ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ has stuck in American popular culture for decades now. It is commonly seen in many advertisements and most people seem to instantly understand the meaning behind the phrase. But some researchers are starting to suggest that it may have some deeper meanings […]

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Spotlight On: Djula Jewelry

Djula is one of the most famous jewelry lines sold in Europe today. It is fashion forward, yet its lines have a classic design feel. These breathtaking pieces are worn by some of the most fashionable celebrities such as French actress and author Judith Godreche, Spanish model and actress Ines Sastre, and even French actress […]

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All About Fancy Diamond Shapes

The emerald cut diamond comes from a cut that was originally used for cutting emeralds. The shape is rectangular and is step-cut with cropped corners. Sharp corners are weaker and can break and chip more easily. When a diamond shape is step-cut, it is square or rectangular with rectilinear facets that are parallel to the […]

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Twin Tuesday: Aquamarine Rings

We adore big aquamarine rings – the bigger the better. The airy, sky blue hue of aquamarines allow you to go big or go home. While they still give you fantastic, sparkling presence on your hand, they won’t overwhelm your outfit or “wear you”. So when we spotted this fabulous aquamarine ring in Betteridge’s 1st […]

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Diamonds For Dogs

Not everyone may remember, but over thirty years ago, Elizabeth Taylor was in the news for leasing a yacht to house her dogs offshore while she made a film in England so they would be subjected to the six month quarantine required by the UK. You have to wonder if any of them were wearing […]

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The Top 10 Biggest Diamonds

You know we love big diamonds, right? We wear big diamonds. We buy big diamonds. We ogle big diamonds. If we could fill a swimming pool with big diamonds you’d know where to find us on every glorious afternoon here in South Florida. And despite the huge yellow diamonds, the fabulously large internally flawless GIA […]

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Did Diamonds Start on the Ocean Floor?

The natural processes which create diamonds are intricate and based in geological systems. Not all diamonds share the same chemical signature, foundational compounds or model for creation. Rather there are multiple processes often times yielding beautiful varieties of diamonds. Studies regarding the origin and creation of diamonds vary. Eclogitic versus Peridotitic Diamonds Recent research suggests […]

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Highlights of Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels Sale

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore. These majestic gems are turning all the boys’ heads, too, especially the pear-shaped ones. Sotheby’s, famous for its record breaking auctions of jewelry, loose stones and oversized gems, has just destroyed another record at their latest sale. Here, for your guilty pleasure indulgence, are all the juicy […]

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Philanthropy and Finery: Angelina Jolie Jewelry Line to Benefit Children

The consummate philanthropist, beautiful inside and out, Angelina Jolie has done it again. The edgy Oscar-winning actress, known for her charitable works and penchant for adopting children from war torn and depressed countries, has decided to design a collection of jewelry and donate all the profits to children in crisis zones. While it’s her partner […]

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Mouwad L'Incomparable Necklace Unveiled

It was discovered in the 1980s, found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was not a distinguished discovery as it was found in a pile of kimberlite. A poor little girl had come across it and at first it looked to be a mass of unpolished stone (890 carats, to be precise). Initially it […]

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Celebs Who Wear Harry Winston

Every woman believes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, if this is true, where does this leave Harry Winston jewelry? Hopefully, his jewelry will be seen on the wrists, around the necks, or on the fingers of some of the hottest names in Hollywood. Actresses and celebrities like Jennifer Jones began wearing the Harry […]

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Trend Spotting: Gem inspired fashion

It’s not enough to just wear some sparkle on your ring finger anymore. Now everything from tops, shoes, dresses and even belts are embellished with radiant gems in order to make you shine. Gem inspired fashion has been around for centuries. Sequins, in particular, are one of the oldest ways of embellishing fashion and originated from gypsies who […]

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Hot Trends in Jewelry and Wedding Hairstyles 2012

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important in her life. If it’s your big day you will surely want everything from the flower arrangements, to the dress and even your hair to be perfect. However, you don’t want everyone seeing the struggle behind perfection and so it is always best to go […]

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Every Bride Needs Her Something Blue

Something Blue Jewelry As the saying goes, every bride needs ‘something old, something new, something borrow and something blue’ on her big day in order to ensure good luck. The tradition, developed in Britain during the Victorian era,  gives each token a special meaning for the bride. “Something old” symbolizes a bond to the bride’s […]