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Tacori Engagement Rings – How They’re Made

Tacori engagement rings are among our best sellers. As one of our premium designers, Tacori rings come with a promise of forever, a lifetime of happiness, and unending love. And we aren’t even talking about your fiancé! Tacori rings themselves warrant an epic love story, and our Tacori brides agree – it’s easy to fall head over heels in love.

But just like your marriage, all the good stuff doesn’t just happen in the beginning. Oh no, for the rest of your life you’ll love your ring. And it’s made to ensure that, like your love, it’ll be just as strong decades from now.

Tacori engagement rings are made with generations of industry know-how by the finest artisans. Handcrafted in California, every Tacori engagement ring comes with a lifetime guarantee. How do they ensure that your ring will last forever? With a design process that produces heirloom-quality settings every time.

From Sketch to CAD

First, a Head Designer draws inspiration from Tacori’s California headquarters to conceptualize a beautiful design. They sketch it up before it’s translated into a Computer Aided Design (CAD.) From there, the Tacori design team evaluated the prospective ring from every angle, editing and perfecting it to make sure it’s structurally sound and gorgeous from every perspective.

Wax on, Wax Off

Next, that image is translated into a 3D mold of the ring for casting. Either gold, platinum, or silver is then propel-injected into the mold, depending on the preferred finish for your ring. All Tacori designs are highly customizable, whether the original ring is platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. From here, the goldsmith begins his role in creating your dream ring, carving and perfecting Tacori’s signature Crescent design into every ring.

Next, Tacori’s polishers add the perfect shine to each piece with hand-machine polishing. Each step of the Tacori process combines cutting edge technology with trade secrets passed down through generations of jewelers.

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Meanwhile, In Diamonds

While the foundation of your ring comes to life, elsewhere at Tacori HQ the gemstone experts are hard at work. Tacori’s expert gemologists pore over thousands of gems and diamonds, hand selecting the perfect stones for each ring.

Some Tacori designs feature more than 100 diamonds, and every single stone must meet Tacori’s exacting standards for cut, color, clarity and proportion. Every Tacori diamond must meet the Gorgeous, Very Sexy criteria – G color or better and VS clarity or better.

A Note About Sourcing

Not only are Tacori diamonds Gorgeous (and Very Sexy) they’re ethically sourced. Every diamond supplier int he Tacori network must be compliant with the Kimberley Process. Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is a system that unites governments and diamond producing countries to stop the mining and export of conflict diamonds. It is designed to support only those diamond sources that are legitimately produced to benefit the local economy – not fund violent groups. Every Tacori diamond includes Kimberley Process compliance paperwork so you know your ring holds beautiful, conflict-free diamonds.

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Make it Shine

So your ring’s setting is finished, and the hand picked gems are ready for placement. Now Tacori’s master jewelers step in, using their own tried and true methods to set your diamonds. Tacori’s jewelers have their own specialties, with individuals designated for pavé work, shared prong styles, scroll work, milgrain, and channel settings. This means that however many styles your ring has (many Tacori designs expertly combine different setting styles) the jeweler who created it is the best at what they do.

After every diamond is set and secured for a lifetime of wear, the ring gets sent back for one more round of polishing before it’s showroom ready.

Off We Go

Your ring gets sent to our Boca Raton engagement ring store for your approval and delight. It includes a lifetime warranty on Tacori’s end and our end – there are never any holes in your service. Complimentary Tacori services include re-sizing, general refurbishing, and engraving touch-ups. All you need to do is bring your Tacori ring, along with its certificate of authenticity, to Diamonds by Raymond Lee and we’ll send your ring directly to Tacori for the care it needs. Your personal serial number will be looked up in our system to provide tracking and updates on the process to both you and us.

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Need a Little More?

Maybe you read this but you need to add a few steps to the design process. How much will it cost to make a few modifications to your ring? For the most part not a penny. Tacori rings include no modification fees for:

  • a different diamond shape
  • a different diamond size
  • any ring re-sizing from size 2 to size 12

If the customizations you’d like to make are a little more extensive, there’s still no fee. If you want to marry the crown of one Tacori setting with the foundation of another ring, change the width of the wedding band, change the size of the diamonds in a halo, wrap diamonds all the way around your band, it’s all free. The only cost with these changes come from any additional materials you add, like platinum or more diamonds.

So, now that you know how Tacori engagement rings are made, are you ready to set your own design process in motion? E-mail or call us today to make your Tacori dreams come true.

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