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When you’re looking for Tacori engagement rings, there are a few ways to shop:

  • In-store
  • Online
  • Some combination of the two

We’ll start out with Online, which is where your research on Tacori engagement rings has already begun!


Tacori engagement rings

 The easiest way to buy a Tacori engagement ring, in our humble opinion, is online. We recommend starting to research online, so you can narrow down the styles she likes and see which authorized Tacori retail partner is closest to you.

#ProTip – You might be lucky enough to find that a few Tacori retail partners are within driving distance. We recommend looking at what other brands they carry. If they have a great variety of other high-end designer engagement ring lines, odds are good that they’ll have a better selection of Tacori styles, thanks to their buying power. If the jeweler can afford to carry several high-profile line, they can likely also afford to order enough Tacori engagement rings to blind you. You’ll be able to see more of your favorites in person, this way

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If you can’t make it into the store at all, but are still wary of buying a diamond sight-unseen (or based off of photoshopped stock images online), ask the jeweler to text you videos of the ring, pictures of it on someone’s hand, or different angles you want to check out. We’re always happy to do this. Just keep in mind that our Tacori settings come with a CZ so you can get a better idea of what the ring will look like – we’ll need to help you find your perfect diamond separately if you don’t already have one. This is no issue for us, thanks to our hundreds of GIA certified and hand-picked loose diamonds.

Once you’ve got a good idea of the shape she wants, the stone you can afford, and the style of setting you’re interested in, you can head to the showroom.

In Store

Tacori engagement rings

 This step is entirely optional, of course, given that many men shop entirely online for the ring, or find the perfect ring at a jeweler they can’t easily visit. However, some guys aren’t comfortable buying Tacori engagement rings the same way they would a new sweater. So if you started searching nearby, you can visit the local Tacori retail partner to check out the ring in person.

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A Little Bit of Both

Tacori engagement rings

 If you’ve found a ring that you like online, then visit a local, independent store, and find that it’s more expensive, show your jeweler the ring you like online – and its price. 9 times out of 10, the jeweler will match the lower price, and you now have a great working relationship with a jeweler you can visit in person, and rely on for other jewelry services like cleaning, sizing, and appraising the ring. With Tacori engagement rings, the price is set, so it becomes less about scrounging for the lowest price, and more about finding a jeweler you want a lifelong relationship with. This is who will give your Tacori ring “check ups” and will handle sending it to Tacori HQ for any lifetime-warranty-covered service. This is the jeweler who will help you find the perfect piece from the Tacori Encore line when you’re ready to celebrate a milestone anniversary, or buy her first Mother’s Day gift. It’s an investment in your local economy, obviously, but also in a relationship!

Whether you buy online or in-store, make sure that your jeweler offers a clear-cut return policy that protects you and your purchase, and be sure to get it in writing. Then have them box up your new Tacori engagement ring, and get ready to plan your proposal!

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