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Spotlight on: Borgioni

The mother-daughter team of Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci created the distinctive fine-jewelry brand Borgioni. The duo designs pieces best characterized as expressive, exotic and inspired. Loyal followers of the brand include American Idol’s Randy Jackson and rock star Axl Rose. Other stars such as Brad Pitt, Heidi Klum and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted wearing Borgioni. The brand is anything but plain.

Private Collection

The Borgioni Private Collection is full of unique and interesting pieces. The sleek metallic bracelets with coiled snakes are sure to catch your eye. The Buddha ring is chic. There are rose bracelets with scorpions and sheened rose necklaces. Each piece has its own flair and is more risqué compared to traditional jewelry. The brand certainly will make a memorable impression on you. The Private Collection is edgy yet elegant, modern yet refined. You can clearly see why it is so popular among the Hollywood elite.

Founders Story

Founders Rhonda and Tiffany started their business after inheriting jewelry from Emily Borgioni Bartolacci, Rhonda’s mother and Tiffany’s grandmother. The story goes Rhonda and Tiffany had some of the inherited jewelry re-set in new designs. These pieces were so unique and admired it led the duo to share their designs with the rest of the world. The rest is history. The Borgioni brand continues to thrive and grow in popularity.

It is rare to see a mother daughter team so successful. Rhonda and Tiffany are highly educated and successful businesswomen. Their family has also succeeded in real estate dealings and other entrepreneurial ventures. It is good to see creativity and innovation in fine-jewelry done in such a chic way. You can find fine-jewelry and luxury watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers. There is no better place in south Florida to find unique and intriguing jewelry or fashion.

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