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10 Reasons Solitaire Engagement Rings Are Perfect

Solitaire engagement rings are a frequent topic of discussion around here. Usually we’re discussing their merits compared to halo engagement rings. See:

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And yep, we’ve written even more! But today we’re here to talk about solitaires and nothing but solitaires. In fact, we’re ready to present our case with 10 reasons why solitaire engagement rings are simply perfect – and we do mean that literally.

1. There’s nothing like a solitaire stack.

A solitaire plays nicely with just about any ring you stack it with, regardless of metal color, stone color, pattern or era!

2. They’re incredibly customizable.

You can opt for a highly detailed band, a knife edge platinum band, a split shank beauty, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, you name it – and that’s before we even discuss your center stone.

3. When you think outside the round brilliant, they’re so unique.

For a solitaire, the first center stone that usually comes to mind is a classic round brilliant set in a 4 prong or 6 prong “Tiffany style” mounting. But that’s just the beginning! You can choose any shape diamond other than round for a solitaire that really stands out. And if you choose a precious gem besides a diamond – think sapphire, Morganite, ruby, etc. – you’ll get an even more one of a kind look.

4. They’re timeless.

If, however, that classic round brilliant solitaire is all you can think about, rest assured knowing you’ll have the most classic engagement ring of all time. It will last a lifetime, and you can pass it down to your grandchildren knowing it will shine just as brightly in their love story.

5. They’re fabulous in any metal

We can’t get enough of rose gold, at the moment, but platinum and yellow gold are just as eye catching.

6. All eyes are on your center stone, but stunning details make a great backdrop

When you keep things simple with one center stone to focus on, you can go crazy with your band(s.) Simon G’s nature inspired settings or Tacori’s highly sculpted works of art are some of our favorite ways to make a solitaire stand out.

7. This is the best way to show off an incredible diamond.

Some stones just speak for themselves. If you have a particularly large diamond, or a very high quality stone, there’s just no better way to shine a spotlight on it than with a solitaire engagement ring.

8. Solitaire engagement rings have their own cool girl club.

We’ll never knock halos (we love ‘em) but there’s a growing faction of brides who are o-v-e-r this trend. Guess what? They have fun basking in the glow of their beautiful solitaires & will be happy to swoon over yours too.

9. It’ll look good with whatever ring your fiancé chooses!

Not only do solitaire engagement rings look great with their own wedding bands, they look perfect when you’re holding hands with your new partner.

10. We’ve definitely got your dream solitaire, just waiting.

Every one of the premium designers we carry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee boasts at least one gorgeous solitaire design. And at Raymond Lee Jewelers, our selection of beautiful solitaire estate rings is positively bananas. Whether you visit one store, or both, you’re guaranteed to find The One.


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