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Current Runway Trends in Jewelry

            There are tons of great fads that come and go and many of them never make it past the runway. That being said, it is still worth a look at some trends that will be making an appearance on the 2015 runways this spring to get a feel for what is going to be current and trendy this coming spring. There are three notable trends that are well worth mentioning and knowing a bit about each is the best way to see what you can pick up this season to stay on top of trends.

  1. Vintage- one trend that is surely going to be passed on is the vintage trend. This trend is easy to get in line with and completely fun for anyone that decides to use it. This means finding older pieces that are totally rad and that are not your typical fare. This can be things like large plastic earrings from the sixties, large collar necklaces from the seventies, dainty pieces from the fifties and colorful pieces from the forties. This trend is fun, great for anyone that likes to reuse items and make the most of what they have, and that loves older pieces that are trendy and gorgeous to look at. This is also a great way to build up a trendy collection without having to spend tons of money on newer pieces.
  2. Natural Stones- this trend will just not go away. This season natural stones are still great and still on trend. These pieces can include things like shell, opal, pearl, and other natural toned stones that are not all that flashy or grand. This is a great trend for anyone that does not really like super flashy pieces but rather prefers understated pieces that let their outfit shine more than the jewelry. This is also a great trend for those that do not have a ton of money to buy precious stones that are more expensive. This is a great trend for those that like understated things that are still beautiful and still trendy.
  3. The Bulkier the Better- the last trend to consider is a bit harder to figure out on a day to day basis. This trend is bulky pieces that are chunky and heavy. These are substantial pieces that are beautiful and great for those that want one piece that is going to make a statement and that do not like muss and fuss. This type of necklace or bracelet is not for someone that is not all that sure of their own fashion statements. It is important that with this type of trend you wear understated everything else to prevent having too much going on with your outfit. This is a great trend and can make a great statement with nothing more than one piece. This is also perfect for those that like eclectic pieces as bold pieces can be found quite quickly and are all the rage with designers.

Even if you do decide to follow a trend you can always make it your own with a bit of customization. More and more jewelers are catering to the specific tastes of clients and can help you find vintage and on trend pieces quickly and easily.

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