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Recap of Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s 2020 Halloween Event

We have just wrapped up our Diamonds By Raymond Lee 2020 Halloween event!

For those who don’t know, the event was today (October 31, 2020) and it ran from 1pm to 5pm.

It was a very special day for Diamonds By Raymond Lee and the kids and parents of Boca Raton. We gave Diamonds By Raymond Lee a spooky makeover and all of our staff dressed up for the occasion. The kids, and even some parents, had awesome costumes and they got to “trick or treat” in a safe environment. There was enough candy to satisfy everyone’s typical Halloween sweet tooth. Our staff made sure all of the kids met their annual Halloween candy quotas. 

What’s more, we got to enjoy some Halloween fun in the form of exotic supercars and luxury sports cars. As with every Diamonds By Raymond Lee event, there was no shortage of incredible vehicles. From GT-R’s to McLarens, we got a taste of all the sweet, sweet cars South Florida has to offer. Some even had their own Halloween “makeup”!

We are really happy with the turnout. So many people came by and everyone was very responsible. We had face coverings, hand sanitizer, and we all kept a reasonable physical distance. It’s nice to see that we can still have fun in a safe way during this pandemic. 

Below we have a recap of the day, which includes the kids, families, and cars that turned up. But before we get into that, we want to discuss why we think Halloween is so important for both kids and parents. That way you know why we put all of this together during a time when most places are closed to the public.

Here’s Why We Threw Our Halloween Event This Year

Our idea for this year’s Halloween event was to help parents give their kids some much needed Halloween spirit, as many parents we talked to were trying to figure out what they could do for their kids, considering the pandemic has spooked off normal traditions.

Furthermore, we believe Halloween is an important holiday for children, so we didn’t want them to miss out this year. 

Ultimately, we are trying to create a positive impact in Boca Raton and we think this Halloween event succeeded at that. 

Importance of Halloween for Kids

Halloween may not seem like such an important holiday on the surface. You think costumes, ghosts, haunted houses, and, of course, candy and trick-or-treating. 

You might even dread the inevitable surplus of candy, sugar highs, your young children being scared, hooligans, and pranks. 

However, underneath it all, there are truly positive aspects and benefits that kids and parents can gain from Halloween. Halloween has a positive impact on people of all ages. From babies to adults, it is a very enriching experience.

For kids, Halloween helps develop social and emotional skills. They experiment with social roles by dressing up as someone or something else and reenacting stories. It helps change their perspective, putting them in the shoes of others. With that, it also builds empathy and a stronger sense of self-esteem. 

Additionally, with an event like this, kids are socializing with their peers. During the pandemic, kids are lacking this very crucial aspect of growing up as many are still not going to school. 

Another thing we must all appreciate about Halloween is how it helps kids improve their creativity and imaginative skills.

Leading up to Halloween, you will see your children thinking about what to be on Halloween. They might even make their own costume. Because Halloween is so special for kids, they really put a lot of thought into this and it starts at a very young age. We are just happy that we were able to give kids a reason to dress up in whatever costume they could imagine this year.

Finally, Halloween helps children establish management skills. Kids don’t have control over anything really. They don’t have money, they don’t buy food or clothes. Most kids haven’t really developed an understanding of saving or thinking about tomorrow. As such, Halloween is often an essential time when parents teach their kids about managing their “assets” (i.e. candy), saving some for the days to come. Not only that, but kids end up doing certain things naturally on Halloween, such as negotiations (trading for their favorite pieces of candy with friends or siblings) visiting more houses (or in our case, being more social at the event) to earn more candy. Think about it like working harder to earn more money. Halloween is like an enormous payday for kids, and they intuitively learn to ration it for the days to come.

All in all, we are just glad that we can help our community carry on with the Halloween tradition, even if it is in an unconventional way this year. The positive outcomes are all the same. Plus, this was great for the parents too, as us adults need to get out and socialize! Our Halloween event was a great way for our community to connect with each other, especially during a time when we are all cooped up more than we’d like. Just like kids with their costumes on Halloween, we have to get creative to adjust to the current situation with COVID.


Have a look at some of the interesting costumes the kids were wearing at Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s 2020 Halloween event. 

For the love of both Halloween and cars, this little man came as Jeff Gordon! Love the outfit buddy!

Batman made an appearance. He was deciding which car would be his Batmobile as he chewed down some candy. 

He wasn’t the only superhero at the event, Spiderman was there as well. His spidey senses must have told him it was going to be a good time.

Bob the Builder was also in attendance. 

And, of course, a few lovely princesses.


Although it was not a car show (it was a trick or treat event for kids!), there were plenty of cars in attendance. After all, it is a Diamonds By Raymond Lee event. We always have South Florida’s best cars in our lot. You guys know our love for cars!

Some of the cars even had a spooky touch. Check out these scary bloody prints. Glad the drivers got away from that pack of zombies.

Our personal cars got the full nine. 

Our Humvee was there to set the tone. It was covered in cobwebs, spiders and skeletons. 

Now, check out a few of our favorite cars at the show.

Here is a pack of GT-Rs. Any racing enthusiasts is going to love this site of Japan’s most iconic sports car. Many consider them the fastest street legal cars in the world. All of these bad boys can hit 0-60 in under 3 seconds. 

Here’s @diego_vossen’s 2018 GT-R. He lowered the car and gave it a set of Vossen wheels. 

This is a 2015 GT-R owned by @vinman_gtr. He is the GT-R squad group leader (@gtrsquadofsfl), and his GT-R is insane. With the FBO package and SIR Stage 1 it has 750hp to the wheels and 900 to the engine. 

Godzilla was at our Halloween event too. This car is owned by @senatroo. The car boasts the power of 850 horses…or Godzillas, however you wanna look at it. 

As always, we had a couple McLaren’s stealing the show…

Here is @soflo_570s’ 570S. If you’ve paid attention to any of our Diamonds and Donuts car shows, then you’ve seen this beauty before. He recently added a Vorsteiner Wing, Bumper, Diffuser combo and Ryft exhaust. This McLaren sounds as amazing as it looks, and it drives even better. 

Diamonds By Raymond Lee Jewelry & Watches

Our showroom doors were open so guests could try on jewelry and watches. Kids love candy, but to adults, nothing is sweeter than diamonds, gems, and high-end jewelry and luxury watches from the likes of Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet…

So, parents got to peruse our exquisite collection of jewelry and watches while the kids enjoyed the Halloween festivities. 


We want to give a huge thanks to our staff, the parents, the kids, the car owners, and everyone else who helped make this possible. 

If you came to the event, please leave a comment below to let others know how it was and share your experience. We’d love to hear from you. 

We hope everyone continues to enjoy this age-old holiday into the night. We wish you all a Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun!

Stay tuned for our next event.

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