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Purple Rain in Fall Color Forecast

The fall 2012 color forecast calls for purple rain.

That’s according to color authority Pantone, an organization that regularly surveys New York Fashion Week designers and others to determine color trends. Pantone expects that a more subdued, “grayed down” version of this otherwise robust color is among the hues that will be particularly popular this fall. In terms of accessories, Jewelers of America has labeled purple a “standout color palate for the season.”

Here, from the inventory at Raymond Lee Jewelers, are some exceptional purple pieces:

Rolex Daytona 40 mm Stainless Steel Tahitian Mother of Pearl. With the Daytona, the Swiss watchmaker known for performance and prestige combines 18-karat gold and sturdy stainless steel with synthetic sapphire crystal and iridescent mother of pearl. The steel is an alloy mixed by man with iron, carbon and other elements to give it strength and form; the mother of pearl, oozed by living mollusks and stored within their shells, a blend of fine proteins, iron and calcium carbonate. They come together in this pre-owned timepiece designed to go the distance – able to resist corrosion, rust and stains – while displaying a seductive face that light waves reflections have bestowed a glistening brilliance. $14,945.00

18-Karat Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring. If this tanzanite’s extravagant violet-tinged deep blue color isn’t enough to rival its bookend trio of diamonds weighing in at 0.35 carats in all, then the trillion cut that adds a sense of adventure and gives it sparkle and fire sets it over the edge. Tanzanite is named for the lone place in the world where it’s found – East Africa’s Tanzania. The crystal, a blue variety of the gemstone zoisite (suicide), was discovered in 1967, referred to as the “gemstone of the 20th century,” renamed and introduced by Tiffany & Co., and set on a path to become what’s been called one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. On the 1 to 10 (softer to harder) Mohs’ scale for measuring mineral hardness or scratch resistance, the tanzanite comes in at 6.5 to 7. This particular 10mm x 10mm stone weighs 3.6dwt (5.6g) and measures 1/3” at its widest point. On the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading system for assessing value based on color and clarity, the diamonds in this ring are H/I, or near colorless perfection, and VS/SI in clarity, meaning that minor to noticeable inclusions, or imperfections, can be seen when magnified 10 times. It’s a size 8 and can easily be re-sized. $2,295.00.

Amethyst and Diamond Pear Shaped Pendant. The International Colored Gemstone Association calls the amethyst the choice of princes and priests and considers it the most dazzling of common quartzes. That is, in part, what distinguishes this classic pear-shaped pendant from equally elegant pieces. The Greek word “amethystos” means “not intoxicated,” and so the amethyst is believed to protect the wearer from drunkenness. Yet this stone, set in 14-karat white gold, is doused in 1.5 carats of diamonds. The amethyst is February’s birthstone and, according to the Gemstone Association, Moses described it as a symbol of the Spirit of God. The stones are often from Southern Brazil, Uruguay and Madagascar. The deeper the color, the better and the deepest – “Siberian” deep purple – is rarest and pricey. On the Moh’s scale, the amethyst ranks a 7. The Gemstone Association cautions that the stones change color with heat. The 16mm x 20mm pendant weighs 6.6dwt (10.2g). On the GIA scale, its diamonds rate an H/I in color and a VS/SI in clarity. $2,295.00.

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